TIDDOX® has its own brand of quality manufactured, cleverly designed, dusting wipes and dusting cloths. These quality cleaning products are highlighted below, and include rolls, packs, disposable and reusable options, that can be used dry or with cleaning chemicals.




TIDDOX has a wide range of dusting cloths, dusting wipes and other cleaning products designed for use as computer monitor wipers, furniture dusting wipes, metal dusting cloths, and more.

One of the key features of any dusting cloth is its ability to grip dust particles easily, and not to leave any lint traces after wiping. Lint is made of fibers from dusting cloths themselves, so eliminating loose fibres and fluff starts and ends with the product design and manufacturing process. TIDDOX recognises this and produces both general purpose and speciality cleaning products, such as the POLYSOFT WIPES, which are double knitted and have the edges thermally sealed to prevent any loose fibres. Often in lower quality products, fibres become clumped together as the cloth is used, and break loose. Not only can this contaminate the wiping surface, but these “pills” can become saturated with whatever fluids the cloth comes in contact with, leaving behind little blobs of cleaner, solvent, or another chemical that has been picked up. Adding to the frustration is that, when dusting, the objective is to remove particles from surfaces, not to leave a fresh set of particles behind! TIDDOX has a number of solutions to this problem, designed for various industries, which we outline below:-

Microfibre Dusting Cloths

Microfibre fabric has a high proportion of gripping fibers per square metre, and a soft, almost terry-cloth feel, making ideal dusting cloths that can be used on any surface. The softness means you can use these cloths to wipe down curved, carved, or complex surfaces without trouble. Microfibre material is also very absorbent, so it works well in situations in which these dusting cloths need to soak up fluids and spills. These can also be laundered and reused, making them cost effective and budget-friendly.

TIDDOX’s MICROFIBRE LENS CLOTH is specially designed for use on magnifying glasses, computer monitors, microscope slides, and other glass objects that must have clean screens. Lint, dust, and other particles can distort the image and refract light, and usually must be removed before the instrument can be used properly. These cleaning products are ideal for glass and mirrors.

The MICROMAX CLOTHS are smooth surfaced, non-abrasive polishing cloths, very absorbent, and work well with cleaning chemicals. Popular in applications involving glass and metal surfaces.

Our PREMIUM MICROFIBRE DUSTING CLOTHS are larger than the Micromax Cloth, and are available in different colors. These low-lint microfibre products are perfect for use in cleaning large surfaces such as automobiles, trucks, windows, and stainless steel counter tops. They are used in automotive showrooms, where dust is removed from cars without scratching the clear-coat, and are equally popular with hospitality workers who use them to clean mirrors and windows, as they remove dust without leaving streaks.

Rolls of Dusting Wipes

For a quick clean-up, nothing can beat a roll of paper towels. However, TIDDOX does the traditional roll of paper towels in style, with tough, often reusable products that won’t come apart when they get wet.

One such product is the WHITE RHINO ROLL. These economical white dusting wipes absorb solvents, oil, blood, and other liquids and semi-liquids. They are strong, durable, low-lint dusting cloths, made of high wood pulp content for absorbency, that will work with you to bring a high gloss to your stainless steel counter tops, car bodies, mirrors, and other large or small surfaces.

Another popular disposable paper towel to consider are TIDDOX's RAGS ON A ROLL. These perforated towels are very economical and can be used for a wide variety of general purpose cleaning tasks. Each roll is long lasting, given that it is made up of 200 multiple plied, nylon strengthened cellulose paper towels.

For something more durable, an affordable, cost effective choice are TIDDOX's CLASSIC WIPES ON A ROLL, a great product for high usage areas, or businesses looking for cost savings without giving up quality. These are designed to be the right size for janitor and housekeeping carts, restaurant kitchens or for workbenches. They are also used extensively by commercial cleaners, as the roll represents one of the best value cleaning products in the entire TIDDOX range.

For heavy duty dusting cloths that are also durable when used with cleaning products, try TIDDOX’s CLASSIC JUMBO ROLL. This is a 300 metre version of the 56 metre CLASSIC WIPES ON A ROLL, with 600 sheets compared to 125 sheets, representing extra value for money. Made from a highly absorbent viscose polyester blend, this product can be dispensed from a portable floor stand.

For a heavier, thicker cloth, consider TIDDOX's PREMIUM HEAVY DUTY ROLLS. These 45m rolls comprise 90 perforated, extra thick and super absorbent dusting wipes that are tough enough to withstand buffing and polishing without leaving streaks behind.

The ultimate heavy duty dusting wipes come in the form of the Try TIDDOX's JUMBO RHINO ROLL which can be used with chemical cleaning products to clean white boards, as well as furniture and metal and glass surfaces. It too can have its 475 perforated sheets dispensed from a portable floor stand, if required. Alternatively, there is also the option to get this product in a PORTABLE POP-UP BOX format, which is easy to transport and store, and offers quick dispensing of sheets.

Packs of Dusting Wipes

If you prefer dusting cloths in packs, the main cleaning products to consider are TIDDOX’s

  • MAXI WIPES, reusable, colour-coded cloths that are absorbent, soft, and capable of use in a multitude of industries. This is a incredibly absorbent sponge-type cloth that can be used wet or dry. Being low-lint and soft, they can be used as dusting wipes as well as for absorbing spills.
  • OMNIWIPES, are packs of 50 white cloths that shows up dirt easily and are specifically designed with apertures to capture dirt particles and a high viscose component to absorb dirt during wiping. Can be used with cleaning chemicals.
  • SOLVENT RESISTANT WIPES, are another pack of cleaning products that can be used with chemicals and solvents. Also white in colour, however these dusting wipes have a rough side and a smooth side so you can scrub a surface clean, turn the cloth over, and bring the surface to a shine – all with the same cloth! For larger surface areas, consider using the LOW LINT INDUSTRO WIPES, made from the same absorbent wood pulp mixed materials, however both sides are smooth so it is more suited to polishing metal, glass, and mirror surfaces. Both of these dusting cloths can be used with solvents and other chemical cleaning products as the high wood pulp fibres absorb cleaning fluids and solvents, making them a great choice for refinishing or restoring furniture, applying wax, using solvents to clean detailed areas, or prepping work surfaces
  • POLYSOFT WIPES, are packs of lint free cloths used in print rooms, cleanrooms and by painters who use these packs of soft cloths on sufaces that cannot afford any lint remnants. Often used in conjunction with the packs of FOAM CLEANING SWABS, which are double-headed swabs that can be saturated with solvents and used to clean tight places
  • MICROMAX DUSTING CLOTHS, are absorbent, soft cloths that are great for cleaning monitors, magnifying surfaces, and screens, since they are lint free and won’t leave behind residue.
  • CLASSIC-300's, are packs of inexpensive dusting wipes, measuring 30cm x 60cm in size used for general cleaning tasks.
  • CLASSIC-450's, are a slightly larger version of the above, measuring 45cm x 60cm, so suited to larger surface wiping tasks. Both are soft, very absorbent, and low-linting cleaning products.

So whether you are after packs or rolls of dusting cloths, get in touch with the team at TIDDOX about your cleaning products requirements and we will put the right dusting wipes in your hand!