Wash up cloths

MAXI WIPES make ideal wash-up cloths with a soft texture and a high absorption capability. High in viscose content, these long lasting cloths absorb many times their own weight. Ideal for soaking up table and counter spills in hospitality. Also aged care and child care love their soft, non-abrasive texture. Cleaners know that these cloths will not damage or scratch surfaces. Rinse, wash and reuse these sponge cloths several times. An economic, cost effective washup cloth.

Available Green, Red, Blue and Yellow. The colour coding system means you can easily identify the cloths and therefore restrict their use to specific areas or tasks. Assign a different colour to separate areas and tasks.

MAXI WIPES wash-up cloths are a replacement for J-Cloths. Ideal for the following purposes:-

  • General washup cloth for drying purposes
  • Wiping down surfaces ahead of food preparation
  • Cleaning of households, kitchens, bathrooms, washrooms, showers, toilets, basins etc.
  • Absorbing spills in hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs
  • Cleaning mess areas in aged care and child care
  • Wiping down tables and appliances
  • General cleaning
MAXI WIPES wash-up cloths have many nicknames. For example, some call them “J-Cloths” or “Industrial Cloths”. Whilst, others call them “Super Cloths” or “Viscose Cloths”. However, we call them super absorbent MAXI WIPES cloths.



MAXI WIPES fast absorb spills, fluids and liquids. Because they soak up vast amounts of liquids, nursing homes and aged care facilities use them a lot. Furthermore, the thick cushion material of MAXI WIPES makes them soft and smooth on skin. Hence they make ideal wash cloths and personal care cloths too!
Also, schools and day care centres like their quick drying capabilities. For instance, they absorb spills on floors, carpets, tables and counters. 
Because they are colour coded, they compliment a healthy workplace. In fact they come in Green, Red/Pink, Blue and Yellow. As a result, this allows particular colours to be allocated to specific areas, or tasks.
So, grab a pack of 10 cloths and see them mop up that next unexpected liquid or urine spills or mess! Indeed, convenient wiping solutions for residential care facilities, kindergartens, pre-schools and primary schools.



The hospitality industry loves MAXI WIPES. You will find these wash up cloths in bars and pubs to soak up alcohol spills from counters. Also favoured by restaurant waiters who can carry them around in their aprons. Handy to wipe down tables. Kitchen staff in hotels and the catering industry also love these wash-up cloths! They use them to prepare and wipe down kitchen surfaces during food preparation. Janitorial staff like these colour coded J-Cloth replacements.


Red MAXI WIPES for cleaning washrooms and bathrooms. Green MAXI WIPES for kitchens and food preparation. This system of hygiene control keeps red and green cloths separate. This ensures that each task has a certain colour cloth. Blue MAXI WIPES for general purpose wiping and Yellow MAXI WIPES for special tasks.



You may wish there was a larger and version of the MAXI WIPES for floor spills. There is! Its called the ORANGE SUPERMAX. Commercial cleaners use these huge, thick absorption pads as floor cleaning pads. Also used as chamois cleaning products to wash down boats, cars and trucks. Each cartons contains 200 absorbent pads (60cm x 50cm). The TITAN is a yellow coloured fabric made of the same viscose material and size except 50% thicker still. The TITAN products make great oil drop sheets under cars.



Try the colour coded, absorbent MAXI WIPES wash up cloths. They are of a high quality and used by a wide range of businesses in hospitality. Aged care and childcare centres, including schools through Australia, also love them!





TIDDOX® products have been colour coded to ensure that these items are not used in multiple areas or for different tasks, therefore reducing the risk of cross-infection resulting in safer, cleaner and healthier environments.

  • Green – Kitchen Areas: Food preparation and food service areas, as well as bar areas.
  • Blue – General Cleaning: Low risk cleaning (such as dusting, glass, mirrors, windows).
  • Red/Pink – Bathroom Areas: High germ areas (such as restrooms, floors, toilets, urinals).
  • Yellow – Low Risk Areas: Low risk infection applications (such as sinks, counters, washroom surfaces) and specialty applications.