Healthcare Wipes

TIDDOX® has a range of healthcare wipes used in hospitals, medical facilities and healthcare organisations. These include hospital grade wipes, dental wipes, aged care wipes, incontinence wipes, nursing home cleaning cloths, personal care and palliative care wipes.  We recommend our single-use disposable wipes as the most effective way to get rid of germs and maintain hygienic environments.

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Why are disposable wipes used in hospitals?

Single-use disposable wipes are the most effective way to get rid of germs picked up by the wipes

Which wipes for cleaning and drying dental instruments?

Once dental instruments have been through the ultrasonic cycle, dental staff use lint-free, absorbent wipes (like MicroMAX cloths or Rhino Wipes) to dry them, before putting them in sterilising bags

Frequently Asked Questions

Which wipes are good for patient care?

Because Omniwipes are soft, gentle and highly absorbent, they are used extensively for patient care, palliative care, aged care and disability personal care

Which wipes are good for palliative care?

As Omniwipes are as gentle and soft as they are absorbent, they are ideally suited to palliative care and personal care needs


Because hygiene is key to healthy environments, having good quality healthcare wipes is essential. Especially in healthcare facilities! As such, TIDDOX® has developed a range of top quality healthcare wipes and cloths. This includes single-use disposable wipes and colour coded reusable cloths. Typical users include hospitals, dental and medical practices. Also aged care nursing homes and palliative care facilities use them. In fact any healthcare organisation, including schools and childcare centres. 
Because of their incredible absorbency OMNIWIPES are our leading healthcare wipes. In addition, they are very soft and suited to gentle personal care wiping and cleaning. Hence, these white swabbing cloths are popular in aged care homes as personal care wipes. Also, used as incontinence wipes and for patient care. In addition, they also get used in hospitals, and in palliative and critical care facilities.  
Because of germ control, most healthcare facilities prefer single-use disposable wipes. Undoubtedly, disposing of the product after use is the best way to dispose of germs. In addition, this prevents the spread of germs. Also, it reduces the risk of germ spread. To this end, TIDDOX offers a range of affordable, single use, disposable wipes.
For example, our “RAG-ON-A-ROLL” is a strong disposable wipe.  Not only used in aged care, but by childcare facilities too. And, there’s 200 perforated sheets on each roll. What’s great about these tissue towels is that they have a web netting layered within. Moreover, with 4-ply’s of paper, this product is very absorbent. In fact, in our opinion, these rate as the best single use disposable wipe. And, they’re not flimsy, instead very absorbent, and have a very low cost per use. Hence, they’re ideal for tight budgets looking for value. Available in either white or blue. Wall dispensers available.
Similarly, the JUMBO PAPER ROLL also has a low cost per use. And, it has 1000 sheets of absorbent 3-ply paper tissue. Wall dispensers and portable floor stands available.
Because germs can spread fast in healthcare facilities, colour coding cloths helps control this spread. For example, by allocating certain colour cloths to specific areas. Hence, this systems helps prevents bacteria cross-contamination. Especially if the same colour product is kept to one task or one area.
For instance, the recommended colour coding system uses red, green, blue and yellow colours. And, each colour represents a certain location or task. For example, a blue cloth suits a cleaning task in a low risk areas such as furniture and desks. Comparatively, a red cloth will be restricted to high risk germ areas such as bathrooms and toilets. Use red cloths strictly in high germ risk areas. For instance, washroom and toilet areas. And, never use red cloths to do the jobs allocated to the blue cloths! Similarly, a green cloth should not go beyond the kitchen area. And certainly not to clean bathrooms and toilets! This separation of duties, reduces the risk of cross-contamination between areas and/or tasks.
For more information please refer to the NSW health directive on healthcare cleaning.
TIDDOX has a range of colour coded cleaning cloths. For example, the green CLASSIC WIPES. Or the heavy weight PREMIUM WIPES. Both have super absorbency. 
For soft, lint free skin dabbing in aged care choose the lint-free POLYSOFT WIPES. .
For polishing glass or equipment use the MICROMAX. Low linting, smooth, non-abrasive and absorbent. Washable and reusable. Cost effective.
Healthcare equipment cleaning is best done using lint free healthcare wipes. The INDUSTRO WIPES fit this criteria. Packaged in a flat sheet format. Absorbent cellulose blended material. Works well with solvents and chemicals. It will not dissolve with solvent use. Great product features for cleaning equipment or glass.
For tougher wiping challenges, try the lint-free WHITE RHINO ROLLS. A perforated centerfeed roll that sits in a wall dispenser. Each roll holds 220  strong, durable and absorbent healthcare wipes.
The “Big Daddy” of the lint-free RHINO ROLLS is the JUMBO BLUE RHINO ROLL. This heavy-weight product has 475 thick, absorbent wipes. Ideal for use with solvents, grease, oils and stubborn grime. A hard wearing, tough wipe.  Available in rolls or in a pop-up box version, called INDUSTRIAL RHINO WIPES.
For a hygienic environment, wash and disinfect cloths after use. Wash, disinfect, launder and stored in a dry area. This practice will kill any bacteria collected in the cloth during use. To disinfect and sanitise use detergents. Reusing a product can translate into cost savings per use.
TIDDOX’s soft MAXI WIPES are reusable healthcare wipes. This wash up cloth absorbs liquids and drys surfaces and people. High levels of viscose makes the texture soft and smooth. An ultra absorbent product that is not only soft but also very absorbent. As a result of these features, these aged care cloths are used in retirement villages, nursing homes, childcare centres and schools. In fact, anywhere where liquid may spill. Sometimes referred to as “J-CLOTHS”, “INDUSTRIAL WIPES” or “SUPER WIPES”. Available as red cloths, green cloths, blue cloths and yellow cloths.
Howeverm if you are looking for a larger version of the MAXI WIPES , try the ORANGE SUPERMAX. They cover a large surface area and have sponge-like absorbency. Hence these aged care cloths take care of floor spills in nursing homes and hospitals.
TIDDOX also has a range of microfibre healthcare cloths. These include the lint-free MICROMAX and the GENERAL PURPOSE MICROFIBRE CLOTH.


The above represents some of our healthcare wipes. Contact us on 1300 84 33 69 or email us for more info. One of our team members will be glad to assist you. In addition, we’re always adding products to our healthcare range, so keep up to date by following our Facebook page.


TIDDOX® healthcare wipes have been colour coded to minimise any risk of germ spread from one area and another. By using different colour healthcare cloths there is less chance of the same cloth been used for incompatible tasiks or in incompatible areas. This systems helps maintain healthy and hygienic facilities in aged care, medical facilities and healthcare environments.

  • Green Cloths – Food Areas: Any area where food is prepared or served, including kitchens.
  • Blue Cloths – General Cleaning: Low risk germ areas (such as general cleaning of wards and corridors).
  • Red Cloths – High Germ Risk Areas: High germ concentration areas (such as urinals, bathrooms, washrooms and toilets).
  • Yellow Cloths – Low Germ Risk Areas: Low risk isolation areas or for special tasks.