TIDDOX® is known as a specialist producer of professional wiping products, however we also produce a broad collection of multipurpose cleaning wipes used for every day tasks in all industries across Australia from healthcare and hospitality, to manufacturing and engineering.
Our general cleaning cloths are manufactured from high quality, absorbent raw materials ranging from viscose based products (such as the PREMIUM and CLASSIC surface wiping range and MAXI WIPES), wood pulp concentrated products (such as the INDUSTRO WIPES, SOLVENT RESISTANT WIPES and RAG-ON-A-ROLL), polypropylene based products (such as the RHINO WIPERS), to MICROFIBRE and recycled cotton RAGS


TIDDOX, one of the most recognised brands in the industry, designs and supplies a broad range of multipurpose cleaning wipes used in the healthcare and hospitality, automotive and manufacturing, painting and printing industries. In addition to its well known specialised wiping products, TIDDOX also produces a wide selection of general cleaning cloths. Our multipurpose cleaning wipes include regular surface cleaning cloths, lint-free cloths, rags, industrial wipers, microfibre producrs, jumbo rolls, and yes, disposable paper towels. All of which are manufactured in both a medium weight and a heavy weight, for more challenging wiping tasks.

General Cleaning Cloths

General cleaning cloths are good for multiple applications. For example, many industries and services deal with fluids of various viscosities. Quite often, an automotive rag will have to absorb runny oils and thick, gummy grease. A healthcare wiper needs to be gentle enough to use on skin, but absorbent enough to grip and hold faeces and blood. Hospitality cloths must be able to absorb spills in a restaurant and contain messes so that further parts of the dining area are not spoiled. For these jobs, a high viscose cloth is necessary. Enter TIDDOX’s MULTIPURPOSE CLASSIC-300. This handy medium weight wiper comes in packs of 20 pieces with 14 packs per carton, and each sheet can be used several times before you have to dispose of it.

If you need heavy duty multipurpose cleaning wipes, try TIDDOX’s PREMIUM HEAVY DUTY ROLLS. Each tough, absorbent perforated sheet is treated with an antibacterial agent to cut down on the growth of bacteria, which adds to the life of the product before it needs to be disposed of. Signs of bacteria overwhelming the cloth are given by the foul odour that eventually starts to be given off after long use. Added to the antibacterial properties, this product also boasts very high quantities of viscose raw material in its composition, which enhances its capacity to absorb and hold liquids and semi-liquids.

TIDDOX’s XL PREMIUM cloths are about 50% thicker than our CLASSIC-300’s, and 100% larger in order to handle the bigger jobs required by the healthcare and automotive industries.

High Absorption General Cleaning Cloths

While the general cleaning cloths mentioned above have high viscosity levels, TIDDOX has some products capable of absorbing even more fluids and semi-fluids. Our MAXI WIPES are a fantastic absorbing cloth, like a sponge, capable of soaking up as much as 8 times their own weight! For even bigger jobs, try our TITAN CLOTHS, so soft you won’t have to worry about it scratching any surfaces.

The SUPERMAX SHAMMY also absorbs big spills, making it great for use as an automotive wiper or as a patient care cloth. This product is one of our highest viscosity ratings, too, and great for use on large area spills like you would find in restaurants, bar counters, and medical care situations.

The MELTBLOWN POLYPROPYLENE products are highly absorbent and strong, designed for scrubbing oil and ink as well as solvents. These tough multipurpose cleaning wipes have sealed edges so that liquids don’t leak out the side as you carry the cloth to the bin.

Speaking of high viscose material, sometimes you need a cloth that will absorb chemicals and allow water to run through. Our OIL ONLY ABSORBENT PADS do just that. These are great for work spaces under machinery that leaks or is prone to frequent maintenance. It will allow water to run off and evaporate or go down the drain, while it catches and retains any oil or grease for later disposal.

The GENERAL PURPOSE ABSORBENT PADS work for all fluids, from oil to transmission fluid to coolant. These pads are sealed on the bottom so that fluids don’t leak through to contaminate the floor or ground beneath. Once the pads are saturated, you can dispose of them in the appropriate way.

Multipurpose Cleaning Wipes

Multipurpose cleaning wipes have to be versatile, strong, and dependable. That’s why TIDDOX provides a wide range of wipers for each of the industries we serve. Industrial cloths need to be tough enough to withstand – or apply – solvents. With that in mind, our SOLVENT RESISTANT wipers were developed. These are low-lint wipers that don’t break down when they come in contact with solvents or other chemicals. They will retain their integrity even when soaked with solvent and used for scrubbing.

On the other end of the spectrum from industrial environments are hospitals, aged care and childcare facilities, which need soft multipurpose cleaning wipes. Specifically designed for these customers are the OMNIWIPES, incredibly absorbent white cloths that are soft enough to be used on skin. Available in packs of 50 wipers, these products are very sought-after in hospitals, childcare and healthcare facilities as well as in the hospitality industry.

For dusting you can hardly beat microfiber cloths. TIDDOX has a wide range of microfiber, from our huge PREMIUM MICROFIBRE CLOTHS to our LINT FREE MICROMAX. For less bulky jobs, try the medium duty MICROFIBRE CLOTHS. If your industry requires fine instruments with lenses, mirrors, or screens, try the MICROFIBRE LENS CLOTH.

Low Lint Products

While most of TIDDOX’s multipurpose cleaning wipes are low-linting, sometimes you just need a lint-free option for really delicate or sensitive wiping tasks. Our LINT-FREE POLYSOFT WIPES are just such a product. These absorbent, soft, and lint-free cloths will allow you to clean surfaces both large and small without leaving behind any debris. Printers, especially, like this product because there is no debris left behind to mess up printed finishes.

Another great product is the LOW LINT INDUSTRO WIPES. These are tough enough to be used to polish equipment yet will not unravel or rip, leaving bits and pieces behind. An alternative yet similar low linting product in roll format is the WHITE RHINO ROLL

Size Matters

For big jobs and small ones, TIDDOX has your product. Our CLASSIC JUMBO ROLL can be set up on a centrally located counter or on our JUMBO FLOOR DISPENSER.. This will keep it centrally located for easy access, and provide quick and easy access to easy tear-off sheets for quite a while. The JUMBO PAPER TOWEL ROLL, and JUMBO RHINO ROLLl also fit the Jumbo Roll Floor Dispenser. These products are disposable so ideal for high use environments, such as factory floors and workshops.

Or, see that each workbench or ambulance gets a RAG-ON-A-ROLL or “ROAR”. These and the PREMIUM HEAVY DUTY ROLLS and CLASSIC WIPES ON A ROLL are as handy as a roll of paper towels, but tougher.

For smaller jobs, our FOAM SWABS (DOUBLE HEADED) provide the ideal instrument for removing debris in hard to reach crevices, or as applicators of fluids and lubricants to printing equipment.

And finally, for a quick wipe-up, try our COLOURED RECYCLED TEE-SHIRT RAGS and WHITE RECYCLED TEE-SHIRT RAGS bags. Reuse or dispose of these general cleaning cloths, and you’ll save money and have a cleaner product/workspace.

Above is a overview of TIDDOX’s selection of general cleaning cloths and multipurpose cleaning wipes. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements and find the best match for your needs, so give us a call or pop into one of our warehouses near you!