Cleaning Cloths

TIDDOX® has a wide selection of commercial grade cleaning cloths and cleaning wipes. We provide professional wiping solutions to Australian businesses. Our products are quality manufactured to provide a superior wiping experience.

TIDDOX supplies high quality cleaning cloths and cleaning wipes for all purposes and applications.


Businesses depend on TIDDOX’s quality made commercial grade cleaning wipes.
Hospitals and aged care facilities choose single use disposable wipes. These include the OMNIWIPES and the RAGS ON A ROLL.
Restaurants, cafes, bars tend to choose washable, reusable WASH UP CLOTHS or rolls. Colour coded cleaning cloths also helps maintain hygiene. The colours are Green, Red, Blue and Yellow cleaning cloths. Popular choices include the 56 m CLASSIC ROLL (125 sheets per roll) and the 45 m PREMIUM ROLL (90 extra thick sheets per roll). available in green, blue and red.


We have a range of industrial grade cleaning wipers. Automotive, manufacturing and engineering use these heavy duty products. They are SOLVENT RESISTANT and absorb grease, oil and solvents.
Printers, painters and sign writers prefer the low lint industrial wipers. For surface preparation they use the Blue RHINO ROLL and the medium duty WHITE RHINO ROLL.
For industrial spills, use the SUPERMAX ABSORBENT PADS. They absorb large liquid spills rapidly.
For removing grease and grime off tools, or as hand cleaners use the INDUSTRIAL WET TOWELS
We supply print room cleaning materials and printer’s rags. Printers choose the lint free POLYSOFT WIPES. Ideal for clean rooms or for delicate wiping tasks, such as cleaning print heads
For low linting surface preparation, or drying production units try INDUSTRO WIPERS. Absorbent, low lint drying towel. Ensures that no lint remains on the unit or surface after drying.
Looking for a lint-free glass cleaning cloth? Try the LINTNIL WIPES. Professional glass cleaning soft cloths used by glaziers and windows cleaners.
For polishing tasks, glass and metal cleaning or surface preparation try these.


Looking for general purpose disposable paper towels to clean hands, tools and equipment? We recommend
RECYCLED RAGS used as printer’s rags, car valeting, or general purpose workshop rags. Available as either MIXED COLOURED RAGS or WHITE T-SHIRT RAGS . Used in workshops and garages to clean up oils and water spills on floors, machinery or equipment.