150 wipes per pack  10 Packs per Carton   22cm x 22cm

Colours: White

    • Multipurpose lint-free cleaning wipes with applications in various industries
    • Soft and non-abrasive cloth ideal for cleaning screens, ipads, iphones, delicate surfaces such as glass and metal, equipment and skin
    • Cleanroom processed, vacuum packed, sterilised wipe used in controlled environments, due to low particles and extractable ions
    • Continuous filament, double knit construction and sealed edges to prevent loose fibre release
    • Strong, stretching material with high tensile and tear strength
    • Super absorbent and can be used with chemicals and cleaning agents
    • Versatile cleaning cloth


PRODUCT CODE:     6-22022


TIDDOX has developed a completely lint free cloth called the POLYSOFT LINT FREE WIPES - a cloth that will not leave behind any lint or "fluff" after use. This is an important requirement for many delicate cleaning tasks, such as

  • Cleaning print equipment, such as print heads, nozzles, cartridges and cylinders
  • Cleaning electronic equipment and circuit boards
  • Cleaning tasks in pharmaceutical manufacturing and other controlled manufacturing environments, such as food processing
  • Sensitive engineering wiping tasks
  • Cleanrooms where no there is strict control over contaminants and pollutants 
  • Research laboratories and other critical environments
  • Spay paint booths
  • Delicate painting tasks
  • Aged care and childcare skin cleaning, where no lint can be left after wiping
  • Medical equipment manufacturing
  • Sterile cloths required in cafés, restaurants and hotels
  • Lint-free polishing cloths used in detailing and valeting vehicles
  • etc, etc

The list of applications that require a lint-free cloth are endless......

Some examples of the industries where lint-free POLYSOFT WIPES are used on a daily basis include:-

  • PRINTING: used to clean cartridge heads, nozzles and other sensitive parts of printing equipment
  • PAINTING: used by both contract painters for delicate painting cleaning and absorption tasks and by artists wiping paint off canvass
  • HEALTHCARE: used as soft lint-free patient wipes on the sensitive skin of old and young persons 
  • MEDICAL: used as sterile medical cloths to manufacture and clean equipment in clinics, hospitals, nursing homes and even veterinary practices
  • AUTOMOTIVE and CAR CARE : used as a lint-free polishing cloths in detailing and valeting vehicles, particularly delicate cleaning tasks like windows and mirrors
  • HOSPITALITY: used as sterile cloths in hygienic cleaning of delicate surfaces in cafés, restaurants and hotels
  • CLEANROOMS: used in laboratories, cleanrooms and any other environment that requires strict quality regulations
  • INDUSTRIAL: used in critical processes within engineering and manufacturing, pharmaceutical, spray booths, food processing etc.

As evident from the above examples, the applications of the POLYSOFT WIPES lint-free wipes are wide and varied for this speciality cleaning cloth. So, if your business is not already using POLYSOFT WIPES , give them a try and enjoy the many benefits of a lint-free, strong and tear resistant, highly absorbent, sterile, soft cloth available in packs of 150 cloths (22cm x 22cm). 

POLYSOFT WIPES are made from 100% continous polyester fibres that are double knitted and laser cut to prevent any loose fibres escaping during use. Furthermore they are also purified through multiple washes in de-ionized water, then vacuum packed in a Class 100 (ISO Class 5) cleanroom making them hygienic and safe. To ensure no damage to sensitive surfaces the wipes are extremely soft and can be used comfortably on glass, metal, skin and well as other delicate surfaces. They are made from a heavy weight material so have high absorbency (400ml/sqm) and have a high tensile strength so will not break easily. Can be used with chemicals.

Besides being lint-free POLYSOFT WIPES also have the following features:-

  • Strong and Tear Resistant: Made of durable and close knit polyester that is compatible with chemicals
  • Highly Absorbent: Heavy weight material increases the absorbency to 400ml/sqm
  • Sterile: The low particle wipes are purified with de-ionized water and vacuum packed in a a Class 100 (ISO Class 5) cleanroom making them hygienic and safe
  • Soft and Non-Abrasive: The fabric is extremely soft, and can be used comfortably on glass, metal, skin and well as other sensitive surfaces.

So, if you are looking for a speciality lint free cloth that is soft and non-abrasive, try the POLYSOFT WIPES for safe and sterile cleaning. Available in packs of 150 cloths (22cm x 22cm). Popular with PRINTERSPAINTERSCARERSMEDICAL PROFESSIONALSAUTOMOTIVE RESELLERS, CAR DETAILERSRESTAURANT OWNERS, SCIENTISTS, and CRITICAL PROCESS MANUFACTURERS.

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