Food Wipes

TIDDOX has premium quality wipes for food production, food manufacturing and food service businesses. Whether you need to deep scrub food hoppers, dry fillers without leaving lint or clean food preparation areas, we have a professional wipes solution. These include colour coded cloths, single-use disposable wipes, wet wipes, lint-free wipes and many other commercial grade wipes.

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How do you clean food preparation surfaces?

Using a lint-free wipe clean and disinfect the surface with a sanitiser cleaning chemical. Once the surface is clean, rinse the surface with water and dry with an absorbent lint-free cloth.

Are disposable wipes more hygienic for food areas?

Yes, it is more hygienic to clean food areas with lint-free disposable wipes because when you dispose of the wipes, you also dispose of the germs collected by the wipes. Whereas reusable cloths tend to hold the germs until they are rinsed and sanistised.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I stop lint when drying equipment?

Use lint-free wipes when drying and cleaning lint-sensitive equipment like food fillers, hoppers and vats because they don’t leave paper particles (“lint”) behind.

Where can I get lint-free wipes for deep scrubbing food manufacturing equipment?

TIDDOX makes a range of heavy-duty lint-free wipes specifically for deep scrubbing and cleaning of food production equipment, like vats, fillers and hoppers.


Because the food production area needs to be spotless, professional cleaning wipes are vital. Particularly to maintain hygiene and reduce contamination risk. No better example than when deep cleaning hoppers or other equipment before loading the next batch. You just can’t afford to have any contamination left behind when cleaning. And it’s in these professional businesses that you need the commercial grade professional wipes that TIDDOX’s makes. Our dedication to only making quality products for use in critical areas and critical tasks is what the TIDDOX brand is known for. 


As a result of working with food production businesses over the years, we understand the need to ensure that no lint is left over after cleaning food equipment. And not all wipes that say they are lint-free are actually non-linting. Hence, when it comes to deep cleaning critical equipment, only the best wipes will do. Furthermore, by using quality wipes, makes the job of keeping an area sanitised and clean, all the more easier. Why? Because ur wipes absorb well, don’t fall apart easily, and don’t leave lint behind!


For maximum absorption and minimal lint-residue risk, the RHINO WIPES lead the charge! Not only do they quickly absorb fats, oils and grease, they absorb chemicals and solvents too. And, they do all of this without falling apart or tearing. In fact, these tough RHINO WIPES are incredibly tear-resistant. However, best of all, is they don’t lint or leave any lint behind after wiping. They are made for deep scrubbing and challenging cleaning tasks.


The RHINO WIPES come in 3 popular formats.


  • Firstly, we have the RHINO WIPES DISPENSER BOX. A very convenient and portable box of 130 white wipes. Disposable wipes for drying hands, soaking up spills or cleaning surfaces. 
  • Secondly, there’s the WHITE RHINO ROLLS. Luckily not as rare as white rhinos by certainly rare to find this type of quality. These centrefeed rolls hold 220 long, large wipes (38 cm x 22.5 cm). Equally dispensed from a table of one of our WALL MOUNTED DISPENSERS.
  • Last, but certainly not least, there’s the JUMBO RHINO ROLLS. Unapologetically thick, strong, tough and absorbent. With 475 heavy duty non-linting super absorbent wipes on each roll. Able to conquer the most challenging scrubbing task any food equipment cleaning job can mount. Similarly, there are dispensers if required. These include either WALL DISPENSERS or FLOOR DISPENSERS.


Alternatively, for high usage areas, we recommend the AMBIWIPES, the INDUSTRO WIPES and the SOLVENT RESISTANT WIPES. These come in a variety of formats from packs, cartons to rolls.

Without doubt, one of the most handy in the range is the SOLVENT RESISTANT WIPES. These smooth blue wipes are ideal for absorbing oils and soaking up spills. Also drying instruments. They’re a popular low-cost disposable wiping solution. There are 6 small rolls in a carton, and each roll has 90 wipes. And, if you like these, then you’ll love the jumbo roll version, called the the JUMBO ROLL INDUSTRO WIPES. Each jumbo roll has not 90, but 500 wipes to tear off and use.

However, if instead of blue wipes, you’d prefer white wipes, choose the  AMBIWIPES. Not only are there also 90 wipes on each roll, but these white food wipes are much larger too. Each sheet measures 50cm x 30cm. Ideal for soaking up spills on surfaces and food preparation wiping tasks. Easy, convenient and disposable. Either tear off the wipes straight from the roll or put it in one of the WALL DISPENSERS to keep the rolls out of the way.

Similarly, the above white food wipes are also available in a 9″ pack format (AMBIWIPES PACKS) as well as an extra large (55cm x 45cm) pull-out carton format (WHITE INDUSTRO WIPES.)

Finally, the food industry is always looking for lint-free polishing cloths, and so we developed the famous MICROMAX cloths. Not only are they soft and non-abrasive, they’re highly absorbent and give a streak free clean. Hence, as a non-linting cleaning product, they’re used to clean glasses, polish windows and kitchen appliances.



For high usage and low-cost daily tasks, paper towels serve a useful purpose.

For instance, the single-use disposable wipes called “RAG-ON-A-ROLL”. Not Not only do the 4-plys of tissue offer impressive absorbency, they are very tear resistant. In fact, this is also because the tissue has a reinforced strength through a scrim webbing embedded in the towels. The small rolls are portable and convenient on a counter or mounted in a wall dispenser.

Another example of a cost-effective product is the 1000-SHEET PAPER TOWEL ROLL! Ideal for busy food service areas that go through hundreds of disposable paper towels a day. This cost-effective solution provides easy tear-off blue towels to dry hands and absorb those daily spills.

For something a bit thicker and stronger, try the green CLASSIC JUMBO ROLL. It has 600 perforated green wipes for wiping down tables or cleaning food service areas. Used extensively in busy restaurant kitchens and in food production facilities. Each 300 metre roll lasts a long time, and the wipes are super absorbent with a high viscose content. In addition, you can keep the rolls out of the way by mounting them on a WALL DISPENSERS, or sit them on a FLOOR STAND

Because of the risk of food poisoning, colour coded cloths are a big thing in the food industry. Specifically, by allocating a colour to a task, this system helps ensure only the allocated colour will perform the designated task. Without such a system, contaminated cloths, or inappropriate cloths could be used to perform incompatible tasks. Furthermore, by restricting a type of colour cloth to a certain area should prevent spread of germs from that area to another.
So, the system is based on separating cleaning wipes into blue, green, red and yellow. The green wipes are allotted to all food related tasks. Similarly, red wipes are allocated to all high germ risk jobs, such as cleaning bathrooms. And, blue wipes are earmarked for general cleaning tasks. Finally, yellow wipes are for specific jobs. This system helps prevent the spread of germs from one area to another.



Undoubtedly, food hygiene is a top priority. Hence, implementing a colour coded system makes sense. Accordingly, TIDDOX supplies the food industry with its COLOUR CODED MAXI WIPES. Not only are they colour coded, but soft and very absorbent. Sometimes referred to as J-CLOTHS. These VISCOSE CLOTHS soak up and retain lots of liquid. In fact, over 8 times their own weight! So, its this fast absorption feature that makes them ideal for restaurant, foodservice and food production.
Similarly, cut from an even thicker viscose material, is the much larger SUPERMAX. It’s used to soak up floor spills, or as a floor spill pad.
In addition, TIDDOX also has MICROFIBRE CLOTHS in green, blue, red and yellow colours. There are 2 options, namely:-



Undoubtedly, the most common wipes used in the food industry are the heavy duty rolls of wipes. These premium quality ANTIBACTERIAL WIPES are available in 4 colours, namely:-


All of these premium quality wipes are made with high viscose content for superior absorbency. And, each 45 metre rolls has 90 perforated wipes. Also, they’re made extra thick, so the heavier weight of the wipes provides great strength and absorbency. Finally, they’re all treated with an antibacterial agent to extend the life of the wipes.

Another, more cost effective option, may suit high usage food businesses. This is the green CLASSIC ROLL OF WIPES which has 125 perforated wipes (56 m). And another larger version, the CLASSIC GREEN JUMBO ROLL has 600 wipes on a roll. 


In addition to dry wipes, TIDDOX also has a wide range of WET WIPES used in the food service and food production industries.
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