The TIDDOX® cleanroom products are manufactured for cleanrooms and controlled environments, where ultra low linting wipes, swabs and gloves are critical. They are extremely low in particle and fibre generation, making these lint free wipes suitable for use in controlled environments, such as:-

  • Cleanroom facilities
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing & compounding
  • Containment laboratories
  • Food processing
  • Research and development laboratories
  • Cosmetic process facilities
  • Veterinary and medical hospitals
  • Military and defence
  • Printing, painting and spray booths

These heavy weight clean room cloths are laundered multiple times in clean filtered water systems and then vacuum packed and double bagged in a cleanroom to prevent contamination.


Cleanrooms are monitored continuously to ensure that no contaminants enter, and constant air changes help to regulate the levels of airborne particles. Cleanrooms in general are rated on the number of micron particles circulating in a cubic foot of air. Since a micron is about one-100th the width of a human hair, it means that the particles are tiny. The human eye can see particles as small as 10 microns, but cleanrooms measure 0.1 and 0.5 micron particles. This is smaller than anything the human eye can see, but instruments can still measure it.

It is important to recognise that there are different standards of cleanrooms, which specify the quantity of airborne particles allowable per cubic metre of the cleanroom. The standards begin at an ISO 8 cleanroom classification and then the restrictions regarding the allowable levels of contamination or particles per cubic metre increase through to ISO 1 clean rooms. Typically the manufacture of sterile products, such as in pharmaceutical operations, or scientific research, will require ISO 5 cleanroom classifications, whereas spray booths and engineering cleanrooms do not have such stringent requirements, however the electronics industry often requires ISO 4 cleanrooms.

TIDDOX has designed it’s clean room lint free wipes and double headed foam cleaning swabs to be suitable for use in ISO 5 through ISO 9 cleanroom standards. They are suited to perform in sensitive environments without contamination, such as in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and various medical manufacturing facilities. They are also excellent in labs, as they cling to particles and fluids and do not release fibres to circulate in and contaminate the air.

Cleanroom Wipes

TIDDOX’s CLEANROOM WIPES are manufactured for use in critical ISO Class 5 & 6 environments where the level of environmental pollutants and contaminants, such as particles, temperature, humidity, microbes, lighting and sound, is controlled.

These soft, non-abrasive, heavy weight LINT FREE CLEAN ROOM CLOTHS are suited to the absorption and general wiping requirements in controlled manufacturing environments, such as pharmaceutical compounding or pharmaceutical manufacturing, cosmetic manufacturing, certain medical manufacturing, as well as research and development.

Lint Free Wipes

TIDDOX takes great care to ensure that its LINT FREE WIPES are ultra clean and suitable for use in critical areas. This is achieved by ensuring that in production only the highest quality continuous polyester fibre is used, woven in a double-knitted, no-run interlock pattern, with the lint free wipe’s edges laser cut and sealed to reduce the chance of any lint or loose fibre generation.

Furthermore, to reduce contamination and keep residue and ionic levels low, these cleanroom wipes are laundered four times in de-ionised filtered water that has had any impurities and mineral ions removed, and then the clean room cloths are vacuum packed and double bagged in an ISO Class 5 cleanroom.

The result is a product that is used extensively in clean rooms, hospitals and other critically lint-free environments such as pharmaceutical and medical devise manufacturing, electronic component manufacturing, spray booths, and food processing facilities.

Polysoft Clean Room Cloths

TIDDOX’s POLYSOFT CLEAN ROOM CLOTHS need to meet restrictions on the number of fibres released during use. The motion and friction during wiping can cause lint and other fibres to break loose and add to the particles in the air. In a cleanroom setting, this can contaminate the facility. Even worse is if the lint-free cloth dislodges contaminants from surfaces, causing those to go airborne. As such, it is important to use clean room cloths that are soft and absorbent, and will not spread contaminants by ensuring you only use lint free wipes.


LINTNIL WIPES are soft, non abrasive, non-woven wipes manufactured for  cleaning delicate surfaces. polisshing glass, cleaning instruments and used extensively in cleanrooms and critcal environments.

They are a non-sterile product, packaged in a double bag, and are very low linting. Can be used with chemicals to polish surfaces.

Double Headed Foam Cleaning Swabs

For tight spaces and electronics, try out TIDDOX’s LOW LINTING FOAM SWABS . These are ideal for cleaning electronics, print heads, lenses, mirrors, and other surfaces that must not have any kind of refraction interference. The foam tips will absorb solvent, making them excellent for cleaning in recesses and joints. They can also be used to deliver oil, chemicals, or solvents into small or tight spaces. When clean room cloths won’t work, these double headed foam cleaning swabs will be the perfect choice.