24.5cm x 35cm • 70m x 4 Rolls per Carton
200 perforated wipes per roll

Colours: Blue or White

  • General Purpose Wiper used by Printers to wipe hands and equipment, absorb ink and grease
  • Perforated sheets made of 4-plys of absorbent tissue covering a web netting gives this wiper increased strength and durability
  • Difficult to tear due to the scrim nylon netting, so specifically perforated into 200 wipers per roll to reduce wastage and increase cost effectiveness
  • Economical and disposable
  • Wall dispensers available
PRODUCT CODE:  BLUE   CTN Of 4 ROLLS:     6-41942-PR


Printers RAG-ON-A-ROLL, or “ROAR, is the rag replacement wiper that provides printers with the durability and affordability they need in printing wipes.

Print ink wiping requires a sturdy towel that won’t tear into tiny pieces when it catches on tiny corners. You do not want a printing wiper that will leave debris on the surfaces. Cotton cloths and even microfiber catch on print mechanisms and spoil the setup, and heaven help you if a pill gets away from your watchful eye and ruins a printing run!

Wiping printing equipment is crucial to a clean, professional job, and RAG-ON-A-ROLL is very low linting, disposable, cost effective wiping solution for general disposable wiping tasks from wiping down equipment, absorbing inks or cleaning hands and tools of grease, oil and inks.

These printing wipes are made of four sheets of wood pulp fabric layered with scrim, or nylon mesh. The result? A highly absorbent yet sturdy printer wipe that can stand up to your demands. Regular paper towels smear ink and grease. Cloth hand towels leave lint and pills behind. But ROAR will absorb ink and grease as easily as it absorbs water.

ROAR will hold onto any solvents you use without disintegrating. You can scrub the area that needs cleaning with the same cloth soaked in solvents, and then throw the towel away! If you have a spill, tear off a couple of Rag-On-A-Roll sheets and lay on the puddle. The sheets will draw fluids, whether viscous or non-viscous, into the fibers of the towel and hold onto them until you can come back to the mess.

Rag-On-A-Roll is available in white or blue, and there are 200 sheets in each roll.

This disposable wipe for printers is affordable and efficient. Once you’ve tried TIDDOX’s “ROAR”try it, you won’t want another brand of printing paper wipe.

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