Equipment Cleaning Wipes

30 cm x 30 cm • 50 Wipes per pack • 10 Packs per carton

TIDDOX’s STERILE QUILTED 2-PLY POLYESTER WIPES have a double layer for increased absorbency. In fact, this increased capacity makes them more effective in soaking up fluids such as chemical, alcohols and solvents. And, the added weight also gives these wipes additional strength and durability for heavy duty wiping applications. In addition, their double knit continuous filament interlocked weave pattern minimises particle release. Furthermore this low lint wiping cloth also has its edges laser sealed.

So, overall, ideal for critical cleaning tasks requiring a low lint, soft and non-abrasive, heavy weight cloth.

And, they undergo cobalt gamma rays to irradiate them to a sterility assurance level of 10−6 (SAL6). Each batch comes with a Certificate of Sterility. Plus, a round red sticker on each pack shows that it has undergone sterilisation to ISO 11137 guidelines.

Colour: White

  • Sterilised by Gamma irradiation
  • Double layered bonded polyester knitted wipes for extra strength and absorbency
  • Quilted pattern and aperture design picks up dirt particles
  • Very low lint construction, with low levels of particle or fibre release
  • Thick, soft, non-abrasive cloth
  • Tear resistant for use on rough and abrasive surfaces.
  • Cleanroom washed, sterilised, triple bagged and vacuum packed
  • Works well with chemicals and solvents, such as IPA, bleaches and disinfecting cleaning agents
  • Suited to heavy duty wiping and scrubbing tasks, spill control and cleaning surfaces and equipment
  • Used in multiple industries, including pharma, electronic, food processing, medical and industrial
  • Cleanroom environments: ISO 4 – ISO 7 or Class 100

These STERILE QUILTED 2-PLY POLYESTER WIPES get vacuum packed and triple bagged. The NON-STERILE QUILTED 2-PLY POLYESTER WIPES also get vacuum packed (and double bagged), but don’t undergo Gamma irradiation.


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Product Code: 6-300K4-S



TIDDOX’s QUILTED 2-PLY POLYESTER WIPES have a double layer of fabric. As they are sterile wipes they undergo intensive gamma ray irradiation. Hence, these wipes suit use in strict control areas. Also, the two layers increase the liquid absorption ability. So, try these wipes for soaking up spills. Because they will absorb chemicals, alcohols, and solvents easily.

Besides, they are heavy in weight. And their soft texture will not scratch surfaces. Also, they are also strong and durable. Hence, these wipes can do heavy-duty cleaning and scrubbing tasks. Their extra layer will trap dust and leave no lint. And, they have laser cut edges too.


The sterilisation process gets rid of any impurities on the wipes and cleans them. Also, they get washed many times to remove impurities. After the gamma rays the wipes have a sterility level of 10−6 (SAL6). And, each batch comes with a certificate of sterility. Each pack gets labeled with a round red sticker to show it is sterile.

Finally, the wipes get vacuum packed and triple bagged in a cleanroom.

The NON-STERILE WIPES get packed in a double bag. But, they do not undergo Gamma irradiation.


These disposable wipes do not leave lint behind after wiping. Also, they get washed, irradiated and triple vacuum packed. And, the two layers get bonding together, without chemical binders. Hence, you can use these wipes for strict contamination control tasks.

One of the main features includes the double layers of quilted knit fabric. This gives them extra strength and high absorbency. Also they won’t tear so you can use them on rough surfaces. And, their quilt pattern and fabric holes capture dirt well. Finally, this wipes works well with chemicals and solvents.

These facts make the wipes great for heavy-duty wiping and scrubbing tasks. Also, they are super at absorbing spills. Besides, their soft texture makes them ideal for polishing surfaces.

Who should use these wipes? These wipes get used by pharma, medical and biotech industries. Also, used in industrial and food processing. The electronics sector likes them too!


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