LINT FREE MICROMAX (40cm x 34cm x 100)

LINT FREE MICROMAX (40cm x 34cm x 100)

MICROMAX CLOTH (40cm x 34cm)
10 Wipes per Pack  10 Packs per Carton  100 Wipes per carton

Colours: Blue only

    • A lint-free, smooth textured, non-abrasive, low linting mircofibre cloth
    • Ideal for polishing glass, metal, ipads, iphones, mirrors, jewelery, screens, monitors and other delicate tasks that call for a soft absorbent cloth
    • High concentrations of polyamide make this an absorbent wiper 
    • Versatile multipurpose, reusable
    • Convenient packs of 10 wipes can be stored anywhere for ready access
    • Long lasting


PRODUCT CODE:   (B) 4-40012      


Microfibre cleaning cloths are the preferred cleaning option across various industries, and for good reason. No matter the surface you are cleaning, the weave and composition of microfibre captures and traps dirt, grime and grease effortlessly. The MICROMAX however, has the added benefit of not leaving any lint or loose fibres after wiping surfaces, compared to thicker piled fluffy microfibre cloths. Furthermore, its smooth, soft, non-abrasive surface makes it ideally suited to sensitive wiping tasks in medical facilities, restaurants, healthcare organisations and even the automotive industry. Other advantages include:-

Highly Absorbent: 

Made from woven polyamide and polyester, the MICROMAX cleaning wipes can absorb multiple times their weight in water. This makes them more absorbent than a regular cleaning cloth and require less wringing and less cleaning solution. You can easily wipe a surface clean and dry without too much effort when using microfibre absorbent cloths.

Traps Dirt Easily: 

The MICROMAX lint free cleaning wipes have a positive charge that instantly attracts and traps dirt. This makes this microfibre polishing cloth perfect for cleaning and polishing virtually any surface, since the dirt and dust collected stays in the cloth’s tiny fibres. After cleaning a surface or tool, you can clean the next one using the same low lint cloth without worrying of dirt getting transferred.

Low Linting / Lint-free: 

Fingerprints, smudges, marks and stains on glass and stainless steel surfaces are easily removed after wiping with the MICROMAX. Manufactured as a light industry polishing cloth, the MICROMAX makes cleaning and polishing glass easy since it does not leave any lint residue. It's soft and non-abrasive material ensures that you get perfectly cleaned and polished metal surfaces, tables, windows, and glass every time.


Medical facility and healthcare workers are at a higher risk of contamination due to their profession. The risk of cross contamination is lessened when using the disposable MICROMAX Although these disposable microfibre wipes have the durability to be used multiple times, their price point allows them to be considered a disposable wiper, increasing their hygienic benefits, particularly in aged care, child care, medical and hospital organisations where germs can be disposed of with the wiper into the trash bin. This helps prevent the spread of germs and cross contamination between areas, helping to protect your staff, clients and business.  


When it comes to delicate surface cleaning, involving light chemicals and cleaning solutions, the MICROMAX cleaning wipes are the best option. The polyamide material is tough and tear resistant, giving it its durability, but also its absorbency abilities. This strength and absorbency capacity gives this microfibre polishing cloth the edge over the typical cleaning cloths and sponges, and makes it suitable for industrial and manufacturing tasks where a sensitive surface wiper is required. 


Best of all is the fact that without sacrifice to quality, this is a relatively low cost wiping option. The thicker, fluffier pile microfibre cloths are expensive and leave lint, whereas the smooth surfaced MICROMAX can be disposed of after a few wipes. These disposable microfibre cleaning wipes are distributed in convenient packs of 10 wipes so you can always have one ready whenever you need it.

While cleaning solutions are essential to getting rid of deep-seated dirt, using the right low lint cloth can make all the difference.  The MICROMAX is preferred by most cleaning professionals over conventional microfibre cloths, sponges, cleaning cloths or rags and a vast majority of industries due to the many benefits that they offer. 

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