Aviation Wipes

TIDDOX® has a wide range of aviation wipes and cloths. Whether it’s lint-free wipes for aircraft windscreens, or oil and grease wipes for aircraft maintenance. All of our wipes are solvent resistant wipes so you can use them with alcohols and cleaning chemicals. In addition to our soft windscreen polishing cloths, we also have lots of other aviation wipes. For example, dispenser boxes, jumbo rolls, and even contamination free sealed packs of wipes. Moreover, we also have workshop paper towels, rags, lint-free disposable wipes, and many others.


TIDDOX provides both general purpose wipes and technically specific aviation wipes to the aerospace industry. Whether it’s sensitive technical wiping jobs, or heavy-duty challenging tasks, we have the aviation wipes for you! So, no matter the application, contact us about your aviation wipes requirements.


Non-linting aerospace wipes and lint-free aviation wipes are needed to clean monitors, screens and windscreens. Whilst our range is broad, a popular option is the NU-CLOTHS.
Nu-Cloths offer a soft, non-abrasive creped wiping solution that is very low linting. And its so soft it won’t scratch surfaces. With a cloth-like feel, these aviation wipes are ideal gentle wiping tasks. Very absorbent, and works well with solvents, cleaning chemicals, alcohols etc.
Another glass and aircraft windscreen cleaning wipe to consider are the LintNIL Wipes. These wipes are so soft so as not to scratch or damage screens, or avionics monitors. In fact, popular disposable wipes for GPS screen, touchpads, iPhones or iPads and other delicate glass surfaces.
If a more absorbent cloth is required, then try the MICROMAX polishing cloths. These smooth aerospace wipes are ideal for drying and polishing polycarbonate surfaces and aircraft windows. 
Furthermore, for technical cleaning jobs where a 100% lint-free wipes is needed, look no further than POLYSOFT WIPES. Because these lint free aviation cloths leave no lint. Great for delicate electronic maintenance tasks, cleaning engines and other jobs that cannot afford any lint contamination. Cleanroom packaged, vacuum packed aviation wipes with laser sealed edges to prevent lint debris. Available in both a 9″ size and a 12″ size.
For reaching into and cleaning crevices, try the lint-free FOAM CLEANING SWABS. Each swab has a foam head on either side of a plastic paddle that can be used to apply solvents or clean hard to reach places.


To clean large windscreen areas, such as cockpit or passenger windows, the larger the wipe the better! Hence, the popularity of the polyester cellulose LOW LINT INDUSTRO WIPES. Measuring 55 cm x 40 cm, aviation wipes don’t get much bigger than this! Perfect for low lint wiping tasks, and smooth enough to not scratch surfaces. Also, very absorbent! The cellulose component absorbs and quickly dries surfaces. Also, it will not fall apart when used with cleaning agents. However, if these are too big, try the smaller version AMBIWIPES PACKS or AMBIWIPES ROLLS.  Both offer the user a great alternative to Kimtech Aviation Wipes.
Notwithstanding the above, sometimes a tougher aircraft cleaning wipe is called for. And in these instances, we have the “RHINO WIPES”. You can choose between the blue JUMBO RHINO ROLL, the WHITE RHINO ROLL. or the RHINO WIPES DISPENSER BOX. The RHINO WIPES are great alternatives to Kimtech Aviation Wipes as they also contain cellulose and polypropylene. Not only will they cleans up grease, oil and other spills easily, they don’t shed any lint. Also, very tough and tear resistant! Excellent, ultra low lint, strong and absorbent heavy duty aviation wipes.
We also have a couple of other dispenser boxes of wipes that are used in the aviation industry. For example, check out the BLUE WIPES DISPENSER BOX and the HANDIWIPES BOX.
Finally, the SUPERMAX OIL ABSORBENT PADS are thick, cost effective absorbent pads, ideal for catching and soaking up oil spills in the aircraft hanger.


For cleaning aircraft windshields, one of our most popular products are the MICROFIBRE LENS CLOTHS. We can cut them to any size you like from 15 cm x 15 cm to 40 cm x 40 cm and anything in between. And available in just about any colour. Also, add your logo if you like! These soft aviation wipes are the same ones you find in spectacle cases for cleaning glass lenses. So, ideal for both windshields as well as avionic screens, and other cockpit monitor screens. 


Finally, for general cleaning aviation wipes, we suggest disposable general purpose wipes, such as our PREMIUM WIPES ON A ROLL (Blue, Green or Red), the ultra absorbent MAXI WIPES (Blue, Green, Red or Yellow), and the white OMNIWIPES.
Sometimes, you just need thick disposable shop towels to clean hands, tools and  equipment. So, if you are after a low cost, high volume wiping solution, try the JUMBO PAPER TOWEL ROLLS. 3-Ply thickness, glued towels offering great wet strength and absorbency. Alternatively, there are the smaller RAGS ON A ROLL tear-off paper towels. Even thicker with 4-plys of paper on a scrim web netting so you get high absorbency and durable strength.