Hospitality Wipes

TIDDOX’s hospitality wipes are used in restaurants, hotels, pubs and bars.  Not only are they used in the front of house serving areas as restaurant cleaning wipes, but also in the back of house operations. For example, as kitchen cloths for food preparation areas. Also the bar counter wipes soak up spills on bar counters. Similarly, the restaurant cleaning wipes are used to wipe down tables in restaurants. We also have general purpose cleaning cloths, including washroom cleaning cloths. Because of the nature of these tasks, commercial grade heavy duty cloths are essential. There’s no time to skimp on quality when staff is busy and hygiene is essential. That’s why the TIDDOX brand is relied upon in the hospitality industry as a high quality professional product. We ensure that our products are made extra thick and extra absorbent to meet the highest commercial standards. 

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What are hospitality wipes?

Hospitality wipes refer to the range of commercial grade wipes used hotels, restaurants, cafes and bars for maintaining hygiene in the kitchens, wiping down counters and tables in the front of house servicing areas, and maintaining clean washrooms and bathrooms.

Why do some restaurant wipes not absorb well?

Flimsy, domestic wipes with high polyester content are cheap, but absorb poorly. Hence for restaurants its better to use commercial grade heavy duty wipes, which are thicker, stronger and have a high viscose content so they absorb better.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are disposable wipes cheaper than reusable cloths?

On a cost per use basis reusable cloths are cheaper than disposable wipes. However disposable wipes are consider more hygienic because the germs get thrown away with the wipes.

What is the point of colour coding wipes?

Colour coding wipes ensures that only a designated colour wipe is used in a specific area or for a certain type of task. For example, colour coding helps to prevent a green kitchen cloth been used in washroom areas, or a red washroom cloth been used in the kitchen areas.


Because when the kitchen is pumping and the service area is busy, you need the support of good quality hospitality wipes. Undoubtedly, TIDDOX’s focus on making quality, commercial grade hospitality wipes is the reason so many bars, restaurants and hotels rely on our products. Not only do we have table cleaning cloths and kitchen cleaning cloths for front of house and commercial kitchens, but also cloths for cleaning restrooms and bathrooms. Because we understand the cleaning challenges faced by the hospitality industry. Hotels want hospitality wipes and cloths suitable for their daily tasks. In addition, we also make hospitality wipes for guest houses, motels, resorts and hostels.


So, whether its table cleaning cloths or bar counter wipes, we have a professional wiping solution. One tailored to maintaining a healthy and hygienic environment. We’re got reusable, disposable and colour coded cloths. You won’t be disappointed with either their quality or performance!


Because salmonella or food poisoning can close a business, its worth prioritising hygiene and cleanliness. And, by using good quality kitchen cloths to clean and sanitise surfaces, germ spread is controlled. However, remember that dirty or wet cleaning cloths pose a threat in this regard. Why? Because they host infectious agents that can spread from one surface to another. So, to prevent this, it is important to disinfect cleaning cloths. For example, rinse them in bleach to sanitise them. In addition, use COLOUR CODED WASH UP CLOTHS. This helps prevent germ spread and cross-contamination.
In addition, only use hospitality wipes treated with an antibacterial agent. Why? Because the agent slows bacteria growth. For instance, our restaurant ANTIBACTERIAL WIPES are treated with such agents, which extends the life of these wipes.
Another reusable restaurant cloth to consider is the MAXI WIPE.  This is a thick, reusable sponge-like table cleaning cloth. Similarly referred to as J-CLOTHS or VISCOSE CLOTHS. In fact, they absorb many times their weight in liquids. So, they’re very effective when there is a spill which needs soaking up quickly. Also, they’re soft and smooth to the touch, so they won’t scratch surfaces. As a result of these features they’re often used in bars to dry up counter spills or wipe down restaurant tables.
However, if you need something larger, try the EXTRA LARGE SUPERMAX (50 cm x 60 cm size). Used in hotels for quick absorption of floor spills and carpet spills. The XL product in this super sized range is the orange SUPERMAX. It has added viscose content to increase its absorbency. Approximately 2.5 times larger in surface area, and double the weight of MAXI WIPES .


To prevent the spread of germs that can lead to food poisoning, use colour coded cloths. Allocate colours to the cloths and restrict their use to certain areas. For example, use blue cloths, green cloths, red cloths or yellow cloths. Colour coding allows for identification and separation of tasks. Each different and separate cleaning purpose has a specific colour. Colour coding ensures that a wipe stays in its area. Stays on its task. This helps prevent the unnecessary spread of germs. For example, green cloths used in the kitchen area should not leave the kitchen area. Red cloths must stay in high germ areas like bathroom areas. Use blue cloths for general purpose wiping and low risk tasks. Such as wiping down lower germ risk bar counter and table surfaces. Yellow cloths mean specialty tasks. Download our colour coding guide to illustrate this system to your staff.



With DISPOSABLE HOSPITALITY WIPES, colour-coding is not an issue as there is a single use only. After use, the wipe is then disposed of. This disposing of any germs that were on it. TIDDOX supplies many disposable, cost effective wiping options. These hygienic products include RAG-ON-A-ROLL, WHITE RHINO ROLLS and the BLUE RHINO ROLLS.
What about trying the TOUGH, DURABLE & ABSORBENT RHINO WIPES? These products suit tough kitchen cleaning tasks, such as absorbing grease and oils. They can absorb chemicals and solvents without disintegrating. Tough and do not tear or lint, making them ideal for the most challenging tasks. Instead of a roll, try the RHINO WIPES POP-UP BOX. These disposable wipes clean hands and dry surfaces. Strong enough to remove grease and grime from kitchen appliances. They will absorb solvents and oils.


The “RAG-ON-A-ROLL” comprises 200 perforated tear-off thick paper sheets. Each has reinforced strength due to their scrim reinforced 4-plys of tissue. This popular disposable paper towel has a wall mounted dispenser.
When an abrasive kitchen cleaning involves fats and oils, use the SOLVENT RESISTANT HOSPITALITY WIPES. Smooth wipes that work well with cleaning agents to remove stubborn grease and grime.
For busy kitchens using many cloths on a day, the CLASSIC GREEN JUMBO ROLL is the answer. This product holds 600 tear off perforated disposable sheets (30 cm x 50 cm). Mounted wall dispensers available as well as portable floor dispenser stands. The cloths on this 300 m jumbo roll tear off using the metal blade on the dispensers. A perfect disposable economic option in busy kitchen areas.



TIDDOX has an assortment of hospitality wipes used to dry and polish glasses, windows and plates. Absorbent and non-abrasive and low linting. For window polishing and cleaning we recommend TIDDOX lint-free INDUSTRO WIPES. This is a LINT FREE large format wipe for equipment and glass cleaning. No problem to use it with window cleaning chemicals.
For polishing glasses we recommend the MICROMAX because of its smooth, non-abrasive surface. It is low linting and super absorbent. The MICROMAX drys drinking glasses, polishes windows, screens and even kitchen equipment. You can wash and reuse these hospitality wipes. Compatible with cleaning agents and other similar solvents. Packaged 10 cloths per bag.


Depending on the cloth thickness, there is HEAVY DUTY (“PREMIUM”) or MEDIUM DUTY (“CLASSIC”). The heavier products contain extra grams per square meter in weight. Both the PREMIUM HOSPITALITY WIPES and the CLASSIC HOSPITALITY WIPES come in rolls (wipes-on-a-roll) and in flat packs.
The flat packed products include CLASSIC WIPES (30 cm x 60 cm) or (45 cm x 60 cm) and XL PREMIUM WIPES (60 cm x 60 cm)
TIDDOX restaurant cleaning wipes include the PREMIUM HEAVY DUTY ROLLS OF WIPES . These comprise 90 easy tearing off hospitality wipes on a 45 metre roll. Available in rolls of Green Wipes, Blue Wipes and Red Wipes. By treating these rolls with antibacterial agent the life of the cloths extends. The antibacterial agent inhibits the growth of bacteria. Smelly hospitality cloths mean bacteria overload. Extra binder reduces linting whilst wiping.
The green CLASSIC “WIPES-ON-A-ROLL” has 125 perforated sheets per roll. With extra wipes on each roll, this represents the most cost effective option for restaurants and kitchens. However, for high usage areas, you can get an even bigger roll of restaurant wipes in the 600-sheet CLASSIC GREEN JUMBO ROLL.


TIDDOX offers a selection of COLOUR CODED MICROFIBRE BAR CLOTHS. These bar counter wipes clean surfaces by absorbing dust particles.
Alternatively, try the GENERAL PURPOSE MICROFIBRE TABLE CLEANING CLOTHS or LOW LINT MICROFIBRE CLOTHS. Both of these hospitality cloths come as green cloths, blue cloths, red cloths and yellow cloths.


TIDDOX has many types of restaurant wet wipes. These include antibacterial restaurant wipes as well as wipes to remove grease from equipment surfaces. Also, we have refresher face wipes as well as disposable wet wipes to clean hands, appliances and utensils.
Check the various WET WIPES that we offer and choose the best ones that match your needs.



Outlined above is an overview of our hospitality wipes and restaurant cleaning wipes. For more information on our range of restaurant and hotel cleaning cloths, check out our Facebook page. Alternatively, call us on 1300 84 33 69 or email us. 

TIDDOX’s hospitality wipes are colour coded to ensure that they are not used in multiple areas or for conflicting tasks. This minimises the cross contamination of germs. By preventing the spread of germs, we ensure more hygienic environments. To assist staff in adhereing to a colour coded cleaning cloth system DOWNLOAD A COLOUR CODING CLEANING CLOTH CHART here.

  • Green Cloths – Kitchen Areas: Food preparation and food service areas, as well as kitchen cleaning cloths.
  • Blue Cloths – General Cleaning: Low risk cleaning (e.g bar counter wipes and table cleaning cloths).
  • Red Cloths – Bathroom Areas: High germ areas (e.g. restrooms cleaning cloths, and wipes used on floors, toilets, urinals).
  • Yellow Cloths – Low Risk Areas: Low risk infection areas (e.g. sinks, counters, washroom surfaces) and special tasks.