Oil Spill Pads

When it comes to oil spill pads TIDDOX® supplies a range of oil only absorption pads and general-purpose absorbent pads and rolls, which have exceptional strength and durability, making them ideal for wiping up industrial and marine spills.


TIDDOX supplies oil spill pads, which are oil only absorption pads, as well as general purpose absorbent pads for cleanups on both land and at sea. These products are typically required during an environmental clean up operation either at sea, or on land based industries that use heavy machinery or experience spills of chemicals and fuels that need rapid absorption.

Oil Only Absorption Pads

Some situations require the use of OIL ONLY ABSORPTION PADS. These are made from water resistant meltblown polypropylene materials that will only absorb oil, fuel and diesel. They are used at sea (can float) as well as on land for industrial spills and environmental clean ups to soak up spilled fuels, diesels and chemicals. They come in packs of 100, and each sheet is thick enough to absorb about 1 litre of oil, fuel or diesel, while resisting water. They also are available in roll format, made up of easy to tear off perforated sheets. Typically white in colour, which makes them easier to distinguish them from general purpose absorbent products, which can be GREY, YELLOW or ORANGE .

Also available in roll formats, the OIL ONLY ABSORPTION ROLLS are made up of perforated sheets that can be torn off and floated at sea to clean up environmental spills, or placed on the workshop floor to soak up chemical spills or other oil, fuel and diesel contaminants. They can also be placed under vehicles or machinery in work shops to absorb leaks. Each perforated sheet can absorb up to a litre.

Oil Spill Pads

For large areas that encounter a lot of drips and fluid leaks, try TIDDOX’s SUPERMAX OIL SPILL PADS. These large sheets of thick, heavy-weight viscose materials will absorb significant amounts of oil-based fluids, commonly used in mechanical workshops as drop sheets or in chemical factories to deal with unexpected spills. This is a thick, absorbent industrial-grade product designed to withstand rigorous use. It performs like a sponge, and is great in automotive and mechanical workshops for soaking up fuel and chemical spills. With 200 large (60cm x 50cm) wipers in a box, these sheets are ideal for large jobs, incredibly absorbent and are extremely economical!

General Purpose Absorbent Pads

GENERAL PURPOSE ABSORBENT PRODUCTS can absorb BOTH oil and water. Each sheet absorbs about 1 litre of water and oily fluids (in total) and they are also available in rolls if required. These are especially helpful on land and in workshops.

The GREY products are made of heavy, melt-blown polypropylene, and have remarkable absorbency. The ORANGE and YELLOW products in this category are made mostly from viscose, and also have a high absorbency capacity.

These products will absorb water, solvents, oil, diesel, fuel, chemicals, and any other fluid or semi-fluid. They are low linting, so there won’t be any contaminant-saturated bits left behind when you remove the sheet for disposal. Applications include soaking up factory floor spills, chemical spills or placing them under machinery or vehicles to absorb leaks or the spills that occur during repair. They rapidly absorb which is useful in keeping floors clean so that fluids are not tracked around the work space, thereby improving the cleanliness of areas in which messes can create dangerous footing.

Also available in rolls, the low linting melt-blown polypropylene GENERAL PURPOSE ABSORBENT ROLLS are made up of perforated sheets that can easily be separated from the roll and applied to absorb up to a litre of general fluids, including water-based and oil-based liquids.

There are two types of viscose based absorbent products, namely the YELLOW TITANS and the ORANGE SUPERMAX OIL DROP SHEETS respectively. These are available 200 sheets to a carton, and are a sponge-like cloth with highly viscose rayon fibres. Soft in texture, non-abrasive,and capable of absorbing many times their own weight in fluids, these characteristics make these products very popular in industrial and automotive businesses. Typical applications include use on and under vehicles, equipment and machinery to absorb leaks and keep the floor clean.

Solvent Wipes

TIDDOX’s SOLVENT RESISTANT WIPES are designed to be durable and absorbent. They will absorb all kinds of chemicals, degreasers, paint, antifreeze, degreasers, and solvents. Perhaps the best thing about these solvent resistant wipes is that they do not come apart when you use them. One of the most frustrating events is to be on the way to the trash can with a soaked rag, and the thing drips or even comes apart as you walk across the floor. Not only does this mean you have further cleanup ahead, but you also run the risk of contaminating your workspace further. And heaven help the person who steps in the mess and tracks it around! These products are designed for durability and absorbency, and are low-lint as well. Course textured, with a smooth flip side, these products are versatile and suited to various tasks involving fluids, solvents and chemicals.

Try our OIL SPILL PADS, GENERAL PURPOSE ABSORBENT PADS, or any of our sorbent rolls, and while you’re at it, use our SORBENT ROLL WALL DISPENSER or SORBENT ROLL MOBILE FLOOR STAND. They will keep your products handy to take care of any oil spill.