The TIDDOX® designs and produces thick and absorbent, top quality grease cleaning cloths, as illustrated below. These include industrial grade oil wiping cloths, oil absorbent pads, grease removal wet wipes, solvent resistant products, and various other products specifically designed to absorb all types of fluids including oils, inks, solvents, grease, and chemicals.


TIDDOX makes grease cleaning cloths and oil wiping products for the automotive, manufacturing, marine and mining industries throughout Australia for tasks such as cleaning tools, equipment, hands, or soaking up large spills. The products are designed to be absorbent of oils, chemicals, inks, grease and solvents, and are manufactured to varying weights (medium duty and heavy duty) and absorbency capabilities. Outlined below are some of the key products in this category.

Medium Duty Grease Cleaning Cloths

In choosing the most appropriate wiper, one needs to consider the viscosity of the spilled substance. For example, grease has a heavier viscosity than fluids, and requires grease cleaning cloths with a higher viscose rating. TIDDOX produces a medium duty product in the form of its WHITE RHINO ROLL. This wiper is tough enough to remove grease and can also be used as a disposable oil wiping cloth as it shows up dark stains easily and will resist solvents. It can be used in conjunction with a chemical cleaner to scrub greasy or oily surfaces. One of the most frustrating problems when working with viscous liquids and machinery is to take a pack or roll of wipers to a job, only for them to come apart while you are cleaning. This invariably makes a bigger mess, because now you have to clean up the original mess and dispose of bits of torn paper towel or cloth as well. And, those bits have been saturated with nasty fluids. The WHITE RHINO ROLLS can be used with or without the WALL DISPENSERS.

Heavy Duty Grease Cleaning Cloths

TIDDOX also has a wide variety of heavy duty industrial wipers used for oil wiping and as grease cleaning cloths. Most of the time, if you are dealing with oil, grease, solvents, and chemicals, you are also working with tools and machinery. Tools and machinery have sharp edges that will tear and cut cleaning cloths, and the very nature of the chemicals themselves will break down the fibres of flimsy wiping products. As such, in these instances a heavy duty wiper is the only choice. Manufactured to be tough, strong and durable, TIDDOX’s grease cleaning cloths will not break down or tear easily, and will get the job done quickly and efficiently. Below are the recommended disposable wipers to consider:-

TIDDOX’s JUMBO RHINO ROLL is as tough and strong as it gets! These heavy weight strong polypropylene fibres are mixed with absorbent wood pulp material to produce oil wiping cloths that are unbeatable. With 475 large sheets packed on a jumbo roll, there are cost benefits too from installing one of these roll is your workshop. Can be used for a variety of applications from oil wiping, surface preparation to grease removal tasks.

TIDDOX’s RAGS ON A ROLL paper towel product is a perfect example of absorbent, durable, yet disposable oil wiping towels. This tough little product, with reinforced scrim webbing for extra strength, is handy enough to place on each workbench, yet strong enough to absorb any mess or spill. Not only that, it is affordable enough to be disposable!

Another paper towel roll to consider is our JUMBO PAPER TOWEL ROLL. This will fit onto the JUMBO ROLL MOBILE DISPENSER for easy placement on the factory or automotive shop floor, giving quick access to these powerful, tough oil wipers to your entire workforce. These paper towels are so tough you can reuse them, but they are priced to be disposable without a twinge of conscience!

By far the best value grease cleaning cloths must be TIDDOX’s CLASSIC 300M JUMBO ROLL is a beefed-up version of the Jumbo Paper Towel Roll. This beefier version fits on the JUMBO ROLL FLOOR STAND. It is made of viscose polyester spunlace material that has a high absorbency and strength rating and is tough enough to be laundered a couple of times and reused. But, at this price, you can afford to throw them away once they are saturated. These oil wiping cloths can be used to clean hands, tools and equipment in the workshop or garage. A very popular, economical automotive cleaning cloth!

Other heavy duty oil wiping rags are TIDDOX’s WHITE RECYCLED T-SHIRT RAGS and its COLOURED RECYCLED T-SHIRT RAGS. These bags of oil wiping rags are packaged in 10kg, 5kg and 1.5kg bags and are metal detected and safe to use around the workshop or on the factory floor.

Oil Absorbent Pads

TIDDOX’s white OIL ONLY ABSORBENT PADS are an excellent choice for work spaces in which you need to catch oil, grease, chemicals, or solvents, but allow water to flow to the drain. These disposable pads will hold onto the more viscous materials, but allow true liquids to drain out. Available in packs of 100 pads.

The oil only pads are also available as OIL ONLY SORBENT ROLLS which can be fixed using a SORBENT ROLL WALL DISPENSER or a SORBENT ROLL MOBILE FLOOR STAND.

For situations in which you need to absorb all fluids, the grey GENERAL PURPOSE ABSORBENT PADS are a great solutions. These are tough, absorbent polypropylene pads that will hold onto any fluid or semi-fluid that can leak out of a machine. These are also great absorbent cloths for use in emergency vehicles, because they absorb bodily fluids, keeping the footing safer for emergency crews. This same use makes them great as hospitality cloths, because they can absorb spills in the kitchen or bar without coming apart. The absorbent pads do not work as well as grease cleaning cloths, because they are thicker and not flexible enough to be used as wipers. But, they are great for those places on the floor or counter top under leaky machinery or to absorb drips and spills. Also available as GREY ABSORBENT ROLLS, which can be fitted to either of the above wall or mobile floor dispensers.

The SUPERMAX OIL DROP SHEETS are equally helpful in situations in which slick fluids may contaminate traffic areas or work spaces. These large dropsheets will protect your floors, making them excellent painters cloths or printers towels. Absorbent and affordable, these products absorb both oils and water based fluids, and will protect your work environment and the customers’ property.

Oil Wiping Solutions

TIDDOX’s INDUSTRO WIPES come in packs that are easy to access and use. These low-lint products are strong enough to use on rough surfaces without leaving any particles behind. This makes them perfect oil wiping cloths for polishing counter tops, tools, and machinery with fine tolerances. These are also great for cleaning mirrors and lenses.

Our SOLVENT RESISTANT WIPES are designed for intense scrubbing. They are textured on one side to aid in cleaning surfaces with dried-on gunk, but are smooth on the other side for cleaning and wiping. You can saturate one of these cleaning cloths with solvent for use in cleaning paint, ink, or grease, and the cloth will not disintegrate from the solvent. This means, of course that you can also use them to clean up solvent that contaminates surfaces.

The MELTBLOWN POLYPROPYLENE WIPES are equally efficient, capable of retaining many times their own weight in solvents, chemicals, oils, grease, blood, urine, and just about any other fluid or semi-fluid found in the workplace. These meltblown degreasing wipes are available in both jumbo roll and flat cut sheet format. The jumbo roll format comprises 717 perforated blue pre-cleaning degreasing sheets and the flat packs are available 50 wipers per packet, in cartons of 12 packets. These wipers are very strong, abrasion resistant and highly absorbent of solvents, chemicals, inks, oils, grease etc, These lint-free wipes are also used to clean and prepare surfaces, wiping away any grease, oil or finger prints. Popular in industries such as printing, aerospace, engineering, cleaning industrial machines, auto manufacturing, degreasing workshops or kitchens.

For quick cleanups, try the INDUSTRIAL WET WIPES. They are reinforced so that they won’t fall apart when you scrub with them, yet they are good for that last little “spit-and-polish” before you send the product out for inspection.

Above illustrates the various grease cleaning cloths and oil wiping solutions TIDDOX offers, together with the floor and wall dispenser options available.