Aged Care Wipes

TIDDOX® has a wide range of wipes and cloths used in aged care. Designed for maximum absorption and comfort, our dry wipes excel in spill control, leakage and accidental spills. In addition, we have many personal care wipes, including wash cloths, colour coded cloths and hygienic single-use disposable wipes. Check out our various dry wipes and wet wipes in our aged care product range.

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Because of their fragility and susceptibility to infection, hygiene care amongst the elderly takes priority. However, with tight budgets it’s hard to find good quality cleaning cloths. Hence, elderly care homes buy TIDDOX products. Because, as the manufacturer we can supply aged care directly, so the end user gets quality without compromise.

We understand the challenges around reducing germ spread. As such, we have developed disposable aged care cloths. For example, disposable wash cloths for the elderly and elderly bath wipes. Also incontinence wipes and personal care wipes.

We ofen hear about breakouts of infections in aged care homes. This highlights the challenges faced. Measures to confront these challenges include disinfecting surfaces and washing hands. In addition, two other measures also help. One involves using single use disposable wipes. The other involves introducing a colour coded cleaning cloth system. We discuss both in further detail below.


According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, single use disposable wipes are intended for use on one person per procedure and not to be reused. Hence, washing a patient or cleaning a spill, requires the cleaning wipes to be disposed of afterward.

Because of the nature of aged care homes, they have lots of transmissible germs. For example, germs dpread from fecal matter and other bodily fluids. And, by not cleaning surfaces regularly, germs spread faster. When germs spread unchecked, residents fall ill.

Hence, its important to keep surfaces and floors disinfected and clean. Especially high touch items, like switches, elevator buttons, handles and railings. And surfaces in high usage or common living areas.

Reusable cloths carry pathogens in them for a variety of reasons. For instance, they may not have been washed at the correct temperature. Or contaminated prior to use. Even after they have been disinfected, reusable cloths still hold and carry germs picked up. And this leads to the spread of germs from one area to another.

Whatever the reason, the best way to control germ spread is to use single-use wipes. By using disposable single use wipes, germs don’t have time to accumulate and harbour. Instead they get chucked out with the wipes after use. Thereby they’re unable to spread or infect others.

New wipes perform best initially, and thereafter their effectives can wane. So by using new disposable wipes you not only have best performance, but once collected, surface contaminants disappear into the bin.

TIDDOX makes disposable aged care wipes for floor cleaning (SUPERMAX), and high touch SURFACE CLEANING.


Colour coded cleaning helps control and prevent infection. By using brightly coloured cloths, they are clearly visible. As such, its easy to see when they appear in incorrect areas. Or used for the wrong cleaning task. Because the bright colour makes the cloths conspicuous.

In essence, the colour coded system involves only using red, green, blue and yellow cloths. And then allocating a colour to a certain area (or task). By restricting the use of that colour cloth to an area (or task), helps reduce germ spread. For example, restrict the use of red cloths to high germ areas such as washrooms. Similarly, green cloths should not be used outside of the kitchen area. Blue cloths are for general purpose cleaning in low germ risk areas. Yellow cloths are for special purpose tasks.

By way of a guide, print out the TIDDOX COLOUR CODED CLEANING CHART. An easy guide to print out and paste to walls in your aged care facility.

This, together with training, helps staff maintain hygienic cleaning practices. And, by using such a system, the spread of pathogens becomes controlled. What are pathogens? They’re fungi, viruses and bacteria. So, by reducing their spread, there’s less chance of infection amongst residents.

The training of staff should cover the types of pathogens and how they spread. Also, best cloth use, chemical use and cleaning methods.


Unfortunately, incontinence comes with old age. However, its not just the elderly that suffer, but folks of all ages. Bladder and bowel leakage impacts people with obesity, physical disabilities, prostrate issues or recent child birth. What these people share in common is the need for high quality incontinence wiping cloths. With this in mind, TIDDOX developed the high performing OMNIWIPES.


OMNIWIPES offer a highly effective wiping solution. Not only do they absorb quickly, they are soft and gentle. As a result, aged care, nursing and palliative care homes use them. Uses include personal care issues, as wash cloths and also for incontinence. Paraplegics and quadriplegics also use them for similar tasks.


Because of their high absorbency, OMNIWIPES provide a convenient, discreet solution. They’re mainly used for incontinence issues. However, also used for urinal, menstrual and bowel leakage issues.


OMNIWIPES offer a sustainable incontinence wipes solution. By using mostly biodegradable natural cellulose materials, we have minimised any petroleum based synthetic content.


For hygiene purposes, these quality made cloths are disposable. Each bag holds 50 cloths x 12 bags in a carton. Cartons of 600 wipes are a good packaging solution for high usage aged care homes.



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