BlueMAX roll of Wipes

90 wipes per roll • 6 rolls per carton • 41 cm x 25 cm

Colours: Blue

  • Ultra low lint print wipes used for cleaning and absorbing solvents, inks and chemicals
  • Wash out printing plates and blankets. They resist the chemicals are lint free (ideal for blankets)
  • Soft enough they don’t scratch the printing plates
  • Versatile, general purpose disposable print room cleaning wipess
  • The abrasive side useful for scrubbing and removing stubborn grime, dirt and buildup
  • The smooth non-abrasive side is low linting a suitable to cleaning and polishing metal and glass surfaces
  • Industrial strength, heavy weight cloth that will not fall apart when used with solvents, oils, inks and chemicals
  • High wood pulp content makes this an extremely absorbent wiper
  • Durable and tear resistant
  • Cost effective rag replacement option
  • Portable dispensing box

Product Code: 6-41022


Generally, print shops handle a huge volume of inks, gels, and solvents. In addition, they go through lots of grease and oils needed to run the machinery. Hence, to handle these challenges, printers cloths have to be strong, durable, and absorbent. TIDDOX’s PRINTERS SOLVENT RESISTANT WIPES are designed specifically for just such abuse.

For example, they are used to clean printing plates and blankets. Not only do they work well with chemicals, they’re ultra low linting too (basically “lint-free”). Hence, these printers wipes leave little or no debris behind on your machinery parts. And, they’re smooth, and non-abrasive so there’s a reduced risk of scratching the printing plates.

Furthermore, these blue wipes are strong and durable for scrubbing stubborn stains. Specifically, they won’t tear or get frazzled when you scrub surfaces. So, you can clean your machinery and tools without fear of leaving behind bits of cloth. Yet, you can also use them for polishing surfaces such as plates, blankets and machinery.

And, they’re absorbent! For instance, they’ll quickly absorb spills of solvents, inks, or any other liquid or semi-liquid. All you need to do is grab one of these wipes and drop it on the mess. Thereafter, it’ll absorb the mess and keep it from spreading. Furthermore, the wipes will hold onto the mess until you can carry it to the trash can. So, no drips, no smearing. Because, don’t you hate it when a cloth drips? Thankfully, you won’t have that problem with these ink absorbing print wipes.

So, order a carton of them and you’ll see. There are 90 wipes on each roll. And, there’s 6 rolls in a carton, so place rolls in strategic places throughout the shop. Thereafter, you’ll find that you won’t want any other printers wipe!


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