Hand Cleaning Wipes

TIDDOX® provides commercial and industrial hand cleaning wipes. We have soft, antibacterial hand cleaning cloths for aged care and hospitals. In addition, we also have heavy duty industrial tool cleaning wipes for removing grease and oil.


TIDDOX has a range of hand cleaning wipes. These keep hands and tools clean and dry. Whether you are a healthcare organisation or a workshop, we have hand cleaning and tool cleaning wipes. Our products include wet and dry wipes, disposable towels, perforated rolls and reusable cloths. In addition to these, we also have various dispensers. For example, wall mounted wipes dispensers, jumbo roll floor stands and to portable boxes and canisters. As a result, the options for your workplace are varied, as illustrated below :-


Clean hands help maintain a hygienic environment. Equally important in healthcare as well as hospitality. The most common solution are the rolls of perforated ANTIBACTERIAL HAND CLEANING WIPES. Used in aged care, child care, hospitals, restaurants and kitchens.
Besides, anyone who works with children, the elderly or patients knows daily spills! And, for a quick clean-up, no better than the green CLASSIC WIPES-ON-A-ROLL. Medium-duty absorbent, strong and disposable wipes. As a result, very popular in commercial kitchens, restaurants, cafes and hotels. Moreover, they offer a cost effective solution for drying hands. And they are disposable! Furthermore, wall mounted dispensers available, if needed.
Washing, cleaning and drying hands reduces the spread of germs. Likewise, the use of colour coding hand cleaning cloths also helps. This allows everyone to spot if the wrong colour cloth is in an incorrect area or incompatible task. For example, cleaning the toilets with the kitchen cloth, or worse, the other way around!
Try our colour coded PREMIUM WIPING ROLLS, MICROFIBRE PRODUCTS and MAXI WIPES. Multipurpose hand cleaning wipes available in Green, Blue, Red and Yellow. Not only colour coded, but also absorbent of spills. For instance, the MAXI WIPES rank as the most absorbent cloths. Residential care facilities use these soft, sponge like products on skin. Ideal wash cloths for emergency spill mop ups of fluids and semi-fluids. They make great hand cleaning cloths because they absorb any moisture or fluids. Moreover washable and reusable.
In fact, OMNIWIPES rank as the most popular with aged care nursing homes. Similarly with hospitals and palliative care providers. Why? Well they are soft and absorbent, ideal for personal care and cleaning for incontinence. In addition to personal care they get used by hospitals to dry instruments such as endoscopes.


Next, let’s consider the industrial hand cleaning wipes. Besides, industrial and automotive workshops use thicker, more durable wipes for cleaning hands and tools. In fact, where there is oil, grease, ink and paint solvents, you don’t want a flimsy wipe! Besides, regular tool cleaning improves grip and safety. And good hand cleaning wipes remove potential safety risks.
Another one to consider is the blue JUMBO RHINO ROLL. Made of wood pulp and polypropylene, a great blend to tackle cleaning of hands and tools of grease. Not only tough, but also its bumpy texture makes it ideal for cleaning equipment, tools and hands. Consequently, you have a reliable general purpose automotive and industrial wipe. For instance, soak one of the Rhino tear-off sheets with solvent and use it to scrub your hands clean. Besides, it shines tools to a like-new finish! Furthermore, it’s low-lint fabric makes it suitable for surface preparation tasks. If needed, it fits into floor stands or wall dispensers.
Looking for a white version of the above? Try the WHITE RHINO ROLLS.
If you prefer a pop-up dispensing method, opt for the heavy duty DISPENSER BOX OF RHINO WIPES. Mechanics and car care detailers can grab a hand wipe out of the box and tidy up before handling the customer’s car. Also used in the hospitality industry as convenient, absorbent, disposable wipes.
Sometimes you need a thick, absorbent floor pad to soak up oils and hazardous spills. Try our industrial and automotive soaking SUPERMAX pads. Ideal for mop ups of unexpected floor spills, and a very cost effective disposable pad. The SUPERMAX grips all fluids from transmission fluid to water and chemicals. It’s the same with tools – these sponges clean your entire tool box, with room to spare!


Sometimes, you need a great, absorbent hand towel. You may be up to your elbows in machine oil, printer’s ink, or body fluids, and need a hand wipe as tough as you are.
The JUMBO PAPER TOWEL ROLL is a popular industrial hand and tool cleaning disposable wipe. Multipurpose wipe made from three plies of cellulose paper tissue. Ideal for as the high volume use. Tear off the wall dispenser or floor dispenser, use and dispose.
Another economic disposable towel for cleaning hands and tools is the RAG-ON-A-ROLL or “ROAR”. Used as rag replacement disposable products. Small roll that sirs on a workbench or in our handy WALL DISPENSERS.
Food processing businesses prefer a clean spunlace product to a paper towel. The CLASSIC 300M JUMBO ROLL is more suitable in hygienic environments. It absorbs spills, and will hold together as you scrub tools clean or clean your hands. Made up of 600 tear-off absorbent large sized sheets. This is a cost effective, bulk packaged disposable product, with a reduced cost per use. Also used in factory settings, automotive workshops and with contract cleaners.


If you work with machinery that has tight tolerances you need to keep your own hands clean, as well as your tools. Our LOW LINT INDUSTRO WIPES, LINT FREE POLYSOFT WIPES, and the MICROMAX, do not leave lint particles after use. They are ideal for cleaning hands and tools and machinery with metal or glass surfaces. This collection of no-lint wipes make it much easier to clean up as you complete a job.
Sometimes, you need to use special solvents or cleaning materials. TIDDOX’s SOLVENT RESISTANT WIPES are a versatile low lint tool cleaning products. Smooth on one side but textured on the other. This gives you both cleaning and polishing options in each sheet. Made of strong fibres that won’t break down when they saturated with solvents or chemicals. Used by painters, printers and workshops to clean hands and tools.


Recycled rags are a long used product for cleaning hands and tools. We offer environmentally friendly, reclaimed, safe, metal detected t-shirt materials. Rags are strong enough for tool cleaning and absorbent enough to dry off surfaces and hands. Packed in 1.5 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg or 20 kg bags.
Mechanics use tool cleaning rags, a common sight in a mechanic’s hip pocket. Printers and painters use the WHITE RECYCLED T-SHIRT RAGS, which show up the colours. Workshops use COLOURED RECYCLED T-SHIRT RAGS for hands and tools cleaning.


For a wet solution to grease and oil removal, try our INDUSTRIAL WET WIPES . A favourite with painters, printers, mechanics and factories. A quick solution to remove paint, ink, grease and oil from hand and tools. Pop the top on this dispenser, and take one of the pre-moistened wipes to clean off your tools and hands with ease.