Cleanroom Wipes

Cleanrooms and controlled environments use TIDDOX® cleanroom wipes. Provider of critical low linting and lint-free cleanroom cloths. Our product focus is to minimise particle and fibre release. Our lint free cleanroom wipes undergo strict contamination prevention measures. Before vacuum packaging, we launder them in clean filtered water systems. Our lint free products suit use in controlled environments, such as:-

  • Cleanroom facilities
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing & compounding
  • Containment labs
  • Food processing
  • Research and development labs
  • Cosmetic process facilities
  • Vets and medical hospitals
  • Military and defense
  • Printing, painting and spray booths



Constant monitoring ensures that no contaminants enter a cleanroom. This includes monitoring air changes. In cleanrooms we regulate the airborne particles. We rate cleanrooms on the number of micron airborne particles per cubic meter. Abbreviated to “ppcm”. A micron eqquals about one-100th the width of a human hair. This means really tiny particles. The human eye can see particles as small as 10 microns, but cleanrooms measure 0.1 and 0.5 micron particles. These are invisible to the human eye.

Cleanrooms have different standards. Each standard specifies the quantity of allowable ppcm. The standards begin at an ISO 8 and reduce to an ISO 1 cleanroom. An ISO 1 classification has the highest restrictions on ppcm.

TIDDOX cleanroom products can be used in ISO 5 to ISO 9 cleanrooms. This starts with pharmaceutical operations and scientific research. Ends with spray booths and engineering cleanrooms. The range includes all sensitive environments without contamination. Examples include pharma, cosmetic, and medical manufacturers.



The motion and friction during wiping causes lint and fibres to break loose. This leads to lint on the surface and particles in the air. In a cleanroom setting, this can contaminate the facility. So it is important to take care and use TIDDOX’s POLYSOFT CLEAN ROOM CLOTHS. TIDDOX’s CLEANROOM WIPES cling to particles and fluids. They do not release fibres to circulate in and contaminate the air.
Manufactured for use in critical ISO Class 5 & 6 environments. These facilities control the level of contaminants. This includes particles, temperature, humidity and microbes. Extends to control over lighting and sound.
Try the soft, non-abrasive, heavy weight LINT FREE CLEAN ROOM CLOTHS. Designed for the absorption and wiping needs of controlled environments.
Pharmaceutical compounding and manufacturing use lint free clothss. Other users include cosmetic and medical manufacturing.


TIDDOX’s LINT FREE WIPES provide critical areas with ultra clean lint free cloths. Constructed using the highest quality continuous polyester. We use a double knit weave and no-run interlock pattern. This hold the fibres in place. To reduce any loose lint fibre release we laser cut and seal the edges.
To keep residue and ionic levels low, much laundering of the fabric occurs. The laundering process uses de-ionised filtered water. This water has had any impurities and mineral ions removed. Vacuum packed in bags in an ISO Class 5 cleanroom.
Electronic component manufacturers and spray booths use our products.


Have you tried the soft, non abrasive, non-woven LINTNIL WIPES? Manufactured for cleaning delicate surfaces. Applications include polishing glass and cleaning instruments in cleanrooms.
This non-sterile product, packaged in a double bag, and low linting. Compatible with chemicals and solvents.


For tight spaces and electronics, try out TIDDOX’s LOW LINTING FOAM SWABS . Ideal for cleaning electronics, print heads, lenses and mirrors. The foam tips absorb solvents. The long reach paddle is perfect for cleaning in recesses and joints. Used to deliver oil, chemicals, or solvents into small or tight spaces. When clean room cloths won’t work, these foam cleaning swabs will be the perfect choice.