Disposable Wipes

TIDDOX® specialises in disposable wipes and disposable cloths. These products replace washable and reusable cleaning cloths. Also, their cost effectiveness allows them to be discarded. Not only are they economical, but also offer hygienic benefits too as single use wipers. Disposing after use results in healthier and safer work areas.

People love disposable wipes because they provide a cheap, hygienic, quick solution. And, unlike reusable cloths, there is no burden of  washing and laundering. And when you consider their relative low cost, they really offer a convenient option. As a result, disposable wipes used by businesses remains our key focus. These include healthcare, childcare and aged care users. Likewise, restaurants have a similar requirement for disposable wipes. As do automotive, printing and industrial businesses.

We also consider the impact of our products on the environment. Where possible, materials that biodegrade get used. These include viscose, cotton or cellulose. In addition, these materials improve the absorbency of our products.

Besides, the best cloth for a task varies on the application. Accordingly, products get designed to suit a particular purpose. For example, do you need to do heavy-duty industrial scrubbing? Or an equipment lint-free wiping job? Does the kitchen need a food surface cleaning wiper? Or does the task involve a baby, child or patient? So, as you can see, the appropriate wiping solution will vary.



Healthcare requires single use disposable wipes. Unlike washable wipers, these get discarded after use. In addition, this convenient, cost effective option prevents germ spread. Not only more practical, but also healthier.
Hospitals, aged care and childcare love OMNIWIPES and MAXI WIPES. These soft, absorbent cloths won’t break the budget. Moreover they offer super absorbency. Besides great wash up cloths and personal care wipes, they won’t break the budget! Also great for personal care and incontinence emergencies. In addition, they won’t lint (a lot)! Their super absorbency makes them ideal for drying endoscopes and instruments. Colour coded, too for maintaining a hygienic environment.


Likewise, the food industry also prefers single use wipes. This reduces the risk of spreading bacteria when wiping surfaces. Restaurants and hotels find the WIPES-ON-A-ROLL cost effective. Furthermore, colour coding also helps prevent germ spread. Accordingly, restaurants prefer colour coded HEAVY DUTY CLOTHS. Available in Green, Red or Blue. The GREEN CLOTHS lead demand as they get used a lot in kitchen areas. Besides, they also offer the most cost effective solution with 125 sheets per roll. Finally, the perforated rolls come with wall dispensers, if required.
For absorbing kerosene, solvents and chemicals try the BLUE RHINO ROLL. This wiper gets used in all areas of production, including precision tooling. And they keep areas free of dust and lint. Food production depend on it to soak up moisture in ingredient fillers. They don’t want lint left behind in the fillers. Made up of 475 perforated sheets of extra thick, durable material. Available in pop-up box dispenser.
For tough scrubbing jobs, try the SOLVENT RESISTANT CLOTHS. Or try the INDUSTRIAL WET WIPES. Portable tubs of wet wipes. Effective in removing grease, and oil from hands and tools.



When drying lint sensitive surface areas, try LOW LINT INDUSTRO CLOTHS.
To clean print heads and delicate equipment try lint free POLYSOFT WIPES. These work hand in hand with the lint free FOAM SWABS.
If applying solvents or alcohol to a lint free surface try the LINTNIL WIPES. Great lint free wipes. Ideal for wiping glass surfaces, including lens cleaning and windows.
Dental practices value the WHITE RHINO ROLL. Because they dry dental instruments and do not leave lint. Also, sign writers choose them for wiping metal panels. Why? Because they absorb solvents . And they are low in lint which makes them perfect for applying vinyl.


For paper towels you can’t beat JUMBO PAPER TOWEL ROLLS. Popular in garages and workshops for cleaning tools and hands of grease and oil. Each roll has 1000 perforated sheets of 3-ply of mixed cellulose glued tissue.
Try the strong scrim reinforced “RAG-ON-A-ROLL”. Each roll has 200 perforated sheets of cellulose tissue with a nylon webbing.
The CLASSIC JUMBO ROLL. gets used by pharma and food production. Furthermore, it has 600 perforated absorbent sheets. Floor stands available.


TIDDOX has the following three types of sorbent pads.