Surface Cleaning

TIDDOX® has a broad collection of surface cleaning products suited to every task in every industry. We have hospitality surface wipes for kitchen and bar counters, child care surface wipes for mopping up unwanted floor spills, healthcare surface wipes for patients and the elderly, industrial preparation products used in manufacturing environments, as well as lint-free fabrics for delicate surface cleaning.

We have a cloth to meet your every need, no matter the task or application, whether its….

  • Food preparation
  • Wiping down households, kitchens, bathrooms, washrooms, showers, toilets, basins
  • Absorbing spills in hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs
  • Tidying up mess areas in aged care and child care
  • Wiping down tables and appliances
  • Lint-free wiping of delicate parts
  • Oil spills
  • General clean up

TIDDOX’s surface wipes vary in thickness, weight, absorbency and texture. Customise the right cloth to the specific application. We have both general wiping products as well as niche speciality products.

To choose the right product for a particular task, consider both the task and the desired outcome. Let us consider a few hygienic environments, such as aged and child care facilities. Let’s include hospitals and kitchen facilities into this example. Here one would prefer an antibacterial treated product. Also a colour coded cloth would be best so that it does not bring in germs from other areas . And also a disposable wiper has its advantages over reusable cloths. This is because with a disposable product any germs it has picked up are got rid of by disposing of the cloth.

By contrast, in an industrial or automotive environment, these factors are less important. In these environments the ability of the product to absorb oils is important. Also its durability and strength will an advantage. For some speciality applications, a lint-free wipe is better. Examples would be in surface preparation tasks or to clean glass.

TIDDOX’s surface wipes category of products is as broad as it is deep. Our products are not all the same. Cloths designed and manufactured to handle different type tasks. Wiping fabric with larger apertures will hold larger dust and dirt particles. Material with smaller apertures, or no apertures, is better suited to polishing tasks. Spunlace products generally leave more lint after wiping than a woodpulp polyester product. Weaves with higher viscose content will absorb more than those with more polyester. Furthermore, the thinner the material the less durable it will be. The thicker, heavier fabric is much stronger and more durable.


The TIDDOX CLASSIC CLOTH range are the medium duty (medium weight) spunlace products. These are all manufactured with high proportions of viscose for better absorbency. Their apertures are larger to better collect dust and dirt particles. The CLASSIC CLOTH comes in various sizes and format packaging. There is the 30cm x 60cm (“CLASSIC-300 “) cloths. The sheets of the CLASSIC-450 are 45cm x 60cm cuts. The CLASSIC 56M ROLL comprises 125 commercial pieces cut 45cm x 30cm. The CLASSIC JUMBO ROLL comprises 600 industrial pieces cut 50cm x 30cm. The larger the roll the more cost savings from bulk packaging.


The TIDDOX PREMIUM CLOTH range are the heavy duty (heavy weight) spunlace products. These are all made a with high weightings of viscose for increased absorbency. They have larger hole spacings to grab on to larger dust and dirt particles. The PREMIUM CLOTH is also cut to different sizes. There are packs of cut 30cm x 60cm pieces (“PREMIUM-300“). Also the PREMIUM-600 packs are 60cm x 60cm. The most popular product in the PREMIUM CLOTH RANGE is the PREMIUM 45M HEAVY DUTY ROLL. The sheets on these rolls are 45cm x 30cm. They are all treated with antibacterial agent. This process prolongs the life of the fabric against bacteria.

The premium flagship of the spunlace range are the OMNIWIPES. These white hygienic surface wipes have a soft texture and high absorbency. These are also treated with binder properties to minimise lint residue after wiping.

Finally, TIDDOX produces are range of thick, sponge material, called MAXI WIPES . These are very absorbent cloths. They can soak up vast amounts of liquid. Provides a fast effective solution to unwanted spills. Colour coded into Red, Yellow, Green and Blue. Very popular in the hospitality industry (restaurants and bars). Also used in healthcare, aged care and childcare facilities.

Colour coded surface cleaning products assist in the prevention of spreading germs. An area will have its own coloured cleaning items. For example, red wipes are for washrooms. Green wipes are for kitchens. This way it is less likely for a red cloth to end up in the kitchen. This method keeps germs away and isolated to areas or tasks. Prevents cross-contamination of bacteria from one area to another.