Automotive Wipes

TIDDOX® provides professional automotive wipes to the automotive industry. No matter whether its rags you’re after, paper towels for the workshop, polishing cloths, oil and grease cleaning cloths or engine cleaning wipes, we have a solution.

If you need general purpose and special purpose automotive wipes, shop towels or rags for polishing, valeting, grease wiping, engine cleaning and oil absorption, call us on 1300 84 33 69 or email us to discuss your requirements.

Which are the best engine cleaning wipes?

When cleaning engines, bearings and other lint-sensitive components, workshops use TIDDOX’s equipment cleaning wipes.

Which are the best windscreen cleaning wipes?

Use MICROMAX wipes after using Industro Wipes (and a 50% alcohol and 50% distilled water mix) to remove thick grime and dirt off windscreens.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which wipes are best for cleaning hubcaps?

For removing stubborn dirt and grime, use strong, durable, tear resistant wipes that absorb oil and grease and are solvent resistant.

Which are the best wipes for cleaning vehicles?

Shammys and microfibre cloths/mitts are great for exterior washing and drying of vehicles. Use industrial wipes for grease removal and oil absorption, and then switch to soft polishing cloths for windshields and interior detailing.


TIDDOX offers a range of automotive wipes for cleaning, polishing and drying vehicles and workshop equipment. In fact, we strive to develop cleaning wipes for every task. Because using the correct cleaning products saves a lot of time and frustration. Because we have such a broad range of automotive wipes, we’re able to meet the needs of detailers, dealerships, workshops, car washes and panel beaters.
So, whether its oil absorbent wipes to clean engine and hubcaps, or valeting cloths for washing and polishing, we have it covered. And this includes the blue paper towels for cleaning and drying hands in the workshop. 




Importantly, when polishing the exterior of a vehicle you don’t want to scratch the paint. Hence, you use a non-abrasive material that will not cause damage. For instance, TIDDOX’s super absorbent SUPERMAX ORANGE CHAMOIS. Soak these soft, absorbent shammys in soap water and then clean the exterior of the vehicle. Once rinsed, dry the surface using another CHAMOIS or SHAMMY. In fact, this product holds many times its own weight in liquid. And they cover a decent surface area measuring 50 cm x 60 cm. Hence,  a perfect size for exterior washing of vehicles. Also, they’re not going to scratch the surface area when wiping and drying. As a result, they’re used to wash school buses, trucks and boats. Also, popular with mechanics as disposable oil drop sheets. 
However, we also have a smaller version, called MAXI WIPES . Once rinsed, use a MAXI WIPE or WASH MITT to dry the surface. Also useful are the MICROFIBRE CLEANING CLOTHS .
And when it comes to cleaning windscreens and windshields, the INDUSTRO WIPES are great! For example, use these large wipes to clean glass, mirrors and metal surfaces. Not only are they super absorbent, they won’t leave lint or scratch the surface. And, they works well with cleaning agents. So, if you’re looking for strong, tear resistant and solvent resistant wipes, these are the go! Packed with 300 automotive wipes per carton.
Furthermore, you may also want to try the thick pile absorbent microfibre cloths. These are 40 cm x 40 cm heavy weight cloths. The GENERAL PURPOSE MICROFIFRE CLEANING CLOTH or LOW LINT MICROFIBRE CLOTH. Washable and reusable. Use wet or dry. Both work well with cleaning agents.


However, when it comes to the inside of the vehicle, we’ve a different set of wipes.
In fact, for cleaning windscreens there are a couple of LINT-FREE GLASS CLEANING products. Firstly, we have the LINTNIL WIPES. These are TIDDOX’s number one selling windscreen wiping product. Try this window cleaning cloth used by professionals. This product gives a brilliant finish on windscreens. 

Secondly, to polish mirrors there is the MICROMAX. This VEHICLE POLISHING cleaning cloth has a smooth lint free texture. And. it absorbs water when polishing. So you can use these to clean windows, mirrors, and buffs interiors. Also, used wet or dry. And they’re compatible with cleaning chemicals.

Thirdly, for fine polishing in hard to reach corners, try our MICROFIBRE LENS CLOTHS. In fact, these are the same cloths you use to clean your spectacles. And, they work a treat on buffing interiors! Available in small (15 cm x 15 cm) and large (40 cm x 40 cm). Also, washable and reusable.
In addition, for less delicate applications, use microfibre wash gloves or WASH MITTS. These are great for collecting dirt off the surfaces. However, you must wash the dirt out after use to avoid scratches.
Finally, we have the OMNIWIPES . These have a high absorption capacity. Their apertures will pick up dirt and dust when wiping interiors. Mechanics use them as a rag replacement. An alternative to WHITE CLEANING RAGS. They are more absorbent, lower linting, less bulky and cheaper.


When cleaning bearing or engines, the last thing you want is lint to separate from the cleaning wipes. What’s required is strong, durable absorbent lint-free wipes. That’s why we’ve introduced the LINT-FREE EQUIPMENT CLEANING WIPES.
For engine and hubcap cleaning mechanics use SOLVENT RESISTANT WIPES. Smooth, non-abrasive polishing wipes. Also strong and absorbent to remove stubborn debris, dirt and engine oil. Use this product with solvents to cleans brakes and clutches. Best of all its ultra low linting, so you won’t have bits of wipes separating when rubbing. 
Another option for heavy duty scrubbing is the JUMBO RHINO ROLL. Lint-free wipes that are very strong and durable. Each roll holds 475 easy tear off thick sheets. And these sheets withstand solvents, grease and oil. Also available in a dispenser box called INDUSTRIAL RHINO WIPES.
For a smaller roll size, try the WHITE RHINO ROLL. Made in a less heavy weight. Ideal for GREASE AND SOLVENT WIPING tasks. Low linting and cost effective.
To clean up large quantities of engine oil use the SUPERMAX OIL DROP SHEET. Economic, absorbent, thick disposable pads. Used by transport and bus companies.
Another option is the OIL ONLY ABSORBENT PAD. It will absorb one litre of engine oil, fuel or diesel. Each thick pad absorbs oil and resists water.
To absorb both oil and water, use the GENERAL PURPOSE ABSORBENT PADS. These pads will absorb both oil and water.
Try MELTBLOWN DEGREASING WIPES. They absorb oils, grease, chemicals and solvents. Available in packs and rolls.
It is hard to find quality consumables for the workshop. TIDDOX prides itself in its disposable workshop paper towels. There is the 600-SHEET JUMBO GREEN ROLL. Made from a thick viscose material, tough and absorbent.
There is a paper towel version of this product. It is the BLUE PAPER JUMBO ROLL. Comprising 1000 blue paper 3-ply absorbent sheets. The sheets are glued and embossed for extra strength. If required, we also have wall dispensers and floor dispensers for jumbo rolls.


Another popular blue workshop towel is the BLUE INDUSTRO WIPES. Much stronger than paper towels, and very absorbent of oils and grease. Each jumbo rolls has 500 sheets. Smooth and non-abrasive wipes that can be used to clean and polish machinery and equipment. Jumbo roll wall dispensers and floor dispensers available.
There is the absorbent 4-plys scrim blue RAG-ON-A-ROLL. This is a tough, strong wipe. Used for cleaning hands, equipment and tools. Each  roll has perforated tissue sheets with nylon webbing. This structure gives the product strength and durability. Referred to in its abbreviated term, called “ROAR”.
TIDDOX supplies bags of rags to dealerships. COLOURED T-SHIRT RAGS and the WHITE T-SHIRT RAGS. These bags are available in 10 kg and 20 kg. Used as workshop cleanup rags and for oil absorption tasks. Used T-Shirt rags are much more absorbent than new T-Shirts. A huge difference. The downside to tshirt rag is it can leave lint residue. For a lower linting rag try the DISPOSABLE COTTON RAGS. Cut from recycled cotton business shirts.
Pre-moistened wet wipes that remove oil and grease. General purpose GREASE WET WIPES help remove grease and grime from hands and tools. Each tub contains 80 pull out formulated disposable wet wipes. Convenient portable tubs for the workbench or ute!


The above illustrates our depth of products in this area. TIDDOX is confident that we can find a solution for you! Get in touch by calling us on 1300 84 33 69 or email us. Also, check out our Facebook page and for more product options.