TIDDOX® supplies a range of colour coded antibacterial wipes formulated with an antibacterial cleaning ingredient which is safe to use on all hard surface areas and perfectly safe around food preparation areas. These anti-bacterial cloths are effective against a wide range of bacteria.


Bacteria can spread immediately and sometimes virulently in most environments, and as such antibacterial cleaning is especially imperative in healthcare facilities, childcare and aged-care facilities, food processing, preparation and serving areas. That is why TIDDOX’s antibacterial wipes are so important to your healthcare or hospitality workplace. Our heavy duty anti-bacterial cloths are treated with an inhibitant ingredient that discourages the spread of bacteria on both hard and soft surfaces.

Anti-Bacterial Cloths

Anti-bacterial cloths, such as TIDDOX's GREEN ROLLS, are a great choice for antibacterial cleaning in food preparation areas. So often, food prep requires constant wiping of knife blades and counter tops. With anti-bacterial cloths, this job is more sanitary than if it were conducted with ordinary reusable kitchen towels.

All of our HEAVY DUTY ANTI BACTERIAL CLEANING CLOTHS are very thick, very absorbent and dependable (don’t come apart easily). Furthermore, you get the bonus of antibacterial treatment, too! Available in four colours: RED, GREEN , BLUE, and COFFEE. This makes it possible to colour-code antibacterial cleaning products to certain sectors and jobs.


The hospitality sector has many job descriptions. They range from food preparation and serving all the way to housekeeping and janitorial work. TIDDOX has anti-bacterial cloths that can be colour-coded for specific jobs ensuring that the antibacterial cleaning products used in housekeeping don't then also get used in food preparation areas. This colour coding practice ensures a cleaner overall environment for your employees and guests. So, for example, the RED ANTIBACTERIAL WIPES can be stocked in the janitorial closet, for use in the washrooms and toilets, the GREEN can be kept in the kitchen, and the BLUE ROLLS OF ANTIBACTERIAL WIPES can be allocated to general cleaning areas such as the bar area, where they can be quickly torn from the roll and used to polish glasses or wipe up spills. Baristas tend to favour the COFFEE COLOURED ANTI-BACTERIAL CLOTHS to wipe up spills and other messes that occur daily.

Regular use of TIDDOX's antibacterial cleaning products and wiping of surfaces and spills can be instrumental in containing the spread of germs that hibernate on on surfaces such as seats, handrails, light switches, doorknobs, counters and tables. Not only does the antibacterial cleaning agent preserves and extends the life of well used towels by inhibiting the growth of germs on the fabric, it also helps reduce the spread of germs, keeping customers and employees healthier.


Healthcare workers also need strong, absorbent healthcare anti-bacterial cloths. They often select the RED WIPES ON A ROLL because the colour indicates a high germ-count. The products in this category are classified as heavy-weight and each has a very high viscose rating, meaning the cloth will absorb more than its own weight in fluids and semi-fluids.

But, not only will these antibacterial cloths absorb a lot of liquid, they will retain the fluid, as well. One of the greatest frustrations when cleaning up messes is to soak up a spill, only to have the cloth come apart on the way to disposal. Then you have to go back and clean up all of those “mini-messes” – a task that is made harder in heavy traffic areas where people often step in a spill without realizing it.

Try TIDDOX’s antibacterial wipes for longer lasting use in busy environments where you need sturdy, absorbent anti-bacterial cloths for scrubbing and soaking up of fluids that will not disappoint and give you multiple uses before it needs disposal.