Cleanroom Wipes

Looking for cleanroom wipes? Do you find cleaning a cleanroom full of challenges? Not anymore! All you need is the right cleanroom wipes that are designed for these tasks. Using an inappropriate product can contaminate the environment. Besides, why not get it right the first time? Choose our high-quality cleanroom wipes. Cleanroom wipes that are 100% effective and easy to use. We offer both STERILE CLEANROOM WIPES and NON-STERILE CLEANROOM WIPES. Our wipes help in controlling contamination. Besides, they also provide a lint-free experience.

TIDDOX supplies cleanroom wipes to organisations across Australia. These include pharma, universities, research labs, engineering, medical and defense. With us, you get the best wipes for your cleanroom. We have both STERILE and NON-STERILE cleanroom wipes. Furthermore, you get to choose from either woven (KNITTED WIPES ) or NONWOVEN WIPES (wipes that are not knitted). Equally important, we know the importance keeping a cleanroom lint free.








You can choose these wipes according to your needs as each wipe has its own features. In addition, we also offer CLEANROOM SWABS and CLEANROOM GLOVES. Conveniently, we offer a variety of consumables for your cleanroom.

What are cleanroom wipes?

Certain critical areas or critical tasks are sensitive to contamination, and so they require cleanroom wipes (sterile or non-sterile) that are specifically made to minimise any contamination or lint when wiping

Are cleanroom wipes lint-free?

Cleanroom wipes are lint-free, or at least ultra low linting, to minimise any particle or fibre contamination

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between woven wipes and nonwoven wipes?

The fibres in woven wipes are knitted together, whereas the fibres of nonwoven wipes are not knitted or woven together

What are sterilised wipes?

Sterilised wipes are wipes that have undergone gamma ray irradiation to sterilise them


You may think that you can use just any wipes to absorb spills in your cleanroom. However, this is often not the case. Because to maintain a lint-free area, you should use the right wipes. In fact, our goal is to provide quality and affordable cleaning solutions. Hence, we offer lint-free disposable wipes at cost-effective rates.

Moreover, our cleanroom wipes boast the following qualities:-

  • Lint free cleaning experience
  • Higher level of absorbency
  • These wipes are ultra soft
  • They are 100% safe to use on sensitive devices
  • Almost complete resistance to chemicals
  • Non abrasive
  • To produce high-quality products, we do fabric testing
  • Our wipes get packed in a cleanroom
  • We follow strict ISO standards
  • Better cleaning capabilities
  • +More…

These are only a few features of our cleanroom wipes. We believe in building a strong relationship. Hence, we offer the best quality products to meet your needs.


Because, every industry and task has its own unique needs. We offer products that get used in the following areas:

  • Pharmaceutical, including sterile compounding pharmacies
  • Microelectronics and semiconductor facilities
  • Cleanrooms and containment labs
  • Aerospace, military and defense
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Medical facilities
  • Food processing organisations
  • Cosmetic process facilities
  • Optical and glass manufacturers
  • Printing, painting and spray booths

Call us and we will help you find the best solution.


At TIDDOX, we help you to match the needs of the task. Hence, we are always ready to help and assist. We supply cleanroom consumables to every industry across Australia. Our cleanroom wipes have strong cleaning qualities. Also, we strictly follow the ISO cleanroom standard classifications.


Use TIDDOX’s POLYSOFT CLEAN ROOM CLOTHS to avoid contamination. Because they do not release fibre during wiping. Our cleanroom wipes maintain the cleanroom environment too. So, if you’re looking for soft and non-abrasive LINT FREE CLEANROOM CLOTHS, try them. Besides, they are ideal for absorption and wiping needs. Also, you will get the cleanroom wipes at the best prices.



Get LINT FREE WIPES for a clean environment in the cleanroom. With our wipes, you can clean the surface without even scratching. Furthermore, our wipes are very soft and easy to use, Also, you will get lint-free fabrics with the best quality materials. Firstly, we do fabric laundering to ensure that we are delivering our best. Then, we lower the residue and ionic levels of the fabric. Next, before packing the wipes we use purified filtered water to remove loose particles from the wipe. Then, we dry them and pack them inside a clean room. We want happy customers! Hence, we take care with each step.


Do you want soft wipes for delicate surfaces? Try TIDDOX WIPES. Because we have LINTNIL WIPES that are specially made for delicate surfaces. These wipes are best for glass and equipment in cleanrooms. And, this is a non-sterile product that is packaged in a double bag with low linting. Also, these wipes are compatible with chemicals and solvents.



Swabs work in small places where nothing else works. TIDDOX’s LOW LINTING FOAM SWABS are the best cleaning solution for small surfaces. Use swabs to clean electronics, print heads, lenses, and mirrors. Because swabs have foam tips and a long reach paddle. You can easily clean tight spaces. Hence, you can apply oil, chemicals, or solvents into small or tight spaces.


Are you looking for more? Maybe looking for a consumable not mentioned? Don’t worry. Because we are here to help you out with all product needs. Also, you can search for more products on our website. In fact, you will see the products on the top and side bars of our site. Feel free to browse them and check whether they meet your needs. If not? Then, call us, and we will gladly assist you.

Besides, we offer gloves, wipes, rags, clean cloths, swabs, wash up cloths, bags of rags etc.

Whether you need sterile or non-sterile cleanroom items, we have the best products for you. TIDDOX is known for its quality products and competitive prices. If you are getting the best quality material at the best price then why wait? Get a free quote today.


There are many suppliers in the market but how will you find who is best for you? Which cleanroom wipes should you choose? Because there are factors that vary and you must know them. The market is fill of many suppliers where some are good and some maybe not. In this case, you should consider all aspects. For example, check out these four factors that tell whether a wipe is good or not:-

  • Cleanliness – Needs to be a very clean cloth.
  • Absorption – The wipe should have high absorption quality.
  • Particle pickup – Attract more and more dust.
  • Best price – cost savings never hurt provided good quality.

At TIDDOX, you will get the cleanroom wipes at the best price without compromising quality. Hence, all our products are durable, strong, and clean. But, if you have any doubt, you can call us right away.


Do you need expert advice? Contact TIDDOX. Feel free to reach out to us, we would love to assist you! One of our staff members will help you to select the right product. Because we don’t want you to pick the wrong one. Moreover, we offer cleanroom wipes for almost all applications. As a result, you can pick the product according to your needs. We have friendly staff who take great pride in the products and services we provide to our customers. Do you know all wiping and cleaning needs vary from cleanroom to cleanroom? Thus, we have tons of options for you. So you will get the right clean wipe.

To chat with us about how to meet your budget and your deadline, give us a call at 1300-84-33-69, or contact us online today.

Do you need a sample of cleanroom wipes? No worries. You can contact us for that as well.