Hands and Tools

TIDDOX® has many hand cleaning wipes and tool cleaning products suited to commercial and industrial businesses. From soft, antibacterial hand cleaning cloths for aged care, hospitals, child care and healthcare organisations to heavy duty industrial products suited to tool cleaning and removing grease and oil from surfaces.


TIDDOX’s hand cleaning cloths and tool cleaning wipers are available in easy-to-access packs and rolls. Perforated rolls and individual box dispensers can be placed on desktops, counters and workbenches for ready access, or dispensed from one of our wall or floor dispensers. This broad category of TIDDOX products ranges from single-use hand cleaning wipes to reusable cloths and rags that can be laundered, with applications in almost every industry and organisation in Australia, a few of which are highlighted below.

Healthcare and Hospitality Hand Cleaning Wipes

We recognise the importance of clean hands in hygienic environments, especially in healthcare and hospitality. In aged care and child care facilities, hospitals, restaurants and hotel kitchens you need ANTIBACTERIAL HAND CLEANING CLOTHS to provide clean environments.

Anyone who works with children, the elderly or patients is familiar with daily spills and knows the importance of a quick clean-up. With TIDDOX’s CLASSIC WIPES-ON-A-ROLL and our WHITE RHINO ROLL, you have disposable hand cleaning wipers an arm’s reach away. These medium-duty wipers are absorbent and strong, ready for any maintenance or emergency situation. Then, they can be disposed of without guilt, since they are so affordable. They are also very popular in commercial kitchens of restaurants, cafes and hotels as they are cost effective, highly absorbent and effective, and disposable. Being portable, these products are also kept in emergency services vehicles to help keep those facilities clean in emergency situations, without spreading germs

Often in healthcare facilities such as hospitals, residential care homes, child care centres and schools, as well as in restaurants, part of maintaining a healthy and clean environment is ensuring that germs do not unnecessarily spread from one area to another (or from one job to another). This is easiest done by colour coding hand cleaning cloths, so everyone can quickly spot if the wrong colour product is in an incorrect area or is been used for an incompatible task (for example cleaning the toilets with the kitchen cloth, or worse, the other way around!) To facilitate such precautionary measures TIDDOX has colour coded a number of its rolls and packed products, such as the PREMIUM WIPING ROLLS, the MICROFIBRE PRODUCTS and its MAXI WIPES. Whilst all of these multipurpose products are available in a variety of colours and all are very absorbent of spills, the Maxi Wipes stand out as they are capable of absorbing up to 8 times their own weight in fluids! These sponge like products can be used to clean off your hands or dropped to the floor to absorb fluids and semi-fluids. They also make excellent industrial or automotive soaking pads, although the big daddy in this range is the much larger SUPERMAX, which is ideal for mopping up large unexpected floor spills. They can be laundered and reused, too.

Industrial Hand Cleaning Cloths

In industrial, automotive, printing and painting environments, where there are slippery substances such as oil, grease, ink and paint solvents, regular tool cleaning improves grip and safety, and hand cleaning wipes remove potential safety hazards from the workshop or job site.

The typical choice in these environments is rags, namely reclaimed t-shirt materials that have been sorted by colour, metal detected for safety and packed in 1.5kg, 5kg or 10 kg bags. TIDDOX supplies both COLOURED RECYCLED T-SHIRT RAGS and WHITE RECYCLED T-SHIRT RAGS. These popular bags of rags are an economical, typically disposable product, and, if required, they can be laundered and reused. Mechanics all over the world use tool cleaning rags, a common sight in a mechanic’s hip pocket, and printers and painters like the convenient portable 1.5kg bags of white rags which show up the colours easily. Their multipurpose functionality ensures they are used in multiple industries, not least of which is the automotive industry, where rags are often used as a highly absorbent hand and tool cleaning solution, being strong enough for tool cleaning and absorbent enough to dry off surfaces and hands.

However, there are more sophisticated options than rags, specifically wipers that have been specially designed and engineered for a task. Most of these are disposable products, made from a variety of quality absorbent materials such as viscose, cellulose or woodpulp, and strengthened with polyester, nylon or polypropylene to make them strong and durable. Presented below are some of TIDDOX’s most popular industrial hand and tool cleaning disposable wiper options:-

Hand and Tool Cleaning Disposable Wipes

Starting with the two most economical disposable products, there is the popular RAGS-ON-A-ROLL or “ROAR”, and the WHITE RHINO ROLLS. Both are often used as rag replacement disposable products, and both are conveniently sized to fit on a workbench or in our handy WALL DISPENSERS.

If you prefer a pop-up dispensing method, our heavy duty DISPENSER BOX OF RHINO WIPES is the perfect solution. Mechanics and car care detailers can quickly grab a hand wiper out of the box and tidy up before handling the customer’s car. Also used extensively in the hospitality industry as convenient, absorbent, disposable wipes.

There are also floor dispensers to carry the larger jumbo rolls. These cost effective, bulk packaged disposable products significantly reduce cost per use, making them very popular in factory settings, automotive workshops and with contract cleaners. Also because they are clean, unlike reclaimed rags, they are more suitable in hygienic environments like food processing companies.

Leading the pack of jumbo roll options is without a doubt the CLASSIC 300M JUMBO ROLL, comprising 600 tear-off absorbent large sized sheets to absorb spills, and will hold together as you scrub your tools clean or clean your hands. They are designed to be cost effective yet are high in viscose content, meaning they are very absorbent! Furthermore, they have polyester fibres to make them strong, and are priced to be affordable. They can be used with the JUMBO ROLL FLOOR DISPENSER.

If you want to step up to a material stronger than the above viscose polyester product, choose the JUMBO RHINO ROLL, made of thick wood pulp and polypropylene, and if you want a step down choose the multipurpose JUMBO PAPER TOWEL ROLL, made from three plies of cellulose paper tissue. The former is a strong bumpy textured heavy duty product used to remove grease and grime from equipment, tools and hands, whereas the latter may tear on more challenging tasks however with multiple plies of tissue works well as a general purpose automotive and industrial wiper. Both are economical for high volume use, and can be used with our without the available floor stands.

Absorbent Tool Cleaning and Hand Cleaning Wipes

Sometimes, you just need a great, absorbent hand towel. You may be up to your elbows in machine oil, printer’s ink, or bodily fluids, and need a hand wipe as tough as you are. Again, our best product for such applications are the RHINO WIPES, whether in the box, roll or jumbo roll format. Soak one of the Rhino tear-off sheets with solvent and use it to scrub your hands clean or shine tools to a like-new finish, and when you need a low-lint fabric, this product is a great solution.

However, there are a couple of other incredibly absorbent products that deserve highlighting. They are the MAXI WIPES and its larger brother the ORANGE SUPERMAX XL absorbent pad. Both are made from the same sponge soft viscose substance and as such both can absorb, and hold, multiple times their own weight in spilled liquids and fluids. This makes them a big seller into restaurants, healthcare facilities, and manufacturing facilities, where large spills occur regularly and need soaking up rapidly. These high viscose products grip all viscosities of fluids from transmission fluid to water and chemicals. They make great hand cleaning cloths because they quickly absorb any moisture or fluids on the hands. It’s the same with tools – these sponges clean your entire tool box, with room to spare!

Sometimes, you just need to use special solvents or cleaning materials. TIDDOX’s SOLVENT RESISTANT WIPES are an example of the quality and convenience available. These versatile tool cleaning products are smooth on one side but textured on the other. This gives you both cleaning and polishing options in each sheet. Made of strong fibres that won’t break down when they are saturated with solvents or chemicals, makes this product well suited as a painters’ hand wiper, since it can be moistened with paint remover and used in cleaning tools or painted surfaces at the end of a workday.

Another favourite with painters, printers, mechanics and in industrial factories are the INDUSTRIAL WET WIPES, that offer a quick solution to removing paint, ink, grease and oil from hand and tools. Pop the top on this dispenser, and take one of the pre-moistened wipes to clean off your tools and hands with ease.

Speciality Low Lint and Lint-Free Tool Cleaning Wipers

If you work with machinery that has tight tolerances you may need to keep your own hands super clean, as well as your tools. Our LOW LINT INDUSTRO WIPES, LINT FREE POLYSOFT WIPES, and the MICROMAX, do not leave lint particles after use making them ideal for cleaning tools and machinery with metal or glass surfaces. This collection of no-lint wipers make it much easier to clean up as you complete a job.