SOLVENT RESISTANT WIPES (38cm x 34cm x 300)

50 wipes per pack • 6 packs per carton • 300 wipes per carton 

Colour: White

  • Low lint, highly absorbent cloths that will not break down when used with solvents such as paint, oil, ink, grease and chemicals
  • Versatile cleaning cloth that has a rough texture on one side and a smooth texture on the other side – 2 wipes in one!
  • The course textured side useful for scrubbing and removing stubborn dirt, grime and buildup, whilst the smooth, non-abrasive side can be used for polishing metal and glass surfaces
  • Used by Automotive detailers, Industrial businesses, Hospitality kitchens, Healthcare, Painters and Printers
  • Heavy weight woodpulp content gives super absorbency capability
  • Polyester fibres give the wiper an industrial strength that ensures it will not fall apart when wet, be long lasting and durable for the most challenging tasks
  • Convenient portable packs of 50 disposable wipers

Product Code: 6-38025


Certain cleaning wipes have to be tough and solvent resistant. With TIDDOX’s SOLVENT RESISTANT WIPES you get a versatile, heavy duty, tough and absorbent wiper!
These absorbent, hard wearing disposable towels comprise of polyester-reinforced wood pulp. This makes for an extremely durable cloth that is also very absorbent. Abrasive texture lines one side of this cleaning towel to give it extra grip when you’re scrubbing a difficult stain. The other side is smooth and non-abrasive. This side is ideal for shining surfaces, or cleaning tools or equipment.
TIDDOX’s SOLVENT RESISTANT WIPES are made from a very low linting fabric. Ideal for wiping tasks where you do not want debris left on the surfaces.
These tough cleaning cloths won’t come apart or get frazzled when you wipe down sharp edges or work with solvents. They are solvent resistant, so you can soak them in whatever solvent you need to clean up a particular mess. Designed to withstand just about any solvent or chemical without coming apart.
These white cleaning cloths work well in industries in which you need to see the color of the fluid you are mopping up. Outlined below are a few of these industries:-


Industrial wipers have to soak up all different kinds of solvents. TIDDOX’s INDUSTRIAL SOLVENT RESISTANT WIPES were designed with these challenges in mind! Use with solvents of all kinds, and dependable for scrubbing jobs. They have an added bonus of been lint-free, so you can polish and shine with them, too!


Contain the solvents, gels, grease, toner, and ink in your printing shop! Switch to TIDDOX’s PRINTERS SOLVENT RESISTANT WIPES. They absorb solvent and provide a strong scrubbing surface.


You won’t want to use rags ever again once you’ve tried TIDDOX’s AUTOMOTIVE SOLVENT RESISTANT WIPES! These cloths are textured on one side for scrubbing, but the other side is smooth for polishing. Rags just aren’t this versatile.


Cleaning and performing valet duties on cars require a tough car care towel! Ideally one that doesn’t leave lint and streaks behind. TIDDOX’s CAR CARE SOLVENT WIPES are tough, low lint cloths that are up to the job! A coarse textured side capable of standing up to solvents used to dissolve tar and bug stains. But, with a smooth side to shine windows and mirrors without streaking.


Shine bar glasses, clean up dining room messes, wipe down the kitchen, or add it to the janitorial closet. These HOSPITALITY SOLVENT RESISTANT WIPES are the best solvent resistant wipes you’ll find!


Get the absorbency and softness of cotton cloths with the disposability of a throw-away paper towel. Affordable and tough, these two-sided HEALTHCARE WIPES are your go-to cloth.


These low-lint painters cloths are perfect for cleanup. Super absorbent PAINTERS SOLVENT RESISTANT WIPES, they help contain messes and clean equipment.


An absorbent yet sturdy disposable medical cloth. Ideal for containing spills and messes in emergency departments. Medical workers need towels to stop liquid from contaminating an entire area. These MEDICAL SOLVENT RESISTANT WIPES won’t come apart when they come in contact with chemicals or solvents. They’ll soak up blood, urine, faeces, or salines.
Try TIDDOX’s SOLVENT RESISTANT WIPES, and you won’t want any other cloth in your business.
These cleaning wipes come in a carton of 6 packs of 50 wipes each. Each pack takes up less space than a bag of rags with the same count. The packs are just the right size to place in strategic areas where your employees can reach them easily.

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