Medical Wipes

TIDDOX® supplies a wide range of medical wipes and hospital cloths. Working with medical, dental and vet facilities, hospitals and labs. We supply swabs, cloths and gloves for patient care and wiping equipment surfaces. This helps prevent the spread of germs and maintain a hygienic environment.  

Nurses, doctors, dentists and vets use hygienic medical wipes. Tasks include patient swabbing, drying instruments and cleaning surfaces. A hygienic environment depends on safe and reliable cloths.
TIDDOX has wipes, cloths and gloves to control contamination. Outlined below is our medical wipes consumables range.


It is important to keep equipment and instruments clean. After the ultrasonic cycle dry instruments before bagging
The WHITE RHINO ROLLS rank top of our medical wipes. Used for cleaning and drying instruments, equipment and surfaces. Popular with dental, hospital and veterinary practices. This is a low linting absorbent disposable wipe. Tough and strong. Used to control the spread of germs. Each roll has 220 perforated pieces (22 cm x 38 cm).
The blue JUMBO RHINO ROLL is heavier than the WHITE RHINO ROLLS. Each roll has 475 tear-off pieces. Wall and floor dispensers available.
For drying larger metal or glass areas use the INDUSTRO CLOTHS . Large, low lint hospital cloths that leave no residue after wiping. Sized 40 cm x 55 cm, ideal for wiping down of large metal and steel surfaces. Solvent resistant, so work well with chemicals and cleaners.


They compete with OMNIWIPES to swab down chairs between patients. Used for surface cleaning of equipment, counters, floors, and patients. OMNIWIPES absorb liquid spills and collect dirt in their apertures. A low linting product that is soft to the touch. Cost effective and disposable. Used in hospitals and ICU wards to dry instruments. Because of their softness ideal for patient care wiping.
Maintaining a hygienic environment requires ongoing wiping and cleaning. Whether it is hand washing or general wiping tasks. Using disposable and colour coded cloths helps prevent germ spread.


Germs have a long lifespan so use single-use disposable wipers.
After use, throw the disposable wiper in the trash (and the germs with it!)
For drying hands or wiping down surfaces, try the “RAG-ON-A-ROLL”. Disposable paper towel with added nylon webbing strength. 4-ply tissue perforated rolls with great wet strength. Fits into wall dispensers for easy pull out and tearing. This reduces wastage and costs. Each roll has 200 sheets, and each carton has 4 blue “ROAR” rolls.
For bulk disposable paper towels try the JUMBO PAPER TOWEL ROLL. This 1000 sheet glued and embossed paper wiper has good tear strength. Absorbent. Cost effective for high volume usage in medical areas. Wall dispensers available with floor stands.
We have other non-paper disposable wiping options. The CLASSIC CLOTHS ON A ROLL is good for general purpose cleaner. Use them in medical practices to clean furniture, beds and equipment..
Available on a bulk 300-METRE JUMBO GREEN ROLL. 600 perforated tear-off sheets. Ideal for high volume disposable use in hospitals.


Spills occur in general practices and veterinary practices. The extra thick, SUPERMAX is a fast absorbing pad. Ideal for soaking up urine and other unfortunate liquid spills. This sponge pad is able to hold vast amount of liquid. Rinse out, wash and reuse like a sponge. Convenient floor spill pad or animal drying towel. Many uses for this extra thick, soft and absorbent pad.


Hospital facilities and vet practices use colour coded MAXI WIPES. These thick, absorbent medical sponges soak up spills at an amazing rate. Colour coded into GREEN, BLUE, RED and YELLOW
For colour coded medical wipes on a roll try the PREMIUM CLOTHS.
When using these reusable cloths, must disinfecting and wash after use. Use disinfectants such as bleach. Washing hands and wearing gloves  further prevent germ spread.


For polishing of lab equipment and instruments, try the MICROMAX. A cloth used on computer screens and other delicate surfaces. An economic disposable microfiber cloth. Smooth, non-abrasive and absorbent. Washable and reusable.
MICROFIBER LENS CLOTHS polish glass and lens surfaces. Optometrists use these non-scratch cloths. Great for delicate cleaning tasks, polishing spectacles and screens. Ideal for cleaning windows of watermarks or finger prints. Pick up dirt and dust. Washable and reusable. Available in 15 cm x 15 cm size or larger on request.
For glass polishing, a soft swab or to apply lotions use LINTNIL WIPES. Soft low lint solvent resistant cloths.


In critical environments use the POLYSOFT lint-free medical wipes. Low ions and particle generation. Vacuum packed in sterile clean rooms. Double knitted with laser sealed edges to prevent any loose fibres. Soft for applying solutions to sensitive patient’s skin. Polish delicate equipment parts and components.
For an applicator of lubricants and chemicals, use our FOAM SWABS. A tool to clean sensitive equipment and remove debris from crevices. This product has two soft foam heads at each end of a plastic paddle. A handy disposable cleaning product used by hospital and dental staff.
The above describes our medical wipes range. It includes dental wipes, hospital cloths and vet cleaning consumables. For assistance contact one of our team on 1300-TIDDOX.