Grease Cleaning Cloths

TIDDOX‘s grease cleaning cloths clean hands, tools and machinery. From oil wiping rags to solvent resistant industrial wipes, we offer them all! Our products will absorb all types of fluids including oils, inks, solvents, grease, and chemicals.


TIDDOX makes grease cleaning cloths and oil wiping products. Used in the automotive, manufacturing, marine and mining industries. For tasks such as cleaning tools, equipment, hands, or soaking up large spills. Our products are absorbent of oils, chemicals, inks, grease and solvents. Outlined below are some of the key products in this category.


In choosing the most appropriate wipe, one needs to consider viscosity. Grease has a heavier viscosity than fluids so requires cloths with a higher viscose rating. For medium duty spills and grease wiping tasks, we recommend the WHITE RHINO ROLL.
They are good for cleaning most workshop things. Used to wipe off grease, oil and kerosene and cleaning industrial machines. A cheap rag replacement cotton rag, without the lint! This disposable oil wiping cloth is tough enough to remove grease. It is white so it shows up dark stains. Also resists solvents so will be fine with a chemical cleaner to scrub greasy or oily surfaces. And it is polypropylene strengthened. It will not come apart while you are cleaning up machinery grease and oil. It’s high cellulose content, ensures it absorbs all fluids, lubricants and solvents. WALL DISPENSERS. available if required.
The MELTBLOWN POLYPROPYLENE WIPES absorb solvents, chemicals, oils and grease. These wipes are strong, abrasion resistant, low linting and absorbent. Mechanics and workshops use these degreasing wipes in cleaning up oils and grease. Used to clean and prepare surfaces, wiping away any grease, oil or finger prints. Popular in various industries that deal with inks, oils, grease and solvents. Found in printing, aerospace, engineering, auto manufacturing, workshops and kitchens.


TIDDOX’s heavy duty wipes are popular in workshops where there are vehicles, tools and machinery. They serve as oil wiping cloths and as grease cleaning cloths. Great to soak up and absorb excess oil, grease and chemicals. They are also used to apply and remove adhesives and lubricants. Not only do they need to be absorbent, they need to be tough! Tools and machinery have sharp edges that will tear and cut cleaning cloths. Chemicals themselves will break down the fibres of flimsy wiping products. As such, in these instances a heavy duty wipe is the only choice. Manufactured to be tough, strong and durable, TIDDOX’s grease cleaning cloths will not break down. They get the job done!
TIDDOX’s JUMBO RHINO ROLL is as tough and strong as it gets! Made from heavy weight strong polypropylene material mixed with absorbent wood pulp. These oil wiping cloths are unbeatable when it comes to challenging jobs. 475 large sheets packed on a jumbo roll. Install one of these rolls on your workshop wall or in a FLOOR DISPENSER. Suited to applications involving oil wiping, surface preparation or grease removal tasks.
TIDDOX’s INDUSTRO WIPES come in packs that are easy to access and use. These low-lint products are strong enough to use on rough surfaces. Very absorbent drying cloths for cleaning equipment of oil and grease. Good oil wiping cloths for polishing counter tops, tools, and machinery. These are also great for cleaning mirrors and lenses.
For intense scrubbing, use our SOLVENT RESISTANT WIPES. Textured on one side to aid in cleaning surfaces with dried-on gunk, but smooth on the other side for wiping. They will soak up cleaning paint, ink and grease without disintegrating. This means that you can also use them to clean up solvent that contaminates surfaces.


TIDDOX’s RAGS ON A ROLL product is an absorbent, durable, disposable oil wiping paper towel. This tough little product has reinforced scrim webbing for extra strength. It is handy enough to place on each workbench, yet strong enough to absorb any mess or spill. Not only that, it is affordable enough to be disposable!
Another paper towel roll to consider is our 1000 sheet, 3-plys of JUMBO PAPER TOWEL ROLL. This blue workshop paper towel is ideal for cleaning grease off hands, tools and equipment. Fits onto the JUMBO ROLL MOBILE DISPENSER for easy access on the factory or auto shop floor. These are powerful, tough oil wipes. Thick, absorbent and priced to be disposable without a twinge of conscience!
By far the best value grease cleaning cloths must be TIDDOX’s CLASSIC 300M JUMBO ROLL. It a beefed-up version of the Jumbo Paper Towel Roll. This beefier version fits on the JUMBO ROLL FLOOR STAND. Made with an industrial grade absorbency and strength rating. There are 600 tear off perforated towels that are tough and reusable. But priced so you can afford to throw them away once saturated. These oil wiping cloths clean hands, tools and equipment in the workshop or garage. A very popular, cost effective automotive cleaning cloth!
TIDDOX supplies bags of oil wiping rags packaged in 10kg, 5kg and 1.5kg bags. These heavy duty oil wiping rags are metal detected and safe to use around the workshop or on the factory floor. Options include WHITE RECYCLED T-SHIRT RAGS or COLOURED RECYCLED T-SHIRT RAGS.
White OIL ONLY ABSORBENT PADS are great for soaking up oil, grease, chemicals or solvents. They do not absorb water, which will flow off them to the drain. These disposable pads will hold onto the more viscous materials, such as oil, fuels and grease. Available in packs of 100 pads. Dispensers include the SORBENT ROLL WALL DISPENSER or a SORBENT ROLL MOBILE FLOOR STAND.
If you need to absorb all fluids, the grey GENERAL PURPOSE ABSORBENT PADS are great. These tough, absorbent polypropylene pads will hold onto any fluid or semi-fluid.
The SUPERMAX OIL DROP SHEETS are great for under leaky machinery or vehicles to absorb drips and spills. Also used by painters, printers and mechanics. Absorbent and affordable, these products absorb both oils and water based fluids.
For quick cleanups, try the GREASE REMOVAL WET WIPES. They won’t fall apart when you scrub with them. Strong polypropylene material formulated with a grease removal lubricant. Each tub has 120 pull out wet wipes.
Illustrated above are our various grease cleaning cloths and oil wiping solutions. Please contact a TIDDOX representative with any questions you may have.