General Cleaning Wipes

TIDDOX® designs and supplies a broad range of multipurpose general cleaning wipes. Our products are in the healthcare, hospitality, automotive, manufacturing, painting and printing industries. They include disposable towels, reusable cloths, lint-free wipes, industrial wipes and rags. We take care in the manufacture of our products, ensuring they are of the highest quality. If you are looking for commercial grade and industrial grade wipes, contact us.




TIDDOX has a huge range of general cleaning multipurpose cloths and speciality wipes. We cater for all industries from healthcare and hospitality to automotive and industrial. Our products include lint-free cloths, rags, industrial wipes, jumbo rolls, and disposable towels. From delicate surface cleaning tasks to heavy duty challenging wiping tasks.


General cleaning cloths are good for most applications. Many industries deal with fluids of various viscosities. Quite often, an automotive rag will have to absorb runny oils and thick, gummy grease. A healthcare wipe needs to be gentle enough to use on skin, but absorbent enough to grip and hold faeces and blood. Hospitality cloths must be able to absorb spills and contain messes. For these jobs, a high viscose cloth is necessary.
TIDDOX supplies high viscose cloths to deal with these day to day issues. Packaged either in packs or perforated rolls of wipes.
The packs of our XL PREMIUM cloths are 560cm x 60cm so large enough for most spills. They are extra thick and super absorbent general cleaning cloths. Possible to rinse and reuse several times before you have to dispose of it.
The PREMIUM HEAVY DUTY ROLLS are multipurpose, portable, perforated, thick and absorbent cloths. The high viscose content enhances its capacity to absorb and hold liquids. Treated with an antibacterial agent to cut down on bacteria growth on the cloth. This adds to the life of the product. You will notice signs of bacteria once a foul odour overwhelms the cloth.
The CLASSIC WIPES ON A ROLL are a medium duty, multipurpose green general cleaning cloth. Very economic wiping product popular with restaurant kitchens and contract cleaners. 125 pieces per roll.


There is no better general cleaning wipe in aged care than the OMNIWIPES. These products are very sought-after in hospitals, childcare and healthcare facilities. Used in nursing homes for personal care and incontinence. They are very soft, low linting and ultra absorbent. Hospitals also use them to dry medical instruments such as endoscopes. Available in packs of 50 wipes.
Our MAXI WIPES are a fantastic absorbing general cleaning cloth! Acts like a sponge, capable of soaking up as much as 8 times its own weight in liquids! Used in restaurants, aged care and schools for washing and drying.
For even bigger spill jobs, try the SUPERMAX. A very large sized orange spill pad, making it great for use as an automotive wipe or as a patient care cloth. Found where there are large spills, such as in vet practices, aged care homes and workshops.


For delicate cleaning, glass, print heads and instruments you need a low lint or lint free wipe. TIDDOX specialises in this area and has a few products to consider.
Window cleaners, glass manufacturers and glaziers use the LINTNIL wipes. Soft and will not scratch the surfaces. Also used to apply and remove solvents and lubricants.
Printers and cleanrooms use our LINT-FREE POLYSOFT WIPES. They are soft lint-free cloths that will no leave behind any debris.
For a low lint drying cloth try the LOW LINT INDUSTRO WIPES. Used in production rooms during the cleaning process for drying the equipment. This cellulose concentrated absorbent product is an excellent drying cloth. Also used to by painters, window cleaners and for surface preparation. Smooth and non-abrasive surface, suited to polish equipment and metal surfaces.
An alternative yet similar low linting product in roll format is the WHITE RHINO ROLL
For removing debris in hard to reach crevices, or to apply fluids and lubricants, use our FOAM SWABS.


For big jobs and small ones, TIDDOX has your product. Our CLASSIC JUMBO ROLL can be set up on a WORKSHOP FLOOR DISPENSER or dispensed from a wall mounted bracket. Provides easy access to tear-off sheets in high usage areas.
The JUMBO PAPER TOWEL ROLL and JUMBO RHINO ROLL also fit the WORKSHOP FLOOR DISPENSER. These products are disposable so ideal for cleaning equipment and hands in workshops.


Or, see that each workbench or ambulance gets a RAG-ON-A-ROLL or “ROAR”. These and the PREMIUM HEAVY DUTY ROLLS and CLASSIC WIPES ON A ROLL are as handy as a roll of paper towels, but tougher.
Multipurpose cleaning wipes have to be versatile, strong, and dependable. That’s why TIDDOX provides a wide range of wipes for each of the industries we serve. Industrial cloths need to be tough enough to withstand – or apply – solvents. With that in mind, check out our SOLVENT RESISTANT wipes. These low-lint wipes don’t break down when they come in contact with solvents or other chemicals. They hold their integrity even when soaked with solvent and used for scrubbing.


For dusting it is hard to beat microfibre cloths. Try the top of the range PREMIUM MICROFIBRE CLOTHS or the medium duty MICROFIBRE CLOTHS.
For polishing and lint free drying tasks try our LINT FREE MICROMAX. Used by dental professionals to dry instruments after the ultrasonic cycle before bagging.
For optical cleaning, and cleaning instrument lenses try the MICROFIBRE LENS CLOTH.


TIDDOX supplies 10kg COLOURED RECYCLED TEE-SHIRT RAGS and WHITE RECYCLED TEE-SHIRT RAGS. Rags are an all purpose general cleaning product.
With oil spills, we recommend a cloth that will absorb chemicals and allow water to run through. Our OIL ONLY ABSORBENT PADS do that. These are great for work spaces under machinery that leaks. They allow water to run off while catching and retaining any oil or grease for later disposal.
The GENERAL PURPOSE ABSORBENT PADS soak up all fluids. They absorb water, oil, transmission fluids to coolant. Once saturated, dispose of the pads. Each pad holds about 1 litre of fluids.
The MELTBLOWN POLYPROPYLENE products designed for scrubbing oil, ink and solvents. These tough multipurpose cleaning wipes have sealed edges.
Above is a overview of TIDDOX’s general cleaning cloths and multipurpose cleaning wipes. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss with you further. Give us a call or pop into one of our warehouses near you!