Industrial Wipes

TIDDOX industrial wipes are tough, durable and absorbent! Suited to the varied needs of manufacturing and industrial applications. Whether it is mining, engineering, printing or painting.

If you’re looking for an alternative to rags, industrial wipes offer many benefits. For instance, industrial wipes are more consistent in size, weight and absorbency than rags. This increases productivity and reduces wastage. And, they’re more hygienic, less bulky and cheaper to transport and store.   


  • New, clean and hygienic
  • Consistent, standard size and shape
  • Less wastage, more economical
  • Cartons & rolls easier to store and cheaper to freight
  • Low lint and lint free wipes
  • Lower cost per use
  • Greater absorbency and effectiveness


  • Used, less hygienic
  • Inconsistent size, shape and texture
  • Higher wastage; not all rags suitable
  • Bulky packaging costs more to store and freight
  • Not lint free
  • Higher cost per use
  • Generally not as effective or absorbent as wipes

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What are industrial wipes?

Industrial wipes are made thicker and stronger than regular wipes, so they are more durable, tear resistant and absorbent than regular wipes

Which wipes will absorb grease and oil?

Rhino Wipes and Industro Wipes are industrial wipes made specifically to absorb grease and oil

Frequently Asked Questions

Which industries use industrial wipes?

Industrial wipes are used by the automotive, aerospace, printing, mining, manufacturing and engineering industries

What are solvent resistant wipes?

Solvent resistant wipes work well with solvents and chemicals, meaning don’t fall apart or disintegrate

Modern wiping solutions involve bespoke designed industrial cleaning cloths. For example, products specifically designed with a task in mind. However, historically, workshops would clean up only using RECYCLED COTTON T-SHIRT RAGS. These days there is a move towards less bulky, more hygienic products. Moreover, task orientated made products reduce wastage and improve consistency. TIDDOX designs and manufactures its industrial cleaning products. As a result, our product range has advanced and increased over the years. The result is high performance, cost effective synthetic industrial cleaning wipes and cloths. Besides, single use disposable wipes are more hygienic and consistent than rags.
TIDDOX is an industrial wipes and cloths specialist. Our aim is to provide the best wiping solutions. This, we cater to the needs of professionals. Such as engineers, miners, mechanics and mariners. Others include various manufacturing and commercial businesses. Similarly printers and painters looking for lint-free speciality wipes.
Needs vary from lint free equipment cleaning to general engine cleaning cloths. For instance, do you need polishing cloths or oil absorption pads? In the same way, you may want dental specialty wipes to polish and clean dental instruments. Not only, but also workshops wanting to clean machines and hands. Or an equally important solution to absorb fluids, chemicals, oil and solvents. Another need is cleanrooms and research labs looking for delicate cleaning wipes. In addition, engineering companies may seek courser products for more challenging tasks.



However, some tasks need heavy-duty cleaning materials such as the RHINO WIPES. And, as the name suggests, these are STRONG, DURABLE and ABSORBENT. Perfect for dealing with oils or solvent spills. Low linting so ideal for some rough surface preparation. Furthermore, you have three RHINO PRODUCTS to choose from as outlined below:



TIDDOX’s toughest, heaviest, thickest material is the JUMBO RHINO ROLL. This heavy-duty product is strong, durable and absorbent. In fact it is used as a substitute for rags. In the same way it provides a higher quality, low lint alternative. Firstly, these suit heavy-duty wiping jobs in engineering and fabrication. Secondly, transport and automotive businesses use them for oil absorbing jobs. Great for absorbent tasks that involve solvents, grease or oil. And finally, other industry users include printers, aviators and food businesses.

Their texture and strength suit surface preparation and abrasive wiping. Easy to tear and clean hands or tools, and other wiping tasks. A large sized roll suited to bulk usage environments. Moreover, bulk packaging allows for a lower cost per sheet!

Blue in colour and packaged in a large 151-metre roll. Each of its 475 perforated sheets measure 32 cm x 34 cm Wall and floor dispensers available. The wall dispenser makes it convenient to tear off sheets.


Furthermore, the same heavy-duty cloth material comes in white too! Packaged in a pull out box called RHINO WIPES PULL-OUT BOX. This convenient portable dispenser box contains 130 pull out sheets. And this dispenser box make a popular rag replacement substitute too. Not only but also used in automotive and engineering businesses. Their strength and durability comes from polypropylene. In addition, their solvent absorbency comes from high quantities of wood pulp content. Combined, this mix gives LOW LINTING industrial wipes. Consequently, these features suit rough surface preparation and other low lint applications.


Finally, in the RHINO WIPES range is the WHITE RHINO ROLL. A low lint, solvent resistant wipe. In the same way as it is absorbent, it is tough.  Sign writers love the low lint features as much as dentists do. Furthermore, engineering businesses like them too! Similarly liked by printers and cosmetic businesses. The centrefeed roll sits in a wall dispenser.

Measuring 83 m in length (220 x 22.5 cm x 38 cm). Made up of 220 easy to tear perforated sheets.


In addition, we have blended cellulose polyester products. For example, the INDUSTRO WIPES suit large surface wiping (45 cm x 55 cm open size). Packed in cartons of 300 cut pieces. Smooth on both sides, this product suits low lint preparation tasks. For instance, wiping down machinery and equipment. Besides it also works well with cleaning chemicals. Ideal when polishing glass, windows and windscreens. Moreover, a durable, reusable, absorbent product.

We have these in a carton format (white) as well as a blue jumbo roll format (500 sheets).

In addition to the above, we also have the SOLVENT RESISTANT WIPES. Ideal for use with solvents, chemical fluids, paint, oil and grease. These industrial wipes withstand and absorb solvents, chemical and inks. These hand sized products come in convenient small rolls of 90 pieces. Ideal for the workshop or to keep in the vehicle. Effective at removing stubborn grime and absorbing oils.
The above products are all LOW LINTING, and as absorbent as T-Shirt rags. Equally important they are cheaper, lighter and less bulky than rags.



For delicate use in critical jobs use the POLYSOFT LINT-FREE CLOTH. Super soft, non-abrasive industrial wipes. Equally important, they have a double knit weave and laser edge sealing. As a result, this reduces fibre loss and makes them lint free. For example, the printing and painting industries use them to avoid lint. Likewise, used by pharmaceutical and instrument manufacturing companies. Not only but also used by cleanrooms and spray booth companies.



Next, our most cost-effective product is the industrial paper towel roll. The large 1000 piece, 3-ply tissue JUMBO PAPER ROLL is a great rag replacement. Perfect for cleaning hands, tools and wiping down equipment. Equally loved by automotive and manufacturing workshops everywhere! The thick 3-ply disposable paper towels are absorbent of most workshop spills. As a result they mop up chemicals and fluids easily. In the same way they absorb grease and oils. These blue paper wipes have a high wet and tear strength. Floor stands available, if required, as well as wall dispensers. An incredible cost effective option in high usage areas. Improve productivity, lower costs and lower wastage.
Another jumbo roll option to consider is the CLASSIC JUMBO ROLL. There are 600 perforated industrial wipes on this 300 m product. A favourite of pharmaceutical and food processing businesses. General purpose cleaning jobs. It is a good quality, absorbent option. Perfect for high volume usage of disposables wipes. Floor stands and dispensers available.
Finally, we have the JUMBO INDUSTRO WIPES BLUE ROLL. There are 500 strong, absorbent industrial grade wipes on each roll. Because the wipes are very absorbent and ultra low linting, industrial and minimg businesses favour them. In fact, they absorb most lubricants, including chemicals, oils and grease. And, they have a strength to them so they don’t tear easily. Hence, they’re great for cleaning machinery and equipment. Also used to clean metal and glass surfaces. For instance, equipment, machinery and surface prep tasks. Wall dispensers and jumbo roll floor dispensers available.
TIDDOX offers DEGREASING CLOTHS too. These are meltblown polypropolyne oil absorbent wipes. A useful option to consider for surface preparation before painting. 250 blue sheets per portable pull out box. In the same way available as DEGREASING ROLLS too.


Another popular disposable rag is the blue RAG ON A ROLL or “ROAR”. A 70 m roll made up of 200-sheets of perforated scrim reinforced tissue. Tough, durable and absorbent multipurpose cleaning product. Each sheet consists of 4 ply of paper tissue strengthened by a scrim nylon webbing. TIDDOX has perforated the sheets every 35 cm to make for easy tear-off. As a result, this reduces wastage. Firstly, used in kitchens, hotels and restaurants. Secondly, automotive garages and engineering business love them. Various uses. For instance, cleaning glass, hands, masks and machinery. In the same way great for wiping down tables, chairs and counters.


TIDDOX supplies oil spill cleanup pads in the form of WHITE OIL ABSORBENT PADS. These are available as perforated OIL ABSORBENT ROLLS. Each sheet of this product absorbs 1 litre of oil whilst resisting water. TIDDOX supplies similar sized grey coloured GENERAL PURPOSE ABSORBENT PADS. Available as GENERAL PURPOSE ABSORBENT ROLLS. These perforated sheets will absorb BOTH oil and water. Use these HEAVY-DUTY SORBENT PRODUCTS to treat environmental clean-ups and spills.
The thick, SUPERMAX is a large sized (60 cm x 50 cm) orange sponge-like pad. One of the best value for money products on the market. Used to soak up oil spills, petrol and diesel spills. Cost effective general purpose spill pads. It has huge absorption capacity! Popular in automotive garages. Transport businesses use them as oil drop sheets under trucks and vehicles. Factories use them as floor spill pads. This product has an extraordinary capacity to absorb. Both spilled liquids & oils. Used by commercial cleaners and marine businesses. It is an ideal rag replacement. Used as a shammy to wash buses, trucks, vehicles and boats. Bulk packed in cartons of 200 extra large wipes. Versatile, washable, reusable and long-lasting. For smaller cut pieces of this product (40 cm x 38 cm) try TIDDOX’s MAXI WIPES .


INDUSTRIAL WET WIPES remove grease and oil from hands and tools. Packaged in tubs of 120 extra large sheets formulated to remove grease and grime. These disposable pieces are available as refills for the canister. Made from strong polypropylene meltblown material. Wet wipes that will assist in cleaning up paints and graffiti from surfaces.


TIDDOX supplies recycled T-Shirt rags nationwide. We supply both coloured and white, in either 10 kg, 5 kg or 1.5 kg bags. We collect RECYCLED T-SHIRTS RAGS from scraps of used second hand T-Shirts. As such, they will have different shapes, sizes and textures. Scanned under a metal detector to identify any hazards. These are then removed, and the rags compressed into plastic bags. The challenge with rags is the inconsistency of the materials. As such, not all rags are suitable for use resulting in wastage. Being cotton, they can leave lint residue after wiping. They are bulky and expensive to transport and store. We supply WHITE COTTON T-SHIRT RAGS and MIXED COLOURED T-SHIRT RAGS.
Looking for a cheaper option than expensive WHITE RAGS? Try TIDDOX’s spunlace OMNIWIPES . These white high performance spunlace materials are absorbent. They are more hygienic and less bulky to transport and store. In addition, they are more consistent in performance. This will translate to cost savings and reduced wastage. Each carton contains 600 white rag replacement sheets (30 cm x 60 cm), made up of 12 packs of 50 wipes. You may wish to consider PREMIUM WIPES ON A ROLL or PREMIUM PACKS OF WIPES .



The above represents most of our industrial wipes. However to discuss your needs further, give us a call us on call us, email us, visit us. One of our team members will be glad to help.

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