24.5 cm x 70 m Rolls • 4 Rolls per Carton

Colours: Blue or White

  • Industrial strength, general purpose, disposable paper towel
  • Strength derived from the nylon webbed netting
  • Absorbency enhanced from inter-layered 4-ply tissue
  • Multiple applications in most industries
  • Economical tear-off hand towel and absorbent surface wiper
  • Works well absorbing liquids, grease, inks and oils
  • Standard sized perforated wipes reduce wastage
  • High quality product manufactured in USA
  • Small, convenient portable rolls
  • Wall dispensers available, if required
PRODUCT CODE:  BLUE   CTN Of 4 ROLLS:     6-41942-PR



It is difficult to find an industry that does not use RAG-ON-A-ROLL. Some people call it “ROAR”. Why? Because the design of reinforced tissue with nylon mesh, makes these wipers so tough. Absorbent, strong paper tissue wipers that can handle about anything! They provide the ideal cost-effective disposable wiping solution.
TIDDOX’s unique perforated RAG-ON-A-ROLL gets used in most industries. It’s the affordable, durable scrim paper towels that every business loves. A strong, general purpose, absorbent wiper! Most popular in HOSPITALITY and INDUSTRY.
Paper towels made from absorbent 4-ply layered tissue. Over layered and reinforced with a strong nylon webbing. These versatile disposable wipes provide extra strength. Suited to challenging jobs from scrubbing machinery to absorbing fluids. A tough, durable industrial strength towel used in HEALTHCARE and MEDICAL. The perfect single use hygienic wiper for hospitals and nursing homes.
These scrim paper rolls absorb everything including oil, grease, urine and blood. RAG-ON-A-ROLL has super absorbency to handle large volumes of liquids. Used to help workers contain spills and leaks efficiently. This absorbency means it soaks up viscous and non-viscous fluids. R.O.A.R. makes excellent AUTOMOTIVE WIPERS and CAR CARE WIPERS. Used for detailing, absorbing water and buffing wax.
Nylon webbing reinforcement sturdy enough for PAINTERS. An ideal disposable rag for scrubbing painting equipment. PRINTERS use these wipes to absorb ink and grease and clean printing equipment.
A disposable wiper that does not need laundering. Soft enough for cleaning hands, yet strong enough to clean machinery. “ROAR” comes on a perforated roll in blue or white.
Listed below are some key features of this product. 


The automotive, medical and healthcare industries use “ROAR”. These scrim paper towels offer layers of absorption. As an automotive wipe, they soak up workshop fluids. This includes oil, antifreeze, transmission fluid, and other liquids. Use them to clean off motor parts and wipe up spills.
As a restaurant wiper, drop a couple of these paper towels on a spill. Effective at soaking up liquids from spilled tea and wine to oil and antifreeze.
The healthcare industry loves these single use disposable wipes. Soft enough for patient’s skin but strong enough for the heavy-duty cleaning.


You know the frustration of wiping up a mess, only to have the paper tear. This makes an even bigger mess and slows you down. Nobody has time for that! “ROAR” surface cleaning wipers work well as solvent resistant wipers. Cellulose tissues layered over nylon mesh for added resilience. The perforated scrim roll makes it easy to tear off a single towel. And by regular, we mean tough, scrubbing, wiping-down-machinery-type use.
When a “ROAR” wipe gets wet, it stays strong. The best combination of strength and absorbency in paper wipers. Ambulances carry these rolls because they provide a quick, absorbent fix. Just tear it off of the roll and drop it on a spill. Automotive mechanics use them to wipe up spills with little time or effort. This keeps the liquid from tracking around the shop or into vehicles. With these scrim paper rolls, you don’t have to worry about the wipes tearing.


Choose this product for shining and polishing. Versatile, low lint towels for polishing drinking glasses in restaurants. Or for manufacturers to clean and shine fine-tolerance tools.
Regardless of your industry, you need an affordable, disposable wipe. TIDDOX’s RAG-ON-A-ROLL provides the best choice for strength and absorbency.
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