TIDDOX has a wide range of disposable gloves used across industries such as automotive, printing, industrial, engineering, healthcare, pharmaceutical, hospitality, painting, tattoo parlors and salons.

The options include lint-free cotton gloves (ideal for polishing tasks where finger prints and lint are to be avoided), vinyl gloves, latex gloves and nitrile disposable gloves.

When choosing a size, use the following guide

Size Palm Width (mm)
S 83-88
M 93-98
L 103-108
XL 113-118
XXL 118-123


The reason that nitrile gloves are by far the most popular in this product category is because of their many advantages.

Firstly, these gloves are made from nitrile which is at least three times stronger than vinyl and latex. This offers greater puncture protection to the user. Furthermore, nitrile is more resistant to chemicals, solvents and adhesives, than the vinyl and latex alternatives. An added benefit of nitrile is that they can be used by people with latex allergies and sensitive skin. In addition, nitrile fits snugly and comfortably to the hand, giving the user a greater dexterity and precision of grip.

For users that need to wear hand protection for long periods of time, sweat can be an issue. To counter this issue we have introduced a premium range of products that encompass a low sweat technology. This adds to the comfort of use, and liked by users that need to wear these hand protection products for extended periods of time.

For lint sensitive handling tasks, such as polishing, cabinet handling and cleanroom applications, try our lint free cotton gloves. Ideal for delicate handling tasks. Manufactured for soft lint free cotton material.