Rhino Wipes Dispenser Box

42 cm x 23 cm •  130 pull out sheets per box • 10 boxes per carton 

Colour: White

  • Multipurpose disposable white wipes that are super absorbent, extra strong and solvent resistant
  • Portable, handy and convenient dispenser boxes
  • Used in industrial, healthcare, medical, hospitality, aerospace, engineering, printing and painting industries
  • Highly absorbent of grease, fats, oils, solvents, chemicals and lubricants
  • Great for cleaning screens and glass and metal surfaces
  • Works well with solvents, screen wash, ethyl acetate and other cleaning chemicals
  • Very absorbent of spills
  • Handy wipes for cleaning machinery and equipment
  • Suited to low lint wiping tasks
  • Strong and tear resistant
  • Hygienic, cost effective and disposable wipes
  • Strong, portable cardboard dispenser boxes


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Product Code: 6-X6015



With the RHINO WIPES DISPENSER BOX you can’t loose. Because you get quality wipes with cost savings! In fact, you don’t need to give up quality to get these savings. In designing this product, we wanted a convenient, dispenser box of premium wipes. And, by packaging 10 boxes in a carton, we’re achieved that! So, enjoy this innovative product that is used across every industry.

Furthermore, they’re suitable for just about every application or task. Why? Because they’ve such a wide range of complimentary features. For example, they’re basically lint free, so no loose fibres to worry about. And, they’ve industrial tear strength. So, they won’t fall apart easily. Hence, ideal for use with solvents, cleaning chemicals and oils and lubricants. In addition, they have a high absorbency capacity, so can mop up spills beyond their weight. And, they’re single use disposable to meet healthcare hygiene requirements. Also, super absorbent, extra strong and solvent resistant. Finally, they’re convenient, portable and above all, cost effective.

As a result of these features, you’ll find the RHINO WIPES DISPENSER BOX in most businesses. For example in industrial, healthcare, medical, hospitality, aerospace, engineering, printing and painting businesses. Below we’ve outlined some examples of their various applications.


Because they’re ultra low lint wipes, they’re great for cleaning machinery and equipment. Also, ideal surface preparation wipes. And, as they’re so absorbent of spills and oils.


They’re fantastic for drying medical instruments and examination tables. In fact, they’ll absorb and dry just about anything! This includes blood or urine! These are NOT flimsy towels! Hence, they’re popular with hospitals, medical clinics, dentists and vet clinics. Above all, these are the ultimate single use disposables wipes! Perfect for hygienic wiping requirements.


Similar to the above, the RHINO WIPES DISPENSER BOX gets used in healthcare a lot. For example, in aged care, residential facilities, schools and childcare. In addition, these single use wipes are ideal for cleaning surfaces. For example, counters and tables. Also, great for mopping up the regular spills that occur.


Because they’re so handy, bus boys, kitchen staff and bar staff love them. And, they’re so effective. Hence, you’ll find these used in restaurants and bars nationwide. Also, they’re great for absorbing fats and oils, as well as wiping down counters and tables. 


As every workshop knows, good shop towels are invaluable. For instance, when looking to soak up oil or wipe grease off hands or tools. And, because these come in a convenient dispenser box, you can place one on each workbench. Also, ideal to keep them in the trucks and utes. Absorbent, strong wipes that are great for cleaning machinery.

Again, these portable boxes of handy wipes are ideal for car care. Keep them in the car or garage, to clean oil spills, grease, lubricants and more.
Because, they’re ultra low linting, PRINTERS and PAINTERS use the RHINO WIPES DISPENSER BOXES. For example, they’ll use them to clean and prep a surface before painting. Or to clean off inks, paints and solvents. 
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