Absorbent Wipes

TIDDOX® absorbent wipes are thicker and more absorbent than regular products. If you want superior quality absorbent cloths, you’ve come to the right place! We offer professional wiping solutions. From industrial wiping products to absorbent rags, we have a product for you!

What makes a wipe absorbent?

Well, it depend on a variety of factors. For instance, the quality, thickness and weight of the fabric, and the material mix.

TIDDOX has a range of absorbent wipes, absorbent cloths and absorbent rags. In fact, we provide professional wiping solutions to commercial and industrial users.

And, most absorbent wipes contain viscose or rayon, woodpulp or cellulose. For example, cellulose, and viscose have great liquid retentive qualities. However, when you reduce this component in favour of say polyester, the retentive qualities of the wipes decline. Hence, the higher the viscose or cellulose content, the more absorbent the wipes. Similarly, the higher amounts of polyester or polypropylene, the lower the absorbency. So, if you want absorbent cloths, choose one made by TIDDOX. Why? Because we take care to get the mix right and not make cheap, non-absorbent products. Moreover, beware of low quality, cheap, ineffective, non-absorbing products.
The industrial and commercial grade absorbent wipes include these products:-
Because the roll format is the most cost-effective way to package wipes, we make them in all sorts of shapes and sizes. For example :-
Furthermore, each contains high levels of absorbent materials. Therefore, they are suited to industrial and commercial applications.
Because our MAXI WIPES viscose cloths are so absorbent, aged care homes love them! In addition, these wash up cloths get used in restaurants, bars, hotels and cafes too. Not only are they absorbent, but thick and soft to the touch. And, the high quantities of viscose gives them a great retentive qualities. Hence, they’re so popular for front of house wiping and cleaning of counters and tables.
Because they hold liquids well, they provide a quick solution for spills. Available in Green, Blue, Red and Yellow. In fact, this colour coding helps avoid spread of germs.
In addition, we also have the larger version called the ORANGE SUPERMAX! These extra large (50 cm x 60 cm), thick shammy towels handle huge absorption tasks. Therefore they’re popular as industrial floor cleaning. Used by commercial cleaners to clean floors, tiles and wipe down walls. Also used in garages as absorbent oil drop sheets. Furthermore, other uses include a drying towel for cleaning cars and boats. And, vets use them on horses and for drying dogs, pets and animals. In fact, they also good for bathing, or soaking up urine spills and mess. Washable, reusable and economic.
TIDDOX produces a range of microfibre absorbent wipes. These perform well in trapping dust and dirt particles. Hence well suited to professional cleaning of offices, hotels, households and cars. And, higher in absorbency, and great for drying surfaces. Because the thicker the weave the higher the absorbency of the cloth. However, these eco-friendly microfibre cloths do not need chemicals to clean. And, their soft fabric ensures a scratch free finish to surfaces. Hence, the lint free MICROMAX polishes glass screens and metal surfaces. As a result, they’re popular with restaurant and hotel staff to polish cutlery and glasses. 
The JUMBO BLUE PAPER TOWEL ROLL has 3-ply of absorbency. Each of the 1000 cellulose mixed, perforated, micro embossed wipers.
Great for automotive industry workshops and industrial cleaning tasks.
 Cost effective wiping solutions to clean hands and machines.
TIDDOX offers a 4-ply tissue wrapped around a strong nylon webbing. RAG ON A ROLL provides a general purpose disposable wiper. Thick, tear resistant and perfect for tougher tasks. These 70 m rolls have 200 perforated sheets.
The INDUSTRIAL RHINO WIPER provides a great rag replacement substitute. Used for drying tasks and surface preparation jobs. Choose between the JUMBO BLUE RHINO ROLLS and the lighter WHITE RHINO ROLLS.
For low lint absorbent wipes, try the SOLVENT RESISTANT CLOTHS or INDUSTRO WIPES. Great for drying production units and surface preparation jobs. Wipe down glass and metal surfaces. Great for wiping solvents, grease and oil.
For thick, larger oil spills, TIDDOX supplies white OIL ABSORBENT PADS and rolls. We have grey GENERAL PURPOSE OIL AND WATER ABSORBING PADS and rolls.
Use MELTBLOWN POLYPROPYLENE DEGREASING fabrics for industrial wiping. Printers use them, and even kitchen staff to clean grease and grime in kitchens.
TIDDOX supplies various absorbent rags. These include colour recycled cotton fabrics and white t-shirt rags. Users include the printing, painting, manufacturing and engineering. Available in 5 kg bags, 10 kg bags, 20 kg and small portable 1.5 kg bags.