TIDDOX® has a wide range of floor and wall dispensers compatible with its commercial and industrial products, which include jumbo roll stands, small roll dispensers and wall mounted centrefeed dispensers.



TIDDOX provides medium weight wipes and heavy-duty industrial wipers, used for just about every industry from automotive, industrial, painting and printing to healthcare, aged care, hospitality and hospitals. Whether you need tough automotive and industrial wipers for use with solvents and chemicals or soft, absorbent healthcare or hospitality cloths, TIDDOX has the product for you! We also have dispensers for our products. This keeps them out of the way yet handy to each of your work areas. Presented below is an overview of our range of portable, mobile and fixed mounted dispensers.

Roll Dispensers

Sometimes it is useful to keep products off the floor and in stands or in fixed areas on the wall, where TIDDOX cleaning cloths can be conveniently located for your employees. The type of dispenser required will vary according to purpose and size, for example, for larger products you may need stands on the factory floor and for the smaller products, wall dispensers are more suitable

Jumbo Roll Stands

For larger products dispensing high volumes of wipes, portable stands are the answer. They can be placed between bays in an automotive garage or in the centre of a room being painted, giving quick access to cleaning rags whenever there is a spill, leak, or accident.

Our JUMBO ROLL STANDS is a perfect example of the type of strong, portable stands we supply. This one is 86cm tall and the weight bar makes it easy to tear off the perforated wipes. This top sellers has a tear-off blade, and is compatible with our JUMBO PAPER TOWEL PRODUCTS, our CLASSIC 600 SHEET PRODUCTS, and the TIDDOX JUMBO RHINO PRODUCTS.

If you're looking for something mobile on wheels, consider the MOBILE DISPENSER. These are especially useful for automotive garages and industrial workshops. Tip the stand forward onto the wheels, and steer it to different locations with ease. It even has a bracket that holds rubbish bags.

TIDDOX’s SORBENT MOBILE FLOOR STAND also comes on wheels and is designed to hold wider products of up to a metre in width. While it will hold any of our products, it was specifically designed to hold our OIL ONLY, and GENERAL PURPOSE absorbent products. When you need a larger sheet of super-absorbent cloth, this is the product you want to keep handy.

Wall Dispensers

In every workplace, there is always need for a handy wall dispenser for wipers. TIDDOX provides the following choice of wall mounted products for that purpose:-

  • Wall Mounted Bracket is strong enough to withstand constant use in a busy workplace. It is made of heavy-duty steel, and you clip the TIDDOX product into the dispenser.
  • “R.O.A.R” Wall Dispenser. This metal towel dispenser holds our perforated 70m ROAR products, and allows easy tear-off of the 200 perforated sheets.
  • Centerfeed Dispenser designed to hold our White Rhino product range.
  • our ultra-heavy duty Sorbent Products Wall Dispenser. This is for those wider, heavier products that you need to keep handy and off of the floor

The above product overview outlines the wide range of choice in TIDDOX roll dispensers, including jumbo roll floor stands and wall dispensers, that we offer to hold and dispense wipes conveniently in the workplace.