Foam Swabs

The TIDDOX® double headed foam swabs are used by printers, cleanrooms, as well an electronic and industrial organisations to clean machine crevices and apply solvents and lubricants. Their large foam heads are soft and non-abrasive making them ideal print head cleaning swabs, and suited for use on other sensitive equipment parts or delicate surfaces. The polyurethane foam heads are low in particulates (low linting) and high in absorbency. These characteristics, together with their strength and chemical resistance, make these TIDDOX products ideal for a wide range of applications, including:-

  • Cleaning print heads, nozzles, printer plates
  • Removing debris from keyboards
  • Gun maintenance
  • Micro electronic parts cleaning
  • Medical device manufacturing
  • Sensitive equipment component cleaning
  • Cleanroom tasks
  • Application of lubricants, solvents, paint and sealants

TIDDOX’s foam swabs are among the most useful and versatile wipers on the market. They are capable of providing precise cleaning of surfaces that larger instrumentation cleaning cloths cannot reach. The longer handle on each swab makes it easier to reach into areas that otherwise would be inaccessible.

Double Headed Foam Swabs

TIDDOX’s foam swabs are processed in clean rooms, so they have low levels of residues, particles and ions, and they are manufactured with the highest quality polyurethane foam, that is thermally bonded to minimise any adhesive contamination. These features make them well suited to critical clean environments.

The foam on the heads has 100 ppi (pores per inch) which gives the heads high levels of absorbency and the ability to pick up fine debris. Furthermore, the heads are compatible with chemicals and solvents. As such they are perfect applicators of lubricants and adhesives, and the low linting thermally bonded foam is unlikely to release any unwanted fibres.

The highly absorbent tips will tightly hold onto lubricants and other fluids as you transfer the lubricant to instruments. This makes it possible to maintain machinery and tools that have a tight tolerance and are highly tuned. This proves to be much better than the applicators that come with oil cans, since droppers and oil-can applicators deliver an uncontrollable drop of liquid in the general area targeted. With a foam swab, you can saturate the tips with lubricant and gently touch the designated area, precisely delivering the lubricant to the exact spot you want to be lubricated.

The long plastic paddle is also very useful in reaching difficult recessed areas and joint intersections, and the foam heads will soak up and absorb excess debris.

They can be used for many different purposes such as taking surface samples in medical laboratories, cleaning print heads, use in clean rooms, applying lubricants, cleaning delicate equipment and parts as well as maintaining finely-tuned instruments.

Print Head Cleaning Swabs

TIDDOX’s foam swabs have a large, soft polyurethane head on either side of a polypropylene paddle that is low linting and absorbent, making them a useful tool in the printing industry for use where a sensitive, or hard to reach area, requires a soft absorbent swab. Besides print heads, these versatile tools can be used to clean nozzles, plates, cylinders, drums and remove debris build up from crevices. They also make great applicators of chemicals, lubricants and solvents during printer maintenance.

As printhead cleaning swabs, TIDDOX’s foam swabs are remarkably durable and accurate. The cell construction of this particular foam is uniquely designed to withstand the solvents and inks used in printing. You can clean with accuracy, assured that there is no debris left behind to spoil future runs. Unlike cotton-tip swabs, our swabs are trimmed, offering precise application of any oils, inks, gels, or other fluids and semi-fluids to the printing type. While cotton swabs get fuzzy with minimal use, foam swabs maintain their structure, delivering the solvents or oils to the specified areas without smears or drips. When used for cleaning print heads, they will hold solvent easily without dripping as you transport the cleaning solvent to the area on the print head that needs cleaning. This saves your process from extraneous drips and splashes that would otherwise spoil your copy.

Polysoft Lint-Free Wipes

For larger surfaces, try TIDDOX’s Lint Free “Polysoft Wipes.” These large wipes are multipurpose cleanroom wipes that have actually been processed in a cleanroom. They are dual-sided cloths with an abrasive texture on one side and smooth texture on the other side. These cleanroom wipers arrive in vacuum-sealed packages. The continuous filament weave and sealed edges greatly reduce the likelihood of contamination, as these processes prevent the loss of fibers into the air. This is a strong, sterile material that is useful especially in cleanroom situations in which you need a sterile wiper that leaves no debris.

So if you are looking for high quality manufactured, double headed foam swabs that are chemically resistant, absorbent and non-abrasive, try out TIDDOX’s print head cleaning swabs for precision handling of delicate equipment parts or small grooves.