Painting Wipes

TIDDOX® has a broad range of painting wipes, painting rags, drop sheets, lint-free surface preparation wipes and graffiti removing wipes. All absorb paints, solvents, spirits and chemicals. Illustrated below are products used in the painting industry, on powder coating lines, in spray booths and for lint-sensitive painting tasks.

What are painting wipes?

Painting wipes include surface preparation wipes, paint and solvent absorbing wipes, paint and graffiti removal wipes, and hand and tool cleaning wipes.

Which are the best painting wipes?

For surface preparation, lint-free wipes are best.Whereas for absorbing paint spills and solvents, polyester cellulose wipes offer absorbency and durability. For paint and graffiti removal, use wet wipes with an active cleaning agent. However, for hand cleaning, and other paint clean-up tasks, disposable towels are cost effective.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of wipes over rags?

With rags, you get inconsistencies in quality, absorbency and lint shredding. Whereas with manufactured wipes, they’re made to a consistent strength, weight, thickness and absorbency. Also, importantly, wipes can be specifically made lint-free.

What are synthetic wipes?

Synthetic wipes are designed and made from a mix of absorbent and strengthening materials to predetermined specifications to best perform specific tasks.

Painters, artists and decorators rely on painting rags and painting wipes. And this ranges from general purpose rags to speciality lint-free paint wipes. Hence, TIDDOX specialises in offering top quality wipes, cloths and rags to commercial painters nationwide. Presented below is a brief overview and description of the TIDDOX product range.
Undoubtedly, rags represent the largest category in this product range. And within the TIDDOX painting rags range, we offer t-shirt, cotton, fleecy and flannel rag options.
Because with WHITE T-SHIRT PAINTING RAGS no dye will run into the paint job, painters prefer them. Also, white shows up other colours. However, for a cheaper option, but just as absorbent, try MIXED COLOURED T-SHIRT PAINTING RAGS . Whilst T-Shirt material absobs very well, it tends to lint. So, to avoid lint, painters prefer white cotton rags, mixed fleecy and flannel. The packaging options include 5kg bags, 10 kg and 20kg bags.
Because of the rising price of white t-shirt material, painters are switching to synthetic wipes. For example, they’re switching from white rags in favour of OMNIWIPES. Not only do they also show up paints well, but they have a higher absorbency capacity. Why? Because of their an ultra high viscose component. Similar in size to the portable 1.5kg bags, each packs contains 50 pieces measuring 30cm x 60cm in size.
What are synthetic wipes? They’re wipes made from cellulose, viscose, polyester, polypropylene and polyamide materials. And, they’re made with predetermined strengths, weights and thickness. Also made to be ultra low linting or lint-free. Importantly, painters and artists don’t want a product that will leave lint on painted surfaces. Also, they want a product that will be able to absorb solvents, paints and chemicals.
Top of the totem pole of paint wipes are the INDUSTRO WIPES. These extra large, ultra low lint painting wipes wipe, clean and dry surfaces. Not only do they absorb paints and solvents, they’re smooth and non-abrasive. 
However, for something smaller and suited to canvass work, try the LINT-FREE MICROMAX WIPES. Also, great for absorbing and wiping paints and solvents off canvasses.
Another very popular lint-free paint product are the POLYSOFT WIPES . These polyester cloths have ultra low fibre release due to their double knit weave. Furthermore these cloths have laser cut and sealed edges to prevent any loose fibres. Very soft to the touch and non-abrasive. Strong and tear resistant. Paint and solvent resistant. Great lint-free painting wipes for wiping paint spills and touch-ups.
Finally, perhaps the most popular disposable paint wipes are the WHITE RHINO ROLLS. Why? Because they’re low in cost and lint and high in toughness and absorbency. Each roll has 220 perforated pieces. Absorbent of paints, oils and solvents.
For surface preparation use non-abrasive, SOLVENT RESISTANT WIPES. These smooth textured wipes absorb solvents, ink, oils and chemicals.
TIDDOX has a thicker, heavier version of the above product, called the JUMBO RHINO ROLL. For more challenging preparation and absorbing paint tasks. Also available in a convenient portable pop-up box called the RHINO POP-UP BOX.
Another surface preparation product to consider are the POLYPROPYLENE PREPARATION SHEETS . These thick, tear resistant pieces have a rubber feel to them. Used in the preparation of painting surfaces. They absorb paints, solvents, oils and chemicals.
Disposable towels are essential to painters for general clean-up tasks on site. For example, the JUMBO BLUE PAPER TOWEL ROLL. This comprises 1000 sheets of perforated 3-plys glued paper tissue. Not only low linting, its high wet strength and thickness absorbs and holds paint. 
Similarly, the BLUE INDUSTRO WIPES ROLLS offer 500 thicker and lower linting wipes. Made from a stronger cellulose polyester material, these wipes are used for lint-sensitive wiping tasks. Not only highly absorbent, but also durable. For smaller hand-sized rolls for the van or site, also consider the BLUEMAX ROLLS
In addition, also consider the CLASSIC 300M JUMBO ROLL, comprising 600 perforated sheets.
JUMBO ROLL FLOOR DISPENSERS are available for both of these jumbo rolls. These can either be wall mounted or portable floor stands.
Finally, the painters’ “RAG-ON-A-ROLL”! A small portable blue paper towel roll that has 200 perforated 4-plys paper tissue sheets. Not only super absorbent of paints, oils and other solvents, but strong and tear-resistant too! Thanks to its reinforced nylon scrim webbing.  
The SUPERMAX PAINT DROP SHEETS  absorb paint spills. Packed in cartons of 200 XL orange absorbent pads.
The PAINT REMOVAL WET WIPES  comprise 100 extra large, thick pull-out wet wipes. Pre-formulated with a chemical to assist in the removal of paint and oils from hands and brushes. Also acts as an effective graffiti removal wipe.


TIDDOX has a range of nitrile gloves that painters use to protect hands from paint, solvents and other chemicals. They also provide hand protection against these paints and solvents.
The thickness of the nitrile glove will impact on the sensitivity the painter can feel. We offer a THIN NITRILE GLOVE as well as a thicker PREMIUM NITRILE GLOVE. Commercial painters use the thick ones.


The above outlines some of the options available to painters, artists and decorators. They cover a range of tasks from paint surface preparation to end of job clean-up. Please contact one of our staff members to discuss any of these painting consumables on 1300 84 33 69 or email us. 

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