Equipment Cleaning Wipes

30 cm x 30 cm • 100 Wipes per pack • 5 Packs per carton

Due to the double layer, TIDDOX’s Quilted 2-Ply Polyester Wipes provide excellent absorbency. An ultra clean, heavy weight, soft, cleanroom cloth. Low lint construction and laser sealed edges to reduce fibre contamination during wiping. Double knitted for extra strength.

Colour: White

  • Two laminated layers of knitted polyester fabric that traps and absorbs liquids. The double layers together with their quilted pocket indents make an effective trap for dirt particles.
  • The continuous filament and interlocked double knit weave minimise linting.
  • The laser sealed edges further reduce risk of fibre release (lint free wipes).
  • Non-abrasive, soft fabric that will not scratch sensitive surfaces
  • Ultra clean cloth laundered and packed in an ISO Class 5 (Class 100) cleanroom
  • Their superior absorbency and heavy weight strength make these wipes perfect for heavy duty cleaning and scrubbing tasks
  • High chemical and solvent resistance. Used to soak up or apply cleaning solvents and disinfectants to surfaces.
  • Used for critical surface wiping tasks, such as equipment cleaning. Perfect for absorbing spills.
  • Suited to applications in compounding pharma, food processing or cleaning surgical instruments
  • Used in lower class cleanroom environments: ISO 4 – ISO 8 or Class 100

These NON-STERILE Quilted 2-Ply Polyester Wipes come vacuum packed and have double bagged packaging.

Also available in a vacuum packed STERILE triple bag packaging format.


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Product Code: 6-300K4



As the name says, these wipes comprise not one, but two layers of polyester fabric. You might think why two layers in one wipe? Because this makes them more absorbent and durable. These 2-PLY POLYESTER CLEANROOM WIPES suit deep cleaning and scrubbing. And, they can easily soak up large amounts of liquid. If you want a highly absorbent cleanroom wipe, then these will be the best wipes for you. Also, they get vacuum packed in a cleanroom.


These non-sterile wipes have two layers of knitted polyester fabric. The two layers get tightly bonded together. Thus, this process joins both layers permanently. The double layers makes the wipes strong and durable. Also, the extra layer also helps trap more dirt particles in the quilted pockets. These wipes have tiny spaces to trap dirt. And, the extra layer makes the wipe softer. As a result, these extra soft wipes do not scratch sensitive surfaces. Overall, an amazing combination.

Hence, they work so well in cleanrooms. As they are not sterilised, we wash them many times to get rid of impurities. This reduces the levels of loose ions and particles in them. Also, the wipes get both vacuum packed and double bagged in a cleanroom. Hence, the end product comes out as a very clean wipe that absorbs a lot. Also, the edges get laser sealed so you can do heavy scrubbing without leaving any lint behind.


Outlined below are the main attributes of these wipes :-

  • Our wipes have two layers of soft, non-abrasive fabric
  • They have superior absorbency and heavyweight strength
  • Lint-free and laser cut sealed edges
  • They can trap dirt particles
  • Washed in de-ionised water, hence no impurities and no lint
  • High chemical and solvent resistance
  • Vacuum packed and double bagged in a cleanroom

Hence, the end product is high quality, soft, clean cloths. So soft that you will get no scratches while cleaning sensitive surfaces. And a lint free wipe too! Also, an extra thick cloth that easily absorbs liquids and traps dirt. This extra layer makes them ideal for heavy-duty cleanroom cleaning and scrubbing tasks. It also helps when used with solvents and disinfectants.

Because of these features, many industries use these cloths. For example, pharma, food processing and biotech industries. There are others too…

If you want something more sterile, try the STERILE QUILTED 2-PLY POLYESTER WIPES.


At TIDDOX, we pride ourselves in our range of quality cleanroom wipes. And we back up our wipes with excellent service levels. So, if you have any questions on this wipe, or others, please contact us. Our team of experts would be glad to help you. We have four warehouses across Australia, so call us on 1300-84-33-69.

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