Commercial Cleaning Cloths

TIDDOX® provides businesses across industry with commercial cleaning cleaning cloths. We manufacture our products to the highest quality to meet commercial demands.

Healthcare and hospitality businesses have no time for flimsy poor absorbing wipes. Automotive and industrial businesses rely on our heavy duty efficient wipes. Printers, painters and cleanrooms depend on the lint-free cloths we supply. Food service and engineering both count on our solvent resistant low lint drying cloths. Hospitals love our single use disposable towels.
Let us supply you with our range of professional commercial cleaning cloths below.



TIDDOX makes a wide variety of commercial cleaning cloths for use in businesses. In fact, we make products for every conceivable wiping application. So, whether its scrubbing, shining, cleaning surfaces or absorbing fluids, we’ve got the wipes. As a result, we supply cleaning contractors, manufacturing facilities, automotive shops, and healthcare facilities. In addition, many other businesses use our products. For example, printers, painters, cleanrooms, restaurants and hotels.
Because there are many different types of commercial cleaning cloths, we discuss a few below:-


Undoubtedly, medium-duty wipes tend to be the most cost effective option. Why? Because the lighter weight reduces their cost, but not their quality. Hence, they’re suited to organisations that have high usage for disposable cloths. For instance, cleaning contractors, restaurants, aged care and child care facilities. Two of the more popular items are our CLASSIC WIPES ON A ROLL and MAXI WIPES. Not only are they very absorbent, but you can launder and reuse. And, there are colour coded options available in the PREMIUM WIPES ON A ROLL.
Without doubt, our most popular wipes used in residential aged care facilities are the OMNIWIPES. Why? Because they’re soft, absorbent cloths. Hence, well  suited to personal care and incontinence cleaning.
However, you may be looking for low lint wipes to dry dental instruments? Or something that works with solvents to prepare panels before applying vinyl? If so, try the ultra low lint WHITE RHINO ROLLS. Not only are these disposable towels strong and absorbent, they’re solvent resistant too!


Heavy-duty commercial cleaning cloths are capable of handling more challenging tasks. The extra weight assists in scrubbing and they better withstand contact with solvents. The JUMBO RHINO ROLL is a disposable wipe that can handle chemicals and rough surfaces. Use with or without the JUMBO ROLL FLOOR DISPENSER.
Printers and mechanic garages use the SOLVENT RESISTANT WIPES. They prefer the white cloths so they can tell when ink or fluid is leaking from a macine or vehicle. The SOLVENT RESISTANT WIPES are great for cleaning with chemicals. They don’t dissolve when you use cleaning fluids. They will clean up solvent spills without coming apart.
The SUPERMAX XL SHAMMY is great for sponging up large amounts of water off of surfaces,


Many industries prefer colour-coding for their products. This helps them keep track of inventory and use. “We’re out of green towels” indicates which department uses the most product. May highlight potential waste or theft. There are also hygienic reasons for colour coding. It can prevent spread of germs from one area to another.


Undoubtedly, the POLYSOFT WIPES remain lint-free even with extended use. Hence, they’re often used as medical wipes. Also used in aged care because they’re so soft and solvent resistant. However, the lint-free features make these wipes ideal for sensitive wiping of delicate surfaces. For instance, electronics and print heads. Also, machinery which has fine tolerances that must not have lint residue.
Similarly, we have lint-free double headed FOAM CLEANING SWABS. Used to remove dirt and dust or to apply solvents and oil to tight spaces, such as printing heads or electronics.
LINTNIL CLOTHS are a soft lint free wipe. Used to clean and polish optic components, lenses and other sensitive glass surfaces. These are amazing for polishing glass panels and stainless steel surfaces.
Powder coaters love our LOW LINT INDUSTRO WIPES. They use them for pre cleaning with solvents on powder coat lines. Production assembly plants use them to dry lint sensitive units. Commercial cleaners use these strong polishing cloths with cleaning agents or solvents. These are large absorbent sheets that provide a lot of surface wiping area.
The MICROFIBRE LENS CLOTH suits handling of finely-tuned instruments and gauges. Available in 15cm x 15cm packs or larger 40cm x 40cm sizes.


In the automotive, industrial, mining and marine industries there are heavy duty spills. These spilt liquids, chemicals and oils require thicker special use commercial cleaning cloths. Such as the GENERAL PURPOSE ABSORBENT PADS. These absorb copious fluids that can damage the floor or create hazardous conditions. These pads will absorb oil, transmission fluid, hydraulic fluid, and water. They are thick and resilient, capable of holding far more than their own weight in fluids. An economic alternative is the ORANGE SPILL PADS. Capable of soaking up multiple times their own weight in liquids. Popular as oil drop pads.
Use the OIL ONLY ABSORBENT PADS for excessive oil leaks.


At TIDDOX, we are always looking for ways to make our products convenient and useful. Disposable rolls of paper towels are a cost effective answer for single use wiping. Perfect for commercial kitchens and in manufacturing or mechanic’s bays.
Options include:-
These heavy-duty tear off wipes are a cost effective answer in high usage areas.


Sometimes, you need a rag handy. You need to wipe up a spill, or clean a surface for closer inspection. In those cases, you reach to your hip pocket to grab a rag. Our COLOURED RECYCLED T-SHIRT RAGS are available in 10KG bags. So, grab one and use it, then toss it in the laundry basket or trash bin. Safe and checked for metals, so you don’t have to worry about them scratching paint.
Comparatively, painters prefer our WHITE RECYCLED T-SHIRT RAGS . Why? Because they are absorbent, low linting and show up dirt, paint and solvents.
However, if you don’t see any commercial cleaning cloths you need here, contact us and we can help. Or alternatively, go to our Facebook page.