Incontinence Wipes

TIDDOX® has a range of wet and dry incontinence wipes and personal care wipes. Designed to assist in the personal care of the elderly and disabled. Also used in hospitals, palliative care organisations and aged care residential facilities. We have everything from highly absorbent dry wipes, to hospital grade disinfectant wet wipes.



As much as one in 4 people require personal care wipes each year. Hence, TIDDOX® has developed a range of dry and wet wipes to assist with personal care , including incontinence wipes. As a result, our products are used extensively aged care facilities, hospitals and palliative care organisations. Also, we regularly assist disabled people looking for reliable personal care wipes. Presented below are a few options to consider:- 
Designed for maximum absorption and comfort, OMNIWIPES are a gentle and soft cloth. A high quality, premium product, ideal for soaking up accidental or involuntary spills. Also used also as a liner or pad.  Useful when it comes to absorbing leakage and other incontinence issues. 
In addition, OMNIWIPES can be used as swabbing cloths, wash cloths and cleaning cloths.  Currently used extensively in aged care homes across Australia, as well as in hospitals and palliative care homes. So, whether you’re caring for a patient, a disabled person, or an elderly person, these wipes are a popular solution. Can be used in conjunction with other incontinence products.
And, with 50 wipes per pack, and 12 packs per carton, this is an affordable solution to daily incontinence and personal care issues.
In addition, bear in mind the support may be available from the government Continence Aids Payment Scheme.
Regardless of the nature of the spill, we suggest using disposable wipes rather than reusable cloths. Because single-use disposable wipes are the most effective maintain a hygienic environment. And, they offer a quick, convenient solution to any incident.
TIDDOX has a number of disposable incontinence wipes and towels in their range. For example, there’s the OMNIWIPES mentioned above. In addition, the AMBIWIPES WHITE ROLLS offer an economical and affordable wipes solution. And each roll has 90 large, white, absorbent tear-off sheets.
Similarly, the “RAG-ON-A-ROLL” has more than double the number of tear-off sheets. Each sheet offer super absorbency due to its 4-ply tissue structure. In addition, we reinforce these paper towels with a scrim web netting for added strength. Another multipurpose, cost-effective solution for day-to-day use.
Besides rolls of wipes, TIDDOX® also has dispenser boxes. For instance, we have portable boxes of 130 thick, absorbent wipes, that can be kept on a trolley or bedside table. Not only are they incredibly absorbent, but very strong and tear resistant too. Check out the Rhino Wipes Dispenser box.
However, for premium quality, heavy duty wipes, check out our ANTIBAC WIPES ON A ROLL. Available in Green, Blue and Pink to make colour coding easier. The idea being to keep the colours separate to prevent cross contamination of germs. Hence, within aged care facilities where germs can spread quickly, these colour coded rolls help control germ spread. And the CLASSIC WIPES offer a great price point for aged care homes on tight budgets.
Similarly, the MAXI WIPES come colour coded too. These extra thick wash cloths are the ultimate in absorption! In fact they absorb 8 times their weight in liquids. Hence, very useful when dealing with bowel and bladder spills. For large surface bed protection, the SUPERMAX offer great protection. Also very thick and ultra absorbent.


TIDDOX® offers a wide range of wet wipes to deal with incontinence issues. These include non-alcohol CLINICAL WIPES. Also we have PERSONAL CARE WIPES and BABY WIPES.

The above highlights the incontinence products we offer. However for more information, call us. Either call 1300 84 33 69 or email us at Also, our discreet staff have lots of experience in providing solutions. In fact we regularly deal with aged care residences, disabled people, hospitals and palliative care residences. Also, you can keep up to date by following our Facebook page.