SuperMAX Absorbing pads

200 Pads per Carton • 50 cm x 60 cm

Colour: Orange

  • Industrial, economical, large, oil absorbent general purpose pads
  • Ideal for automotive and mechanical workshops, and oil floor spills
  • Absorbs like a sponge. Will absorb multiple times its own weight
  • Thick, heavy weight viscose material
  • Ideal for high usage and disposal tasks
  • More economical than white pads
  • Strong, durable and tear resistant

Product Code: 3-60027


SUPERMAX OIL DROP SHEETS are large floor pads designed to absorb water and oil-based liquids. These thick, large industrial grade pads contain high levels of viscose. This gives the pads their amazing absorption capability. Able to soak up many times their own weight!
Ideal wiping solution for high viscosity fluids common in automotive and industrial areas. Oil, grease, fuel, antifreeze, chemicals and solvents often need cleaning up. Use these pads to soak them up before they get tracked around the workshop. Thereafter dispose of properly as hazardous waste. The SUPERMAX OIL DROP SHEETS are as absorbent as sponges. Popular in automotive workshops and garages as an oil floor pad. An effective and economic solution to oil floor spills from vehicles, trucks and buses.
Each pad is 50 cm x 60 cm, large enough to spread it out under the workspace to catch and absorb fluids. The fabric is strong and durable. Once used, remove it and dispose of it properly. It doesn’t come apart when you pick it up, and won’t fall to pieces as you move it.
This cloth will absorb many times its own weight, and is a thick, heavy texture. It’s perfect for disposal tasks in which you are dismantling or salvaging materials and need to control any fluids that result. It is tough enough for you to walk on as you work, yet it will still absorb fluids.
The SUPERMAX DROP SHEETS are more economical than the white OIL ONLY ABSORBENT PADS and the GENERAL PURPOSE ABSORBENT PADS. They are bulk packed 200 pads to a carton. Order a carton today and keep them handy! This is a cost effective solution for those unexpected (or regularly occurring) spills!