Mining Wipes

TIDDOX has a range of heavy duty mining wipes, cloths and rags to take care of the most challenging cleaning tasks. We supply mining, construction, oil and gas industries. From vehicle and equipment maintenance cleaning cloths to hospitality wipes for the kitchen, canteen and accommodation areas. We have the full range of professional wiping solutions for mine sites and offshore oil and gas platforms.



Not only do you need to be fit and healthy to work in the mining or oil and gas industries, you also need good quality industrial grade consumables to do the job. And when it comes to professional cleaning consumables, TIDDOX supplies both the mines and the oil and gas industry with premium quality cleaning wipes, cloths and rags.

Our professional cleaning wipes clean mine sites and offshore oil and gas facilities. This includes cleaning the living and eating areas as well as the field and mobile equipment, machinery and vehicles. TIDDOX’s heavy duty wipes clean oil and grease off excavators, drills and wash plants.

In addition, we also have cleaning cloths to take care of accommodation areas, including crib rooms, washrooms, toilet blocks and shower blocks.  In fact, our commercial grade mining wipes are also suited to heavy duty scrubbing of kitchen areas, including cleaning exhaust systems.

Outlined below we discuss some of the the most popular products.


When it comes to maintenance days make sure you have industrial grade mining wipes that TIDDOX makes. Not only will it save you time, but also a lot of frustration. Why? Because we only make top quality products for professional use. That’s why mining companies insist on the TIDDOX  brand.

Let’s start off with our heavy duty RHINO WIPES. As you would expect, these industrial strength mining wipes are STRONG, ABSORBENT and TEAR RESISTANT. In addition, they’re ideal for lint-sensitive surface wiping. Also, they work very well with solvents. As such, they will soak up oils, grease, chemicals and solvents effortlessly.

Best of all they come in 3 different formats, namely white rolls, jumbo blue rolls and convenient dispenser boxes. More info on these formats outlined below:-

These large sized white mining wipes (220 x 22.5 cm x 38 cm) wrap on a centrefeed roll. Perforated wipes on a roll that typically sits on a bench top. Tear off sheets, use and dispose. However, grab a wall dispenser, if required.

As general purpose mine site cleaning wipes, the WHITE RHINO WIPES suit all sorts of jobs, from equipment maintenance, hand drying, oil spills, to kitchen cleaning tasks.

They soak up kerosene, wipe metal surfaces and absorb oil and solvents. And, because of the low particulate count, they’re very low linting. In fact, perfect non-linting wipes for lint sensitive cleaning applications.


Because cleaning mining equipment and engines requires heavy duty lint-free mining wipes, our mining customers love the EXTRA THICK and EXTRA STRONG BLUE RHINO WIPES.

They’re made for truck and vehicle maintenance. Why? Because they’re large, strong and tear resistant. So, for tasks that require durability and solvent resistance, look no further! The BLUE RHINO WIPES are as tough as they sound. And very absorbent too! Besides absorbency and industrial strength, one of the features mine maintenance crews like about them, is that they’re lint free. So, you don’t end up with bits of residue from the wipes in the engines.

So, keep a few in the workshops, and put them on our floor dispensers or wall dispensers. Each roll holds 475 industrial wipes (32 cm x 34 cm) that are perforated for easy dispensing.


Depending on the preference, a lot of mine sites prefer the POP-UP DISPENSER BOX format. Because the boxes are small, they are handy to keep in vehicles or on counters and bench tops. So, as a portable box of 130 pull out wipes, its a convenient wiping solution. Not only are the white towels strong, tough and durable, they absorb like crazy. So drop a few on an oil spill and they’ll soak it up effortlessly. And, because they’re LINT FREE industrial mining wipes, they suit engine cleaning and other delicate wiping tasks. For example, surface preparation.


In large mine camps and villages, wipes usage is high. So, in response to the requirement for industrial strength multipurpose wipes, we made a bulk format roll called BLUE INDUSTRO MINING WIPES. Each roll as 500 large absorbent smooth textured tear off sheets. Multipurpose tear-off towels that are extra tough, highly absorbent and tear resistant. As a result, these jumbo rolls offer both cost savings and superior performance. And they’re used for everything from wiping grease and oil off hands, to soaking up spills in the kitchen areas. In fact, they’re also used to polish glass, windows and windshields with cleaning chemicals. They’re a great alternative to bags of cotton rags.

Besides the jumbo roll format, we also have this material in small hand sized rolls, and in a LARGE FLAT PACK CARTON (WHITE). The SMALL HAND SIZED BLUE ROLLS also absorb solvents and chemical fluids,  grease and oils. Because of their smaller size, drivers like to keep them in their vehicles and use them for ad hoc cleaning jobs. Not only super absorbent, but also great for removing dirt and grime off vehicles. Each roll holds 90 sheets. 

Because when cleaning mine site machinery, engines and bearings, there’s no room for lint, TIDDOX has ENGINE CLEANING WIPES. These thick, LINT FREE mining wipes are used to clean lint-sensitive valves, engines, machine components and parts. Not only are the apertures designed to pick up dirt easily, the construction of wipes ensures that there are no loose shreds of lint or fibres.

Generally, bulk wrapped JUMBO ROLLS of wipes are the answer to the high usage requirements of mine sites and offshore oil and gas platforms. Not only are they used in the living and eating areas, but also in the maintenance workshops. And, TIDDOX offers a few choices of jumbo rolls, as well as wall dispensers and floor dispensers:-

  • BIG BLUE PAPER TOWEL ROLL. Undoubtedly the most cost effective option for drying hands and wiping surfaces. Not only do these JUMBO BLUE PAPER ROLLS have 1000 sheets, each sheet is made of of 3-ply tissue. Hence, great absorbency, tear strength and wet strength. Ideal for soaking up grease, oil and lubricants. As a result of their versatility, mine sites use these rolls both in the villages and the workshops. Very low cost per use, and very convenient, especially when mounted on a wall dispenser or floor dispenser
  • BIG GREEN WIPES ROLL. Generally these are used in the accommodation villages, canteens, kitchens and eating areas. Each of the 600 large tear off green mining wipes has commercial grade absorbency and durability. Ideal for wiping down kitchen counters, cleaning tables, drying surfaces, and absorbing spills.  
  • BIG BLUE INDUSTRO WIPES ROLL. This one’s for the maintenance department. 500 strong, solvent resistant tear-off mining wipes for cleaning machinery, absorbing oils and great and drying hands. They’re ultra low linting, so also used to clean glass, windows and windscreens. 
  • BIG BLUE RHINO WIPES ROLL. Again, this one is also for the vehicle and equipment maintenance tasks. Not only are these extra thick wipes strong as a rhino, they are lint-free too! And with 475 mining wipes on each roll, they last a long time. Suited to heavy duty scrubbing and surface preparation tasks. Also highly absorbent of all sorts of solvents, chemicals, lubricants, grease and oil.


TIDDOX offers white MELTBLOWN OIL ABSORBENT WIPES. Used in kitchens to soak up fats and oils, and also used in the workshop for surface preparation jobs. Not only are they ultra low linting, they’re very absorbent of grease, oils, and fats. And with 50 white sheets per pack, they offer a convenient wiping solution to mine site kitchen staff and mechanics alike. Each carton has 10 packs, so 500 degreasing mining wipes per carton.

Another popular workshop rag is RAG ON A ROLL (“ROAR”). Not only does each roll have 200 perforated blue towels, they’re super absorbent. Why? Because each sheet has 4 plys of tissue towels! Furthermore, for added strength and durability, the paper towels are reinforced with a nylon webbing. These scrim towels are used throughout mine sites in both the maintenance workshops and the kitchens, canteens and accommodation facilities. They’re great multipurpose towels for cleaning counters, surfaces, glass and hands. And, the white enamel ROAR wall dispensers are easy to install, should you require a dispenser. 


For those unexpected spills in the canteen or workshop, its useful having a box of SUPERMAX PADS around. From a health and safety perspective, these large orange pads are clearly visible and super absorbent of any type of spill. Not only do the soak up liquids quickly, but also absorb chemicals, oil and diesel.

Each carton has 200 thick absorbent disposable pads.


TIDDOX has a range of various types of have MINING WET WIPES

For mining canteens, kitchens and accommodation areas we have SURFACE DISINFECTANT WIPES, ANTIBACTERIAL WET WIPES and IPA WET WIPES. Also REFRESHER WET WIPES

And for the workshops and maintenance crews we have GREASE WET WIPES and GRIME WET WIPES.


In addition to heavy duty mining wipes and cloths, TIDDOX also supplies pallets of rags to mine sites nationwide.


All rags undergo metal detection to remove any metal items such as zips and buttons. Hence they are safe to use.

The rags are sourced from premium quality overseas manufacturers, ensuring quality supply from relationships spanning decades. Hence, not only are they premium quality cuts, they’re super absorbent too.


We currently supply wipes, cloths and rags to the oil and gas industry, as well as large mining groups and mining contractors.  We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your businesses’ requirements. Please call us, email us, visit us. One of our team members will be able to assist you.

For additional information on our product range, check out our website as well as our Facebook page.