Antibacterial Wipes

TIDDOX® supplies a range of colour coded antibacterial wipes. These rolls of tear-off cloths are formulated with an antibacterial cleaning ingredient. This extends the life of the antibacterial wipes by inhibiting the growth of bacteria. Safe to use on all surface areas and in food preparation areas.

It is a challenge to stop bacteria spreading. Washing hands, using detergents and antibacterial cleaning products does help fight this challenge. One needs to be extra careful in germ sensitive areas such as kitchens and healthcare areas. In the hospitality industry, there are food processing, preparation and serving areas. In healthcare, extra care is required in hospitals, aged and child care centres. By demand, TIDDOX supplies its antibacterial wipes on a roll to these organisations.


Our antibacterial wipes contain an inhibitant antibacterial ingredient. This ingredient discourages the spread of bacteria on both hard and soft surfaces. Germs tend to grow in wet and damp areas. As such it is better to use disposable, dry wipes than reusable damp dishcloths. Antibacterial wipes are more sanitary than ordinary reusable kitchen towels.
Packaged as perforated wipes on a roll, this product comes in RED, GREEN and BLUE. This makes it possible to colour-code rolls of wipes to certain sectors and jobs. The GREEN ROLLS are a great choice for use in food preparation areas, and wiping of knives and counter tops. The RED ANTIBACTERIAL ROLLS can take care of high germ areas such as toilets and bathrooms. Stock these in janitorial closet. The BLUE ANTIBACTERIAL WIPES are for general cleaning areas (serving areas, lounges etc.)
These are quality manufactured products fit for commerial grade use. They are heavy weight, very thick, very absorbent, dependable and durable. Check out our HEAVY DUTY ANTI BACTERIAL CLEANING CLOTHS.


The hospitality sector has many job descriptions. They range from food preparation and serving to housekeeping and janitorial work. These are often incompatible areas to use the same cleaning cloth. In hospitality it is even more important to use colour coded antibacterial cloths. This ensures that janitorial cloths don’t end up in food preparation areas! This colour coding practice ensures a cleaner environment for your employees and guests.
Use antibacterial wipes on surfaces and spills to contain the spread of germs. Germs hibernate on surfaces such as seats, handrails, light switches, doorknobs and counters. The antibacterial cleaning agent preserves and extends the life of well used towels.


Healthcare workers also need strong, absorbent healthcare anti-bacterial cloths. They often select the RED WIPES ON A ROLL because the colour indicates a high germ-count. TIDDOX’s rolls are heavy-weight and each has a very high viscose rating. This means they will absorb more than their own weight in fluids and semi-fluids.
But not only will these antibacterial cloths absorb a lot of liquid, they will hold the fluid as well. One of the greatest frustrations when soaking up a spill is to have the cloth come apart on the way to disposal. Use a quality manufactured thick cloth and save yourself the frustration!
TIDDOX’s antibacterial wipes offer commercial businesses longer lasting effective wiping solutions. Essential in busy environments where you need sturdy, absorbent antibacterial cloths. These products will not disappoint and wil give you many uses before the wipes need disposal.