Low Lint

TIDDOX® has a range of low free cloths, in particular the MicroMAX, the Industro Wipes, the PolySoft Wipes, the Rhino Wipes, the Rag-On-A-Roll, the OmniWipes and the Solvent Resistant Wipes. All are ideal for low lint tasks. In addition, they are highly absorbent and their non-abrasive, soft texture will not damage or scratch surfaces.

TIDDOX supplies a number of different low lint wipes and cloths made from fabrics containing low linting properties. These include polyester or polypropylene blended with either woodpulp, viscose or polyamide materials.

A popular wiper with printers, because of its soft texture and lint free properties that will not damage print heads or other delicate surfaces, are the LINT FREE POLYSOFT WIPES . The fabric is entirely polyester continuous filament, double knitted and laser sealed to prevent any loose fibres. Also ultra low in particles and extractable ions. These super absorbent wipes have a high tensile strength, and are tear resistant. Sometimes referred to as CLEANROOM WIPES , because these wipers are laundered, cleanroom processed and double bagged prevent contamination. Ideal for applications involving sensitive or delicate surfaces, such as print heads, printers, digital graphic art tasks, computer discs, monitors, touchscreens, critical environments, cleaning lenses, glass surfaces and stainless steel.

There are certain delicate cleaning tasks that require no lint residue to be left after wiping. TIDDOX offers its INDUSTRO WIPES as a virtually lint free material that can be used to wipe and clean glass without leaving any unwanted streaking. These can be used either wet or dry, and will not fall apart when wet. In fact, they are solvent resistant so work well with window and glass cleaning chemicals. They are very absorbent and work well in applications involving cleaning equipment and machinery. They can be used in sterile environments such as laboratories or hospitals to clean equipment and are economical enough to be a disposable wipe. Equally, they can be used to polish cars and trucks because of their low linting nature, or even as an oil and grease absorbent. Because of their generous size, and ability to resist solvents, they are popular with painters and decorators, and often they are used as rag replacements. A similar, yet smaller hand sized version of the INDUSTRO WIPES S, made from the same low linting material, are the SOLVENT RESISTANT WIPES . These also have a course texture on once side for heavy duty scrubbing, making them useful in wiping down kitchen ovens and other utilities, as well as industrial and automotive applications.

TIDDOX SCRIM REINFORCED ROLLS are manufactured from a low linting tissue, reinforced for strength with a nylon webbing fabric. This four-ply material is suited to glass and smooth surface wiping for steak free finishes, but also has the tear-resistant durability to handle oil and grease on machinery, tools and equipment. Each roll contains 200 perforated disposable wipers that are very economical for one time wiping requirements. The 4-ply tissue ensures that these have added absorption capacity. Available in either blue or white, this TIDDOX exclusive product is an economical alternative to leading brands in the market place.

For heavy duty rubbing and wiping challenges, try the TIDDOX RHINO WIPES , which offer added strength, durability and absorbency to meet most industrial requirements. This heavy weight fabric was chosen for its low linting properties and is offered in a CENTERFEED ROLL format (220 sheets) or a heavier duty JUMBO ROLL format (475 sheets), in white and blue respectively. As the material is also solvent resistant, it is ideal for wiping and absorbing chemicals, oil, grease and other solvents.

Microfibre material is blended with polyester, making it a well suited cloth for low lint polishing of glass and metals. The MICROMAX product is economically packaged 10 wipes per packet, and great to pick up dirt and dust whilst cleaning, without leaving behind any “fluff” residue.

Another option for cleaning off grease from tools and machinery are the canisters of ORANGE PEEL WET WIPES , which provide a portable wiping solution to tradies and automotive mechanics.