TIDDOX® supplies a wide range of medical wipes and hospital cloths. Catering for the needs of medical, dental and veterinary facilities, hospitals and laboratories. Used for regular swabbing, cleaning and drying instruments, wiping equipment and surfaces. This helps prevent the spread of germs and bacteria, and maintain a hygenic environment

Medical professionals, such as nurses, doctors, dentists and vets, use hygienic medical wipes. They depend on safe and reliable hospital cloths to maintain a hygenic environment. Tasks include patient swabbing, drying instruments and cleaning surfaces and equipment. TIDDOX has wipes, cloths and gloves to maintain contamination control and hygiene. Outlined below is an overview of TIDDOX’s medical wipes consumables range.
The popular dental wipes used to dry instruments are the WHITE RHINO ROLLS . OMNIWIPES are used to swab down chairs between patients. They are also used for surface cleaning of equipment, counters, floors, and patients!

The OMNIWIPES are manufactured from a highly absorbent viscose material which rapidly absorbs liquid spills, and collects dirt in its apertures. It is a low linting product, that is soft to the touch, cost effective and disposable. Available in packets of 50 pieces, 12 packs per carton. Because of their softness and absorption abilities these general purpose cleaning products are also used in hospitals and practices to maintain sterile environments for patients.

As part of its RHINO range, TIDDOX produces a thicker version set of hospital cloths, called the RHINO POP-UP BOX, which is a portable carton of 160 pull out thick white cloths, made of strong and absorbent mixed wood pulp and polypropylene fibres. These are also sold as dental wipes to many surgeries who like the portable packaging. This heavy duty product is also available as a blue JUMBO RHINO ROLL containing 475 tear-off pieces, that can be dispensed from a floor stand.

The other popular low linting dental wipe used to control the spread of germs is the WHITE RHINO ROLLS . These rolls contain 220 perforated pieces (22cm x 38cm), that are made from a tough polypropylene wood pulp blend, and are ideal for cleaning and drying instruments, equipment and surfaces in dental, hospital and veterinary practices.

The TIDDOX MICROMAX is a hospital cloth used for polishing of laboratory equipment and instruments, including computer screens and other delicate surfaces. It is an effective and economical disposable microfiber wiping solution, manufactured from a smooth microfiber material that is non-abrasive and highly absorbent. These blue hand-sized sheets are available in convenient packets of 10 hospital cloths. Although washable and reusable, they are effectively priced as a disposable product and packaged as a portable solution.

In critical environments, lint-free sterile medical wipes are paramount, and the features of the POLYSOFT CLOTHS answer this requirement. They are specifically manufactured to have low ions and particle generation, are vacuum packed in sterile clean rooms, are double knitted with laser sealed edges to prevent any loose fibres and are extremely soft, which is ideal for sensitive wiping of patient’s skin or delicate equipment cleaning applications. These features also make make this product a valued hospital cloth due to its sterile characteristics and the lint-free nature of the fabric.

TIDDOX has recently introduced FOAM SWABS to provide a tool to clean sensitive equipment and remove debris from hard to reach places, as well as serve as an applicator of lubricants and chemicals. This product has two large, soft foam rectangular heads, one located at each end of a plastic paddle, and is a versatile, disposable cleaning product used by hospital and dental staff for a variety of applications.

When it comes to glass and lens cleaning medical wipes that are non-scratch, TIDDOX recommends its MICROFIBER LENS CLOTHS . Typically recognised as the cloth found in optical cases, these microfiber cleaning pieces are great to pick up dirt and dust, handle delicate cleaning tasks, polish screens and monitors, and are ideal for cleaning windows of watermarks or finger prints. Washable and reusable. Available in 15cm x 15cm size or jumbo 40cm x 40cm packs.

Whether it is a general practice or a veterinary practice, often large spills occur and a fast absorbing hospital cloth is required. The extra thick, orange SUPERMAX material is ideal for rapidly soaking up urine and other unfortunate liquid spills. This sponge pad is able to hold vast amount of liquid and then be rinsed out and reused, making it a useful hospital cloth, convenient floor spill pad, animal drying towel, and a host of other applications. The extra thick material of this product in high in viscose content, making it extremely soft and absorbent.

For economical, day-to-day wiping tasks, be it drying hands or wiping down surfaces, the oldest and most recognised product within this medical wipe category is the “RAG-ON-A-ROLL” . This popular hospital cloth and dental wipe fits neatly into wall dispensers and is perforated for easy pull out and tearing, which also reduces wastage. It is a heavy duty disposable paper towel that owes its strength to its nylon webbing construction overlaid with 4-ply tissue. Each roll has 200 sheets, and each carton has 4 blue “ROAR” rolls.

Laboratories are especially interested in low lint hospital cloths, to avoid any unnecessary residue left after wiping hard surfaces. The INDUSTRO CLOTHS are 40cm x 55cm in size, so ideal for effective wiping down of large metal and steel surfaces, such as cabinets and trolleys. Not only are they low linting, they are also solvent resistant, so work well with chemicals and solvent cleaners. The SOLVENT RESISTANT CLOTHS are a smaller version of the above hospital cloth (38cm x 34cm), available in packs of 50, with a smooth texture on one side and a slightly courser texture on the other side. This gives this particular product a unique added versatility and a broader range of use, particularly in removing more stubborn dirt and debris.

Germs have a long lifespan and are highly prevalent in the hospitals, so it is important to keep equipment and surfaces clean to prevent the spread of bacteria to other patients. Surfaces including floors, chairs, beds, bed rails, door knobs, common use equipment etc. need to be kept clean at all times to keep them free of germs that can spread and infect other patients. Cleaning and disinfecting surfaces should be done using TIDDOX’s various disposable absorbent materials and disinfectants such as bleach. Washing hands and wearing gloves are also great preventative steps to controlling the cross contamination from one surface to another. After cleaning, rather than washing and reusing cleaning materials, it is better to throw away disposable cleaning products (and the germs with them!) and thoroughly wash your hands. Cost effective cleaning solutions for the healthcare industry is an area in which TIDDOX specialises. It is a growing area and increasingly more and more technology is being introduced to effectively reduce the spread of viruses and bacteria in the cleaning process.

Maintaining a hygienic environment requires ongoing wiping and cleaning, whether it is hand washing or general wiping tasks. This can be a costly endeavour, but one where quality cannot be compromised because of the risks at stake. TIDDOX supports its customers through providing a broad range of quality, value for money, dental wipes and hospital cloths to maintain hygienic and healthy environments, many of which are disposable and colour coded to prevent spread of germs and unnecessary cross contamination of bacteria and germs. A few examples of these are its CLASSIC CLOTHS packs of medical wipes that are disposable and colour coded into GREEN, BLUE, RED and YELLOW,. These economical and disposable medical wipes are also available as perforated wipes on a roll – see CLASSIC CLOTHS ON A ROLL .

For a thicker dental wipe, try the PREMIUM CLOTHS , which are also available in 45m rolls, HEAVY DUTY PREMIUM CLOTHS ON A ROLL .

As part of the hospital cloth range, TIDDOX also offers a 300 METRE JUMBO GREEN ROLL , which requires a floor dispenser and comprises 600 perforated tear-off sheets, ideal for high volume disposable use in hospitals.

Also available in colour coded format are the MAXI WIPES , a thick, highly absorbent, viscose hospital cloth. These rayon wash cloths are used extensively in hospital facilities and veterinary practices, due to their unbelievable absorbption abilities to soak up 8 times their own weight in liquids. Available in medium duty thickness ( CLASSIC MAXI WIPES ) or the extra thick PREMIUM MAXI WIPES .

The above descriptions provide a flavour of the breadth and depth of the range of dental wipes, hospital cloths, veterinary cleaning consumables and laboratory wiping materials that make up the TIDDOX medical wipes category. However if you contact one of our team members on 1300-TIDDOX we would be happy to send you samples to try out, and provide some advice on best practice guidelines within the industry.