Glass Cleaning Cloths

TIDDOX® has fantastic glass cleaning cloths. They are lint free and will not leave streaks on the glass surface. Use with cleaning chemicals. Ideal for cleaning windows, windscreens, glass screens and drinking glasses. Our glass polishing cloths will not damage or scratch surfaces.


TIDDOX’s glass cleaning cloths are soft, lint-free, and non-abrasive. And, these glass polishing cloths will absorb chemicals, too. So, they provide a streak-free shine on glass, windscreens and computer screens. Also delicate surfaces like mirrors, lenses, and gauge covers. In fact, they’re also used to dry medical instruments. For example, drying endoscopes before sterilising and bagging. Outlined below are some of our top quality glass cleaning and polishing cloths.


Undoubtedly, glass cleaning cloths need to be lint free cloths. Why? Because lint on a glass wipe can leave behind debris that can leave smudges on the glass surface.
In addition, they need to be non-abrasive. As such, we designed the LINTNIL GLASS WIPES to have both of these features. Not only are they soft, non-scratch glass cloths, they’re ideal for low lint wiping delicate tasks. For instance, polishing windows, glass, optical lenses, instruments and components. Also used by clean rooms, glaziers and in critical wiping environments. In addition, they’re chemical compatible. Hence they can be used to wipe, apply and remove lubricants, degreasers and adhesives.
The POLYSOFT wipes are another popular glass cleaning lint free product. In fact, they’re made with sealed edges so that you don’t get any bits and pieces breaking loose. Also soft and non-abrasive. Hence, well suited to cleaning monitors, screens, iPads, iPhones, or even an instrument lens. And, they’re packaged in non-contaminated cleanrooms. 
M3 WIPES are suited to delicate jobs of cleaning glass lenses, monitors and gauges. This includes cleaning microscope and telescope lenses and binoculars.
For cleaning the edges of glass lenses or glass monitors, try our lint free FOAM SWABS. These swabs soak up solvents and chemicals. Ideal for scrubbing tight areas and hard to reach cracks or spaces.
For a glass cleaning cloth to tackle a large glass fence areas try our INDUSTRO WIPES . It is large, non-abrasive, very absorbent and works well with chemical cleaners. It will clean and dry the glass fence with ease. Used by automotive dealerships for shining glass and mirrors. And detailers use them for polishing out wax jobs.


In the hospitality industry, the MICROMAX is a great glass polishing cloth. This glass cleaning cloth brings out the sparkle in polishing glass or metal. Kitchen staff love this absorbent product because it makes stainless steel counters sparkle. Bar-backs love them because it dries and shines drinking glasses and counter tops. Housekeeping use them to polish mirrors and metal surfaces.
Also used in the healthcare industry. Dental practices use these smooth, blue wipes for lint free drying of instruments.
In the automotive industry, car detailers and valets use these glass cleaning cloths. They use them in polishing and drying of windscreens, mirrors and interiors.
For a heavy duty glass polishing and preparation wipe try the HEAVY DUTY JUMBO RHINO ROLL. High cellulose absorbency combined with polypropylene strength. Used by automotive garages, factories, print shops and healthcare facilities. These heavy duty pieces are great for oil, grease, chemicals, and inks. These low-lint wipes maintain their integrity when saturated with solvents and chemicals. And, they’re disposable!
The same fabric is also presented in a dispenser box format for work benches and counters. The RHINO WIPES POP-UP BOX is super strong, durable and absorbent! These lint free cloths get used in healthcare, medical care, car care, and hospitality. Printers and painters love them because their white colour, shows up dirt, ink and paints.
For polishing glass and metals, our WHITE RHINO ROLL is hard to beat on value for money. Strong, tough, disposable, absorbent white wipes on a roll. Wall dispensers available so that every worker has quick access. Solvent and chemical resistant and low linting.


For a glass wiping product to clean instrumentation, try our MICROFIBRE LENS WIPES. These lint-free cloths wipe down glass lenses and clean glass gauges with chemicals.
The other two microfibre options are the GENERAL PURPOSE MICROFIBRE and PREMIUM MICROFIBRE. Both are 40cm x 40cm in size. The Premium product is more expensive than the General Purpose products. Both are large enough to be useful in areas in which you use large wiping motions.


We have MIXED COLOURED RAGS and WHITE TEE-SHIRT RAGS for glass. Both are very absorbent of liquids on glass surfaces. The cotton rags are less absorbent, but more suited to low linting glass jobs.


Above we have provided an overview of our glass cleaning products. They are low linting, non-scratch, absorbent cloths suited to glass cleaning and polishing.