Commercial Cleaning

TIDDOX® provides businesses across industry with commercial grade cleaning cloths that are manufactured to the highest quality to withstand the commercial demands required of them. Whether those commercial cleaning demands be for a lint free wiper, a super absorbent sponge cloth, a colour coded wipe, a disposable paper towel, a light delicate surface cleaning cloth, or a heavy duty industrial absorber, we have designed and engineered a wiping solution for these, and every other possible, tasks. Presented below is TIDDOX’s commercial cleaning cloths category:-


TIDDOX makes a wide variety of commercial cleaning cloths for use in businesses across Australia, including cleaning contractors, manufacturing facilities, automotive shops, and healthcare facilities, which all rely on our commercial wipers on a daily basis, for an array of different applications. The commercial category is essentially spilt between heavy weight and light weight products, and within this there are the choices of colour coding, rolls or pack formats, and general purpose or speciality commercial cleaning cloths.

Medium-Duty vs. Heavy-Duty Commercial Cleaning Cloths

Medium-duty wipes tend to be the most economical option. Whilst they still contain high levels of absorbency materials, the lighter weight reduces their cost and as such this category is very popular with organisations that either have high usage requirements for disposable cloths, such as cleaning contractors and restaurants, or are operating with in tight budget constraints, such as aged care and child care facilities. These commercial cleaning cloths are strong to allow multiple uses, particularly the CLASSIC ROLLS (also available in packs), and some, such as the MAXI WIPES can even be laundered and reused. To cater for the hospitality and healthcare industries, these products also come in assorted colours for colour-coded needs.

Heavy-duty cloths are usually capable of handling more challenging tasks, and the extra weight assists in scrubbing and withstanding contact with chemicals and solvents. Some, like the POLYSOFT WIPES, remain lint-free even with extended use and multiple laundering. This can be important as a medical wipe, aged care cloth, or in sensitive wiping of delicate surfaces such as electronics, print heads or machinery which has fine tolerances that must not be affected. The JUMBO RHINO ROLL is an example of an excellent disposable commercial wiper that can handle various chemicals and surface textures.

Colour Coding

Many industries prefer colour-coding for their products. This helps them keep track of inventory and use. “We’re out of green towels” indicates which department uses the most product, and may indicate potential waste or theft. TIDDOX makes several products in various colours, not because they are pretty (although they are!), but because many of our customers prefer one colour over another for their work. Painters, for instance, often want a white cloth, like our WHITE RECYCLED T-SHIRT RAGS or our SOLVENT RESISTANT WIPES. Some mechanic garages prefer our all-white OIL ONLY ABSORBENT PADS so they can tell which fluid is leaking from a vehicle. But our PREMIUM HEAVY DUTY ROLLS and our MAXI WIPES are both available in 4 colours to help with colour coding. For medium-duty cloths, we offer 4 colours of the MICROFIBRE GENERAL PURPOSE CLOTHS and the MICROFIBRE LENS CLOTHS, both of which offer great grip for dust and other fine particulates that have to be removed from commercial surfaces. Other colour coded products are the CLASSIC-300 CLOTHS and PREMIUM XL WIPES.

Special Use Cloths

Every industry has special requirements for its cleaning products, and TIDDOX strives to provide the best.

In the aged care industry, besides the colour coded products mentioned above, the main product used in residential aged care facilities is the OMNIWIPES. These soft white commercial cleaning cloths are very absorbent and suited to client’s needs within these facilities.

For the automotive, industrial, mining and marine industries, where there is more heavy duty spills of liquids, including oils, we supply thicker special use commercial cleaning cloths. Our GENERAL PURPOSE ABSORBENT PADS are specially designed for those areas with copious fluids that can damage the floor or create hazardous conditions. These pads will absorb oil, transmission fluid, hydraulic fluid, water, blood, and any other fluid that your profession has to deal with. They are thick and resilient, capable of holding far more than their own weight in fluids. Another more economical option are the ORANGE SPILL PADS, which absorb multiple times their own weight in liquids and are popular as oil drop pads. Our OIL ONLY ABSORBENT PADS are especially helpful in situations that deal with excessive oil leaks.

TIDDOX’s SOLVENT RESISTANT WIPES are great for cleaning with chemicals. They don’t dissolve when you use cleaning fluids, and they will clean up solvent spills without coming apart. Our MELTBLOWN POLYPROPYLENE WIPES are some of our strongest products, using our own proprietary design to create a highly absorbent product.

The SUPERMAX XL SHAMMY is an excellent choice for situations in which you have to squeegee large amounts of water off of vertical or horizontal surfaces, The MICROFIBRE LENS CLOTH is a favourite for commercial cleaners who deal with finely-tuned instruments and gauges, available in 15cm x 15cm packs or larger 40cm x 40cm sizes.

Commercial cleaners love our LOW LINT INDUSTRO WIPES. These are amazing for polishing glass panels, stainless steel counter tops, and enameled surfaces. These are strong polishing cloths that will absorb any cleaning agents or solvents. These are large sheets that provide a lot of polishing surface. We even have specially-designed double headed FOAM CLEANING SWABS that can be used to remove dirt and dust or to apply solvents and oil to tight spaces, such as printing heads or electronics.

Rags On A Roll

At TIDDOX, we are always looking for ways to make our products convenient and useful. Besides packs and cartons, we provide both rolls of commercial cleaning cloths and box dispensers. Our CLASSIC WIPES ON A ROLL may be the first item our customers order, but they often gravitate to commercial-strength PREMIUM WIPES ON A ROLL. Similar to a roll of paper towels in appearance, these two products are great for use in commercial kitchens and in manufacturing or mechanic’s bays, where a roll can be kept on each workbench.

Our JUMBO RHINO ROLL is a large version that can be placed in a central location using the JUMBO ROLL FLOOR DISPENSER. The CLASSIC 300M JUMBO ROLL also fits the dispenser. This, and the JUMBO PAPER TOWEL ROLL are all heavy-duty cloths, as well. And, don’t forget about our RAG ON A ROLL or “ROAR” which is almost as famous as the TIDDOX name!

Dispenser Boxes

We have a lot of requests for box dispensers. In fact, our RHINO WIPES POP-UP BOX is a top seller, especially in high-traffic areas. The medium duty version of this material can be found on the WHITE RHINO ROLLS. Both products are ideal disposable towels for for cooks to mechanics all deal with messy spills that need a fast, convenient clean-up.

Bags of Rags

Sometimes, you just need a rag handy. You need to wipe up a spill, or clean a surface for closer inspection. In those cases, you reach to your hip pocket to grab a rag. Our COLOURED RECYCLED T-SHIRT RAGS or WHITE RECYCLED T-SHIRT RAGS are available in 10KG, 5KG and 1.5KG bags. Grab one and use it, then toss it in the laundry basket or trash bin. They have been checked for metals, so you don’t have to worry about them scratching paint.

At TIDDOX, we make commercial cleaning cloths for every conceivable application, whether its scrubbing, shining, cleaning surfaces or absorbing fluids. If you don’t see what you need here, contact us and we can show you the product you need.