TIDDOX® has a range of glass cleaning cloths suitable for streak free cleaning of windows, windscreens, glass screens and drinking glasses. Our glass polishing cloths are highly absorbent of chemicals and will not damage or scratch surfaces. Check out the lint free cloths below, all of which are well suited to glass cleaning and polishing, where you are a cleaning contractor, a car detailer or polishing and drying glasses in a restaurant.


Glass cleaning cloths from TIDDOX are soft, lint-free, and non-abrasive. These glass polishing cloths will absorb chemicals, too, and give you a streak-free shine on glass, windscreens, computer screens, mirrors, lenses, and gauge covers. Our top quality lint-free cloths are multipurpose and can be used for a variety of applications from medical instrument wipes to car detailing wipes.

Lint-Free Cloths

Glass cleaning cloths need to be lint free cloths. Lint on a glass wiper can leave behind debris that at best is unsightly and at the worst refracts light in delicate instruments. In the hospitality industry, glass polishing cloths must cover a multitude of jobs, from shining drinking glasses in the bar to putting the polish on mirrors in the hotel rooms.

Our POLYSOFT products are one of our most popular multipurpose lint free cloths. They are soft and non-abrasive, and just the right size to use to clean your monitor screen, iPad, iPhones, or even an instrument lens. These glass wipers are processed in a cleanroom and are sterilized, so they are especially valued in situations in which you need exceptionally clean surfaces. They are also constructed with sealed edges so that you don’t get any bits and pieces breaking loose.

For small areas, try our FOAM SWABS. These swabs are safe to use with solvents so you can use chemicals or solvents to scrub into tight areas. They are low-lint, as well, and ideal to clean hard to reach cracks or spaces.

You need soft, absorbent wipes for cleaning glass and mirrors. Our INDUSTRO WIPES are a great choice for shining mirrors and windows because they are the right size to cover large areas. They are especially popular when detailing cars because they are great for polishing out wax jobs. TIDDOX’s LOW LINT INDUSTRO WIPES will shine that counter top or Porsche, because this cloth will leave no streaks behind. It is tough enough to absorb chemicals and solvents without deteriorating, and can even be used to apply chemicals to a surface. This makes them a great choice when you are using degreasers.

Glass Polishing Cloths

For an affordable choice in your automotive garage, print shop, or healthcare facility, try the HEAVY DUTY JUMBO RHINO ROLL. These are tear-off wipers that are made with wood pulp for extra absorbency and polypropylene for extra strength. If you need to clean up a surface in preparation for other activities, these heavy duty pieces will do the job. They are great for oil, grease, chemicals, and inks, but also soft and absorbent enough to use on a patient’s skin. These low-lint wipers will retain their integrity when saturated with solvents and chemicals. And, they’re disposable!

The same fabric is also presented in a dispenser box format for work benches and counters. The RHINO WIPES POP-UP BOX works much like a box of facial tissue, except the product is super strong, durable and absorbent! These lint free cloths are used in healthcare, medical care, car care, and hospitality. Printers and painters, too, love them because they are so absorbent and durable, and white in colour, so easily show up dirt, ink and paints.

For a quick clean-up, our WHITE RHINO ROLL tears into individual sheets that can be tossed in the trash when the job is finished. Many of our customers keep their White Rhino Roll in a central location in their shop or workshop so that every worker has quick access. Wall dispensers are also available for these centrefeed rolls.

Microfibre Options

The MICROMAX is another great choice. These smooth, blue wipers bring out the sparkle in polishing surfaces, especially glass or metal. Kitchen staff love this absorbent product because it makes stainless steel counters sparkle. Bar-backs use it because it holds together through shining water spots off of glasses and counter tops. Car detailers and the valet industry use it because the fabric is so absorbent, it makes it easier to dry off a vehicle and make it shine.

If you are looking for glass wiping product to clean and maintain instrumentation, try our MICROFIBRE LENS WIPERS. These lint-free cloths are designed for glass or plastic lenses that need to have chemicals cleaned off of them, or gauges that get splashed with oil or clouded with steam.

Besides the MICROMAX and the MICROFIBRE LENS WIPERS, the other two microfibre options are the GENERAL PURPOSE MICROFIBRE and PREMIUM MICROFIBRE. Both these latter two products are equally of a good size, with the Premium range slightly more expensive the the General Purpose products. Both are large enough to be useful in areas in which you use large wiping motions.

T-Shirt Rags

We have MIXED COLOURED RAGS and WHITE TEE-SHIRT RAGS. Who doesn’t love a good t-shirt rag for a quick cleanup? If you don’t care which colour you use, you can use the multi-coloured assortment, which is significantly cheaper. But, some industries such as painters and printers want to use white fabrics only when dealing with different colours of paints and inks. White rags made from recycled T-shirts are more expensive as there is a lower supply of white only fabric. However, both coloured and white are equally as absorbent, and can be laundered for repeated use.

Don’t struggle with cheap paper towels when you need glass cleaning cloths. They can get really expensive and they come apart when you do any kind of scrubbing. Any of these glass polishing cloths will stay together, even when they get wet or soaked with chemicals. Since they are lint-free cloths, they won’t get pills on them that cause streaks. They also won’t come apart and leave little bits of themselves behind.