Low Lint Cloths

TIDDOX® has a range of low lint cloths, ideal for low lint cleaning and wiping tasks. Very soft, non-scratch cloths for cleaning delicate instruments, parts and surfaces. For glass polishing, wiping optical lenses, cleaning print heads, or drying equipment parts. Applications across industries from clean rooms to surface preparation tasks..

TIDDOX is a specialist in low lint cloths and wipes. If the job requires low lint cloths, we have the solution. We have a product suitable for every low lint and lint free task.


LintNIL Wipes are soft, low lint cloths used to polish windows, glass and sensitive parts. They have a non-abrasive texture and will not leave smudge stains on glass. Ideal for microscopes, telescopes, glass panes and windows. Used for critical wiping jobs where no residue wanted after wiping. Use to apply lubricants and adhesives to sensitive surfaces.
POLYSOFT WIPES are double knitted sealed polyester fabric to prevent loose fibres. Printers like these low lint cloths, because they will not damage print heads. Processed in a cleanroom so sometimes referred to as CLEANROOM WIPES. Ideal for delicate surfaces and critical environments. Also used on monitors, touchscreens lenses, glass surfaces and stainless steel.


The INDUSTRO WIPES are a large low lint, smooth textured, drying towel. Used by production areas to dry equipment and parts, free of lint remnants. Solvent resistant so use wet or dry, and will not fall apart when wet. Works well with cleaning chemicals, lubricants, oils and solvents. Non-abrasive and absorbent when cleaning equipment and machinery. A disposable wipe for drying, cleaning and polishing glass and metal.
Because of their generous size and solvent resistance, popular with painters.
The SOLVENT RESISTANT WIPES present as a hand sized version of the INDUSTRO WIPES. Made from the same low linting material, with a course texture on one side. Used in industrial and automotive for heavy duty scrubbing.


The MICROMAX low lint cloths get used to polish glass, metal, coins and jewelry. Also used to polish glass surfaces on ipads, iphones, screens and monitors. Dentists use them to dry dental instruments after the ultrasonic cycle. Made from a very absorbent, smooth, non scratching microfibre material. Picks up dirt and dust whilst cleaning, without leaving behind any “fluff” residue. Packaged 10 wipes per packet.
For heavy duty rubbing and polishing, try the TIDDOX RHINO WIPES. These low lint cloths have industrial strength durability and absorbency. Made from solvent resistant heavy weight polypropylene cellulose mix. Great for low lint surface preparation and wiping chemicals, oil, grease and solvents. Available in a white medium duty CENTERFEED ROLL format (220 sheets). Or a heavier duty JUMBO ROLL format (475 sheets).


The JUMBO PAPER TOWEL ROLLS have a reputation as a cost effective low lint paper towel. Used on glass and metal surfaces to polish and clean. 1000 tear off disposable sheets per roll, all 3-sheets thick and very absorbent. Value for money, bulk packaging.
SCRIM REINFORCED ROLLS are another low lint towel to consider. These rolls have 4 layers of tissue with reinforced nylon webbing for strength. Used on glass and for smooth surface wiping. Also the tear-resistant durability handles oil and grease on machinery, tools and equipment. Each roll contains 200 perforated disposable low lint wipers.


Tradies and mechanics use INDUSTRIAL WET WIPES as a low lint wiping solution. They like the portable canisters of pull out sheets. Used for cleaning off grease from tools and machinery.