Eco-Friendly Disposables

TIDDOX looks to design and make wipes that are good for the environment. As a result, we have a growing range of eco-friendly, biodegradable and compostable disposables. These include wipes made from recycled cellulose, wipes made from 100% biodegradable materials, recycled rags and biodegradable gloves.

At TIDDOX we design and make wipes, and are conscious to minimise or eliminate completely any negative impacts the raw materials may have on the environment. In fact, as part of our product development process, we consider all aspects of the product life cycle from source to disposl.

Eco-Friendly Wipes

At TIDDOX , we look to maximise the biodegradable content of our products to make them environmental friendly. For example, we use rayon, viscose, wood pulp cellulose, and cotton, because of their biodegradable qualities. Not only are these inputs eco-friendly, they also make our products more absorbent. In certain instances, for additional strength or to reduce linting, we introduce non-biodegradable materials into the mix. For example, polyester or polypropylene. However, in most instances these materials represent the minority of the wipes’ composition .

Recycled Rags

Another example of our eco-friendly disposables is recycled rags. The rags are recycled from donated used clothes that were otherwise headed for landfill. Hence, by recycling t-shirts, flannel shirts, business shirts, skirts, bath towels and fleeces into rags, we extend the life of these products.

Supply Chain

As an importer that contracts the bulk of its manufacturing overseas, we want to ensure that we make our products in a responsible way. And, this includes considering any environmental impacts. To this end, TIDDOX takes great care in choosing and partnering with quality manufacturers. We only work with trusted and reputable partners. And, we value ethical partners that care about quality as much as we do. Also, we look to see where they source the raw materials. And, that they have ethical staffing practices. In addition, we value innovative technology and manufacturing processes.