SuperMAX Absorbing pads

200 XL cloths per carton • 60cm x 50cm

Colour: Orange

  • Multipurpose absorbent pad used to rapidly soak up large surface spills
  • Absorbs quickly like a sponge soaking up 8 times its own weight in liquid
  • Strong, durable and soft textured rayon fabric
  • Extra thick heavy weight cloth with high viscose for maximum absorbency
  • Multipurpose absorbent large pads
  • Used as bath mats, wash cloths, swim towels, and pet/baby/patient urine soaking pads
  • Quick drying pads for floor spills
  • Used for soaking up industrial spills
  • Ideal for automotive, car and boat care as a quick drying shammy
  • Giant size, washable and reusable sponge action cloth
  • Very economical for disposable use


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Product Code: 3-60027


Regardless of the industry in which you work, the best wipes will make your job much easier. A wipe should be sturdy and absorbent, and preferably without lint. You should be able to pick up a wipe and use it, rather than soaking it for a while like you do with a dried-out chamois. The wipe should conform to the shape of the object you are cleaning. This provides super absorbency and makes cleaning so much easier. But with the glut of towels on the market, how do you know which one is the best? Let’s make it an easy choice – get SuperMAX Cloths.


The SuperMAX Cloths are one of the best medical and car care wipes on the market. Part of this is because it is so absorbent. It will hold as much as 8 times its own weight in liquids. Whether you need to towel up automotive oil, urine or water, use the SuperMAX Cloths. They will stop the spread of the spill and contain the liquid before it creates a hazard.
Don’t you hate it when you mop up a mess and the wipe drips all the way to the laundry or garbage can? The SuperMAX is so absorbent that it seldom drips. Made of a hydrophilic material that holds the liquid until it is wrung out. Now, when you mop up an oil spill in your garage, you won’t have drips of oil waiting to get stepped in and tracked around! Imagine the benefits of such an absorbent medical wipe! Emergency services and emergency rooms stock the SuperMAX Cloths because they are immediately absorb.


We all use disposable wipes. Baby wipes, medical wipes, even carpentry wipes have their uses!. But sometimes you need a good towel that will take care of bigger messes – over and over again! The SuperMAX can be wrung out like a sponge, washed in the laundry, dried in the dryer, and reused over and over. Plus, it is so affordable! You can cut one up and give a section to each of your employees to keep in their pockets for quick cleanups. Or it may be easier to look at the MAXI WIPES, a smaller sized version of the SuperMAX Cloths.
While some reusable wipes lose their absorbency, the SuperMAX springs right back. Yes, it will eventually wear out, but it will absorb liquids like a champ until the last thread. No more stiff-as-a-board chamois hanging in your garage. We reccommend keeping a couple of SuperMAX Cloths handy for your car or boat cleaning and drying!


Automotive mechanics often have to deal with unexpected spills. These occurances also happen in marine, mining and manufacturing businesses. The solution is this large absorbent floor pad to soak up the liquids or oils. The cost of the SuperMAX is surprising less than the quality would lead one to believe . It has impressive thickness and absorbency! As such, this makes it ideal for high usage cleaning up tasks looking for a cost effective solution.
Whether you need an industrial wipe or a car wash towel, the SuperMAX is the solution for you.
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