White Rhino Rolls

22.5 cm x 38 cm • 220 perforated wipes per roll
4 x 83 m Rolls per Carton 

Colour: White

  • Ultra low lint polypropylene cellulose wipes that absorb inks and solvents
  • Popular with printers and sign makers
  • Ideal for cleaning surfaces before applying vinyl
  • Used to wipe down and clean equipment and surfaces
  • Absorbent of ink and grease
  • White rag replacement cloth
  • Easy tear off disposable white wipes
  • Cost effective, low cost per wipe option suited to high usage environments
  • Wall dispensers available


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Product Code: 6-X7025-PR


Evidently, based on the overwhelming feedback, printers and sign writers love our WHITE RHINO WIPES. Why? Because these disposable towels absorb ink, oils and grease. Also, they ideal for cleaning hands, tools and equipment. In fact, perfect for cleaning and maintaining print equipment. Also, these absorbent low lint cloths work well with chemicals. In addition, sign writers use them to prepare lint-sensitive surfaces before applying vinyl. So, try these wipes! Not only do they give great performance, but the WHITE RHINO WIPES also offer a cost competitive option to rags.


And, these rag replacement white wipes have great absorbency, strength and durability. Also, they have many other advantages over rags. For instance, these wipes don’t have the inconsistencies of absorbency and cut sizes that you have with rags. Furthermore, with WHITE RHINO WIPES you can get standard sizes in each of the 220 wipes on the roll. Unlike rags, each sheet will provide consistent absorbency increasing effectiveness and efficiency. Also, the standard sized perforations on the wipes reduces wastage. Moreover, the polypropylene boosts the tear resistance of these wipes, hence the tough RHINO WIPE name! Finally, this versatile cloth works well with chemicals, and is able to absorb ink, oils and solvents.
Because of its white colour, ink marks, dirt and stains show up easily. Whereas this is a shared advantage with white rags, unlike bulky rags, the WHITE RHINO ROLLS are small and portable. Hence, there’s less freight and storage costs.
The texture of the WHITE RHINO WIPES is smooth and non-abrasive. It is a lint free cloth, which is important on delicate wiping tasks. In the printing industry you want to minimise any lint or fluff on the printing material or surface after cleaning.
So try these strong low linting wipes! In the first place, place the rolls on workshop benches or house them in wall dispensers


Once you’ve ditched the and WHITE RAGS for the WHITE RHINO WIPES, why not also try a few opthers in the print room?  We’ve a number of other cost effective disposable wiping solutions to mop up inks, solvents and grease.  For example, the SOLVENT RESISTANT CLOTHS and the LINT-FREE POLYSOFT WIPES,

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