Printing Wipes

TIDDOX’S printing wipes are well renowned in the printing industry. Especially our quality made lint-free printing wipes. We understand that “lint” is an issue that printers are acutely aware of. We also understand that lint ruins print runs, which costs time and money. In addition to lint free printer wipes, we also make print cloths that absorb inks, solvents, chemicals, oils, grease and lubricants.


Outlined below is more information on TIDDOX’s printing wipes. We have a broad range of lint-free wipes, absorbent cloths, rags, foam swabs and gloves. All suited to various day-to-day printing applications and tasks. Used to clean and maintain offset, lithographic and flexi printers, UV printers, optical media printers, large format printers and multi-format printers.
Because we have great products, commercial printers use our wipes and rags for their printer maintenance and delicate print head cleaning. Our lint-free POLYSOFT WIPES are regularly recommended for cleaning printheads, nozzles, imaging cylinders, plates, rollers and scanner drums. Not only do they improve the quality of the prints, but also extend the life of the equipment and parts.


Which lint-free cloths are best for cleaning print heads?

Commercial printers use Polysoft lint-free cloths for print head maintenance because they are lint-free, soft and non-abrasive. Specifically made for delicate cleaning tasks and lint-sensitive applications. Polysoft wipes provide a professional printhead cleaning solution.

Why is it important to use soft, lint-free cloths to clean print heads?

Because print heads can easily be damaged, you must use a soft, non-abrasive cloth. And, the cloth must be lint-free so that it does not shred lint particles onto the print heads and thereby ruin print runs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to clean printheads without damaging them?

Because they won’t damage parts or leave lint residue, we recommend using super soft, lint-free Polysoft cloths for printer maintenance, including cleaning contact points, nozzles, print heads, imaging cylinders, plates, rollers and scanner drums. Also, avoid touching the print heads and nozzles by hand so as not to contaminate them.

Why are Polysoft Wipes lint-free?

Polysoft wipes are lint-free because of their double knit construction, and laser sealed edges. In addition, they undergo intensive laundering to reduce any excess particles and extractable ions on them.


TIDDOX supplies lint-free printing wipes, absorbent printer cloths and rags, as well as swabs and gloves to the printing industry. These include lint-free cloths for print head maintenance. Also, absorbent wipes for equipment cleaning and absorbing inks and solvents. In addition to our critical cleaning print wipes, we also have general purpose cleaning rags. 



As a result of lack of use, or ink-build up, print heads and nozzles of inkjet printers get clogged. This obstructs ink release from the cartridges, resulting in poor quality printouts, faded text, smudging or streaking.

Because the print heads and nozzles are delicate, use soft, lint-free POLYSOFT WIPES to remove dried ink and clean the print heads. By using these soft, non-abrasive cloths you can avoid damaging the delicate printer equipment parts. Also, avoid touching the print heads and nozzles by hand so as not to contaminate these contact points. Delicately take out the ink cartridge and clean the print heads gently with the wipes and swabs. Its best to use distilled water or mineral water with the cloths and swabs, rather than alcohol.



Because dirty print heads result in poor quality printouts, faded text, smudging or streaking, its important to keep them clean. As such, commercial printers use POLYSOFT WIPES. These lint-free printer cloths keep contact points, nozzles and printheads clean. And, they’re soft enough not to cause any damage to fragile equipment parts, such as internal chambers, cylinders, drums or plates. Hence, they’re ideal lint-free cleaning cloths to remove ink build up on large format printers, multi-format printers, offset printers, UV printers and optical media printers.
In addition, they’re also used on delicate equipment parts. For instance, printheads, nozzles and scanner drums. Together with the foam swabs, they clean most makes and models of printing equipment. 


Furthermore, POLYSOFT lint-free wipes have a high tensile strength and are tear resistant. Because of their double knit construction, they are made not to release any loose fibres. Also, their edges are laser sealed to further prevent particle release. Importantly, these printing wipes have a soft, non-abrasive texture. Why? So as not to damage sensitive surfaces. Hence, they are ideal for cleaning print heads, critical surfaces, tools and internal chambers. Also, they absorb of solvents, inks and chemicals.


The POLYSOFT WIPES undergo intensive laundering to reduce particles and extractables. Once the launder process is completed, they are double bagged in a cleanroom environment. The end product is lint-free printing cloths suitable for critical wiping tasks.
Not only are they suited to cleaning lint-sensitive printing parts, but also  cleaning lenses, glass surfaces, stainless steel, computer discs, monitors and touchscreens.


The LintNIL WIPES are soft cloths used by printers to apply and remove solvents and IPA. They have a very low particle and ion count. Hence, they don’t don’t release lint fibres. And, as they are so soft, they’re ideal for cleaning delicate printer component parts. Great for cleaning metal and glass surfaces.
A similar lint-free polishing cloth is the MICROMAX. It is a non-abrasive, soft textured printing wipe, that is lint-free and very absorbent.



Used in conjunction with the POLYSOFT product, are the lint-free double headed FOAM SWABS. Used in print head cleaning, and to wipe off debris from heads, nozzles and cylinders. The foam tips are large and heat sealed. Long plastic paddles to reach into recesses and cavities on printing equipment.



SOLVENT RESISTANT WIPES are popular for cleaning up inks, oils and lubricants. These printing wipes have high concentrations of wood pulp making them very absorbent. They also have great tear resistance and durability. Hence, they will not fall apart when wiping print ink or cleaning print chemicals. They understand it is important that no lint particles or “fluff” residue left behind. Ideal for wiping screens, offset, lithographic and flexi printers. Each roll has 90 wipes (6 rolls per carton).


For drying and cleaning printer equipment and parts, we recommend the large INDUSTRO WIPES. Not only huge, but also very absorbent. Ideal for cleaning printing plates and rollers. This is a smooth, non-abrasive, cellulose polyester blended printing wipe. Because of the ultra low lint features it does not shred lint remnants to contaminate surfaces. And, these heavy duty printing wipes are tear resistant. So grab a carton of 300 large wipes and see how they soak up solvents and inks.


For heavy-duty scrubbing, try the INDUSTRIAL RHINO CLOTHS. These dispense from a portable pop-up box. Also available packaged in JUMBO RHINO ROLL format in a blue colour. Another great absorber of inks, chemicals and solvents. And because of its lint-free features, its ideal for surface preparation. Impressively tough, hard wearing, heavy duty printing wipes. Packaged with 475 perforated pieces wrapped on a roll. An essential cleaning consumable in any print room. Wall and floor dispensers available.




For busy print rooms try the The 1000 SHEET JUMBO PAPER TOWEL ROLL. Disposable thick paper towels for cleaning ink off hands and tools. Absorbent, low linting and cost effective. Floor stands and wall dispensers available.
The WHITE RHINO ROLLS are very popular with printers looking for lint-free wipes. These disposable printing wipes can clean printing plates, ink rollers and trays. Strong, durable, low linting and tear resistant. Being white in colour, this printing wipe shows up any stains or ink. Each 83m roll has 220 perforated sheets (22.5cm x 38cm), 4 rolls per carton.


You will find “RAG-ON-A-ROLL”, sometimes shortened to “ROAR”, in most print rooms. It is an economic, cost effective, disposable general purpose absorbent printer cloth. Each roll contains 200 perforated paper sheets. each sheet reinforced with nylon scrim ensuring that it will not fall apart during use. 4 plys ensure it absorbs oils, inks, grease and other printers chemicals.


TIDDOX MELTBLOWN POLYPROPOLYNE WIPES prepare and degrease surfaces. Fast absorber of inks, solvents, oils and chemicals. Tear-resistant, solvent-resistant and anti-static. Available in packets of 50 sheets (12 packs per carton) or in a perforated jumbo roll.



Try the INDUSTRIAL WET WIPES for removing grease, oil, ink and adhesives. A quick and easy way to clean hands, equipment, rollers, trays and plates in a print room. Each portable canister contains 120 pull out perforated pieces. Pre-moistened, convenient, disposable sheets.



TIDDOX supplies printers nationwide with WHITE T-SHIRT RAGS and RECYCLED COLOURED T-SHIRT RAGS. Packaged in 1.5kg, 5kg, 10kg and 20 kg bags. Bags of rags are a general purpose clean up material in press and printing environments. Very absorbent material. T-Shirt rags do have the issue that they carry lint residue from the cotton.


An alternative from white rags are the OMNIWIPES. A white spunlace cloth made of high levels of absorbent viscose content. The white colour shows up inks. Packaged in smaller, convenient packs than bags of rags. A lower cost per wipe and easier to store and transport, and have greater absorbency.



TIDDOX supplies lint free Nitrile Gloves to print rooms. The black gloves are thick and resistant to chemicals. They keep hands clean of dyes and ink and provide finger protection.


There are two types of black gloves. The THIN BLACK NITRILE GLOVES and the PREMIUM BLACK NITRILE GLOVES. The latter uses a stronger nitrile component and incorporates a low sweat technology. The former thinner glove provides increased sensitivity and feel to the user. Both types of gloves provide the user with dexterity, and textured grip.



The above summarises our print wipes product range. However, to discuss your print room needs further, please  call us on 1300 84 33 69 or email us.

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