Oil Spill Pads

TIDDOX® supplies a range of sorbent spill pads. There are “oil only absorption pads” and “general-purpose absorbent pads”. We cater for industrial floor spills, chemical spills and marine spills.


Try our Oil Only Absorbent Pads and General Purpose Absorbent Pads. Used for environmental clean up operations either at sea or on land. These sorbent pads soak up chemicals, oils, fluids and water. Ideal with oils from heavy machinery and trucks. Or for soaking up chemicals and fuel spills.
OIL ONLY ABSORPTION PADS have course polypropylene texture. These white colour oil spill pads resist water. They will only absorb oil, fuel and diesel. As they float, can be used at sea during cleanups. Used on land for mopping up industrial spilled fuels, diesels and chemicals. Placed under vehicles or machinery in workshops to absorb leaks. Each pad is thick enough to absorb about 1L of oil, fuel or diesel. Available in rolls if required, see OIL ONLY ABSORPTION ROLLS.
GENERAL PURPOSE ABSORBENT PRODUCTS can absorb BOTH oil and water. We have two products in this category:-
  • SUPERMAX PADS : Each pad absorbs significant times its own weight. A sponge-like pad made of high viscose rayon content. Popular drop sheets in industrial and automotive workshops. Used on and under vehicles, equipment and machinery. They absorb leaks and keep the floor clean. Applications include soaking up factory floor spills and chemical spills.
  • GREY ABSORBENT PADS : Each pad absorbs about 1L of water and oily fluids. Made of heavy, melt-blown polypropylene. Available in rolls if required. Used in workshops as general purpose pads. Absorbs water, solvents, oil, diesel, fuel, chemicals. Low linting, so less contaminant-saturated bits left behind. Available in roll format, see GENERAL PURPOSE ABSORBENT ROLLS.
Don’t forget the hand sized SOLVENT RESISTANT WIPE. It will not dissolve when used with solvents. It absorbs all kinds of chemicals and solvents. Designed to be low linting, durable and absorbent. Course textured, with a smooth flip side.
We offer two dispenser options to hold the rolls. The SORBENT ROLL WALL DISPENSER or SORBENT ROLL MOBILE FLOOR STAND.