Medical Wipes

TIDDOX® supplies a wide range of single use, disposable, medical wipes and hospital wipes. Ideal to maintain hygiene in medical, dental and vet clinics, as well as in hospitals and Central Sterilisation Departments. In addition to disposable medical wipes, we also have other medical disposables, such as swabs, cloths and gloves for patient care and wiping equipment surfaces. Together, our products assist in preventing the spread of germs and help to maintain a hygienic environment.  

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What are medical wipes?

Medical wipes are a single use, disposable wipes that are used for maintaining hygiene in hospitals, medical, dental, and vet clinics

What are the most hygienic wipes?

The most hygienic wipes are single-use disposable wipes as you get rid of the germs when you throw the wipes away

Frequently Asked Questions

What are medical wipes used for?

Medical wipes are used to dry instruments, clean and sanitise surfaces, and apply disinfectants to prevent the spread of germs

Where can I get medical wipes?

TIDDOX designs, manufactures and distributes are range of medical wipes (sterile and non-sterile)


Without doubt, single use, disposable wipes helps keep areas germ-free. As such, nurses, doctors, dentists and vets love our range of disposable wipes. For example, they’re used for patient swabbing. Also, drying instruments and cleaning surfaces. In fact, we’ve got both sterile wipes and non-sterile wipes.  For instance, below we’ve outlined a few of the more common requirements:-


Without doubt, it’s important to keep medical equipment and instruments clean. Hence, we have wipes to dry instruments after they come out of the ultrasonic cycle. For example, the WHITE RHINO ROLLS. Generally these clean and dry instruments, equipment and surfaces. For example, dental clinics use them as disposable wipes. In fact, they have impressive strength, absorbency and lint-free features. Together, these durable absorbent wipes keep surfaces dry and germ-free.  And, for added convenience, you can mount them in wall dispensers for east access.
Similarly, we make the blue JUMBO RHINO ROLL from the same material. However, they’re got a heavier weight to them. And, as a jumbo roll they have 475 tear-off pieces. Also wall dispensers and floor dispensers available.
In addition, we’ve also got ultra low linting larger sized INDUSTRO WIPES. Because of their large size (40 cm x 55 cm), they’re suited to larger tasks. For example, wiping down windows or metal surfaces. Also, great as trolley liners and tray liners. And, best of all these absorbent wipes leave no lint residue after wiping. In fact, they’re also solvent resistant, so work well with chemicals and cleaners.


Without doubt, OMNIWIPES represent our most popular medical wipes. Why? Because of their softness and huge absorbency. Hence, they’re used a lot for patient care wiping. For example, aged care facilities use these as incontinence wipes. Also used in dental clinics to swab down chairs between patients. And, they dry surfaces quickly. In fact, hospitals even use then to dry endoscopes! So, perfect for soaking up spills and drying medical instruments. 


Undoubtedly, the best way to get rid of germs is to dispose of the wipes after use. Hence, why single-use disposable wipes are so popular. 
Accordingly, “RAG-ON-A-ROLL” meets the above requirement. In fact, they have 200 disposable paper towels on each roll. Hence, a popular product for drying hands or wiping down surfaces. And, its as absorbent, strong and durable. For example, it has nylon webbing for strength. And, 4-ply tissue for added absorbency. Also, it fits neatly into wall dispensers for easy pull out and tearing. And the perforations of the sheets reduces wastage and costs. 
In addition, for a larger paper towel roll, try the JUMBO ROLL. It has 1000-sheets per roll. And each sheet has good tear strength and absorbency. Moreover, these rolls reduce costs. Particularly suited to high volume usage in medical areas. Again, we offer wall dispensers as well as floor stands.
However, if you don’t want paper towels, we have other options. For instance, the CLASSIC CLOTHS ON A ROLL. Generally stronger due to its viscose polyester material. Also more absorbent. They’re great for cleaning furniture, beds and equipment. And, there’s also the 300-METRE JUMBO GREEN ROLL. In fact, this has 600 perforated tear-off sheets. So, ideal for high volume disposable use in hospitals.


Because spills occur daily in veterinary clinics, spill pads help. For instance, the extra thick, SUPERMAX provides a fast absorbing solution. And, it rapidly soaks up urine and other spills. Also, this sponge pad holds vast amounts of liquid. Furthermore, after use you can rinse out, wash and reuse like a sponge. Finally, you can also use this product as an animal drying towel. 


Basically, wiping and disinfecting surfaces helps prevent germs spreading. And, hand washing and drying also helps. So too, does the use of disposable wipes. As does the use of colour coded cloths. At TIDDOX we have both disposable wipes and colour coded cloths.
For example, our colour coded MAXI WIPES. As discussed, colour coding helps reduce the spread of germs. Furthermore, these thick sponges soak up spills at an amazing rate. And, we suggest allocating the GREEN, BLUE, RED and YELLOW cloths to different areas. Print out this colour coded wall chart to assist staff in following correct proceedures in this regard.  
Similarly, our ANTIBACTERIAL WIPES ON A ROLL come colour coded too.
Moreover, use disinfectants with both disposable wipes and reusable cloths. For example, bleach. In addition, washing hands and wearing gloves further prevent the spread of germs.


In addition, we have wipes to dry and polish lab equipment and instruments. For example, we’ve got the lint-free MICROMAX. Because of its smooth, non-scratch texture, its ideal. Also great for cleaning computer screens and other delicate surfaces. 
Another option, includes our MICROFIBRE LENS CLOTHS. Particularly, suited to polishing glass and lens surfaces. For example, optometrists use these non-scratch cloths. Because they’re ideal for polishing spectacles and lenses. In fact, suited for most delicate cleaning tasks. And, they remove watermarks and finger prints off surfaces. 
Finally, for a good quality glass polishing wipes, we have the LINTNIL WIPES. Because they’re so soft, they’re used to polish surfaces. Also, ideal for wrapping fragile objects. And, as they’re solvent resistant. Hence, you can use them to apply disinfectants and lotions.


Another disposable medical wipe, is the lint-free POLYSOFT WIPES. Particularly suited to critical lint-sensitive cleaning tasks. And, they’re very hygienic too. For instance, they’re vacuum packed in sterile cleanrooms. And, the wipes are double knitted and laser sealed. 
Finally, our FOAM SWABS are used to apply lubricants. Also used to clean sensitive equipment. And the long paddles help remove debris from crevices.


Overall, the above highlights a few products in our medical wipes range. However, for more help call us on 1300 84 33 69 or email us. We would be happy to help. In the meantime, check out our various posts on Facebook.