Disposable Wipes

Disposable Wipes

TIDDOX® specialises in disposable wipes and disposable cloths, as alternatives to washing and reusing cleaning cloths. By disposing of the wiper after use is an effective way to control the spread of bacteria resulting in healthier and safer work areas.



TIDDOX supplies disposable wipes and disposable cloths as quick and practical wiping solutions to deal with spills and messes that occur across industries including healthcare, childcare, aged care as well as hospitality, automotive, janitorial, marine and industrial manufacturing. Although many of our products can be washed and reused, most users look to dispose of them after a single use as this is both economically viable and also prevents any cross contamination of germs, grease, grime etc picked up during the initial wiping application. Often, disposing of the cloth after use is more practical and cost effective, and results in a healthier and cleaner workplace. In fact, more and more healthcare organisations are mandating the single use of cloths and so prefer the disposable solutions that we offer. There is always the aged old debate of reusable cloths versus disposable wipes, but as the industry and the technology has advanced, the latter has become the more convenient, cost effective solution without the hassle that goes with washing and reusing.

To reduce any environmental impact from disposing of wiping fabrics after use, TIDDOX has specifically designed its disposable products to minimise the polyester content and ensure that they are manufactured with materials that contain high proportions of viscose and/or wood pulp cellulose fibres, which are biodegradable and also increase the absorbency of the material.

The best disposable cloths for a particular task will vary depending on the particular application. TIDDOX supplies a huge number of different types of commercial cleaning and industrial cleaning disposable wiping solutions, each designed and engineered to suit a particular purpose. So depending on the nature of the wiping task, whether, for example, it is heavy duty industrial scrubbing, equipment lint-free wiping, kitchen food surface cleaning or wiping tasks involving a baby, child or patient, so the appropriate wiping solution will vary. The TIDDOX website should guide you through to the most appropriate disposable wipes for your needs, by purpose or by product, however at any time please feel free to call us to speak with one of our technical experts that will be happy to help.

TIDDOX has launched its "Tradies Disposable Wipes" campaign which is a range of handy disposable products which tradies and mobile mechanics can keep with them when on the road. As part of this range we offer the INDUSTRIAL WET WIPES , which are canisters of 70 portable orange scented wipers that pull out from the top of the can and are very effective in removing grease, and oil from hands and tools. Other products within the range include the LOW LINT INDUSTRO CLOTHS , our SOLVENT RESISTANT CLOTHS , as well as the regular heavy duty wiping rolls, such as the scrim reinforced "RAG-ON-A-ROLL" (200 perforated sheets of multiple layers of wood pulp tissue reinforced with a nylon webbing fabric between the tissue). Then there is also the spunlace range of regular and HEAVY DUTY DISPOSABLE CLOTHS that can be kept in cars, caravans and trucks whilst travelling. Also available are various roll products, see TIDDOX's green, red or blue DISPOSABLE WIPES-ON-A-ROLL . INDUSTRIAL PAPER ROLLS are the most commonly used disposable towels, and also the most economical. Besides the "ROAR" above we also offer our Rhino Range of disposable wiping products, which comprises the BLUE RHINO ROLL , a 475 perforated sheets of extra thick, durable material, ideal for wiping and cleaning oil, grease and solvents, or the smaller version WHITE RHINO ROLL . Also available in pop-up box dispenser called INDUSTRIAL RHINO WIPES .

For economical disposable options, the Jumbo Rolls are very cost effective when placed in a high usage area. The CLASSIC JUMBO ROLL comprises 600 perforated highly absorbent sheets that are dispensed from a floor stand and very popular in industrial, automotive and commercial cleaning environments. The INDUSTRIAL PAPER ROLLS are made up of 1000 pieces of industrial paper, another very economical option for areas where there is high usage of disposables required. The other in the Jumbo Roll series are the low linting, leopard pattern DEGREASING WIPES which come as a jumbo roll of 500 perforated sheets. These MELTBLOWN DEGREASING WIPES are also available in flat packs of 50 sheets.

TIDDOX has two types of sorbent disposable cloths, namely the white OIL ONLY ABSORBENT PADS (or rolls) and the GENERAL PURPOSE ABSORBENT PADS (or rolls). These are extremely thick 400gsm meltblown polypropylene material which come packaged as either 100 or 200 pads that can each absorb approximately 1 litre of oil based fluids such as petrol and diesel fuel (and resist water) or both (Grey General Purpose Pads).

Another popular and very economical disposable wiping solution for the automotive and marine industries are the CHAMOIS / SHAMMY CLOTHS , which are large surface area, extra thick, absorbent cloths ideal for washing trucks and boats. They come in either ORANGE CHAMOIS ("SUPERMAX") or YELLOW SHAMMYS ("TITANS") and are packaged as either 200 or 150 shammys per box, which are easily accessible and disposable. They can be washed and reused if preferred.

In the food industry, disposable cloths are definitely preferred due to the high risks of contamination and spread of germs when wiping down food contact surfaces. The TIDDOX CLASSIC GREEN DISPOSABLE CLOTHS and HEAVY DUTY SURFACE WIPING PRODUCTS are available is various sheet sizes and colours, as well as in perforated rolls which can be dispensed from our wall dispensers.

In child care, school and aged care industries, disposable alternatives to wash cloths are preferred for cleanliness reasons. Furthermore, colour coded products are used to prevent the unnecessary spread of germs from one area to another, or from one task to another. Our spunlace, needlepunch and microfibre wipers are colour coded specifically for this reason and are available in Red, Green, Blue and Yellow, as well as Coffee for coffee baristas. Presented below is an outline of suggested colours to allocate to certain types of category tasks:-