Car Care Cloths

TIDDOX® car care cloths are absorbent and will not scratch surfaces. For the interior we have buffing and polishing cloths. Car wash shammys and lint free windscreen cleaning wipes for the exterior. For the engine we have wipes for grease and oil cleaning. They work well with car cleaning agents and lubricants.

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TIDDOX car care cloths products make vehicle maintenance easier. In fact, we have a professional product range of wipes, cloths and rags. From general purpose car cleaning wipes to special lint-free buffing cloths. And, most are non-abrasive, non-scratch and absorbent. In addition, we have shammys, lint-free car cleaning cloths and polishing cloths. Furthermore, we have wipes to clean off oil and grease. So, bear in mind that using the correct car wash cloth will have a big impact on the finish.
Outlined below is our car care cloths range:-


There are many reasons why companies choose our reusable car care cloths.
Firstly, for soaking up large amount of liquids, we recommend the SUPERMAX GIANT ORANGE CAR WASH CLOTH. Why? Because this big towel is great for pulling the water off washed vehicles. And, it’s fantastic for washing, cleaning and drying car exteriors. In fact, in each carton you receive 200 bulk packaged cloths. Hence, wash, rinse, reuse or grab another from the carton. Car yards, detailers and automotive workshops love these industrial-grade extra thick absorbent wipes!
Secondly, you may want something smaller? Why not try the MAXI WIPES CAR WASH CLOTHS? In fact, they’re cut from the same high absorbent viscose sponge material, but to a hand sized version. Not only do these cloths fast dry vehicles, they don’t scratch them either.  Available in Green, Pink, Blue and Yellow. Hence car detailers divide certain colour wipes to certain areas or tasks, so as not to mix them.
Thirdly, you may prefer to wash and reuse the WIPES ON A ROLL Handy tear-off perforated cloths on a roll. In fact, these are used for both interior and exterior car cleaning. You’ll love this thick, quality manufactured product with high absorbency. Similarly, you may prefer the PREMIUM WIPES ON A ROLL on your workbench.
Finally, if you want a simple, one-cloth-does-all wipe, try the OMNIWIPES. These are a white rag replacement towel. These low-lint car care cloths are durable enough for use inside and outside of the vehicle. Fast soaking of moisture and spills.


For that quick cleanup, having a roll of wipes handy is the best solution. TIDDOX has many roll packaged disposable wipes to consider.
Choose RAGS ON A ROLL scrim reinforced tissue for those tough jobs that need scrubbing. These tough car care cloths can scrub dried bug juice off of a grill!
For tougher challenges, like removing tar and asphalt, try TIDDOX’s WHITE RHINO ROLLS. This low linting tough, absorbent towel prepares surfaces and cleans up unexpected spills. The JUMBO RHINO ROLL wipes take things to the highest level. We don’t have tougher care care cloths! A great choice for the heavy work areas and big, grimy, oily stuff. Essential when washing off vehicle surfaces, engines, hubcaps and wheels. Also available in as a handy WORKTOP BENCH DISPENSER BOX. Keep a box handy, and the towels dispense like facial tissue.
Looking for cost effective disposable car care cloths for everyday vehicle tasks? Look no further than the PAPER TOWEL JUMBO ROLL.   1000 sheets of 3-plys thick absorbent paper towel. For a harder wearing jumbo roll try the CLASSIC JUMBO ROLL.
Both fit into our floor stands or wall dispensers easy access to disposable hand and tool wiping towels.
For heavy duty car care cloths, you need wipes capable of absorbing solvents, oil, and grease. The SOLVENT RESISTANT WIPES won’t deteriorate when they come into contact with solvents.
Finally, the MELTBLOWN ABSORBENT WIPES. These polypropylene wipes handle fluids that often leak or spill in automotive areas.


TIDDOX is a leader in making lint-free car care cloths. When wiping down the interior of a vehicle, you need a cloth that will not get fuzzy or “pill-up.” For polishing jobs, try our LINT FREE MICROMAX detailing product. Perfect for adding that finishing touch to mirrors, upholstery, and dashboards.
For the ultimate lint free car care cloths, try the LINT-FREE POLYSOFT WIPES. Sealed edges and a tight weave to ensure no loose lint particles. Used in lint sensitive engine wiping applications.
For drying car bodies, or spray paint powder coating, you need a low lint large towel. The LOW LINT INDUSTRO WIPES provide that solution. High absorbency material and large sized cuts. 300 pieces in a carton. Used for drying wheels, chrome, and windscreens. These tough, industrial-strength car care cloths won’t snag and tear when they catch on a corner.


TIDDOX supplies a variety of microfibre products for car detailing and valet services. For the finishing touch to mirrors, windscreens and leather try MICROFIBRE LENS CLOTHS. A low lint product that is soft and non-abrasive.


Also, the lint free MICROFIBRE FISHSCALE CLOTHS are specialised glass cleaning cloths. Made for getting streak-free finishes when polishing and buffing windscreens, mirrors, interiors and exteriors. These highly absorbent cloths soak up liquids, including chemicals, quickly and effectively. And, ther’re not going to scratch of damage vehicle surfaces.


Before finishing up, we also have GENERAL PURPOSE MICROFIBER CLOTHS. Thick, absorbent of dirt, and available in a multitude of colours.


Try the GREASE WET WIPES. for quick cleaning of hands and tools of oil and grease. The pop-up tub allows you to pull out one cloth out while the others stay moist and ready to use in the canister.


For general purpose car drying and cleaning try TIDDOX’s TEE-SHIRT RAGS.


Don’t you hate it when a vehicle leaks oil, transmission fluid, or other fluids onto your shop floor? Workers walk through that puddle and track the mess around the workshop! Our absorbent pads will capture those fluids. These are our options on disposable, absorbent pads :-