Jumbo Rolls

TIDDOX® supplies a range of jumbo rolls for commercial and industrial usage. Bulk packaging wipes on a large roll provides cost efficiencies. Ideal solution for high usage areas, like factory floors, workshops and commercial kitchens. Floor and wall dispensers available.

TIDDOX produces jumbo rolls for industrial and commercial businesses. Bulk packaged perforated wipes for convenience and cost savings. A jumbo roll wiping solution ideal for busy areas and high volume usage. Used in automotive workshops, factory floors and kitchens.


Why? Cost savings and convenience! Aimed at reducing waste, costs and contamination. Ideal for high-traffic work areas. Easy-to-tear perforated sheets for multipurpose applications. Great for abrasive wiping, solvent wiping, oil absorption and grease cleaning. Used for tool wiping and surface preparation. A great package of strength, durability, and absorbency.
Choose from one of the many jumbo rolls outlined below.
This is a 300 m bulk wrapped rolls with 600 general purpose wipes. High absorbency content, means fewer wipes needed per task. Washable and reusable. Workers can get more usage out of every sheet. Used to clean and dry hands, tools and surfaces.
The PAPER TOWEL ROLL comprises 1000-sheets of 3 layered tissue. Embossed and glued for extra wet strength and absorbency. Ideal for easy disposable wiping and absorbing tasks. Used in workshops, panel beaters and auto dealerships. Soaks up spills, grease, fuels and oils.
The RHINO ROLL comprises 475 polypropylene wipers. A solvent resistant workshop wiper suited to low lint jobs. Tough and durable for cleaning rough surfaces. Ideal for heavy wiping and prepping surfaces.
The MELTBLOWN DEGREASING ROLL comprises 717  solvent absorbent wipers. Low lint oil wipes. Also available in a pull out box of 250 degreasing wipes.
RAG ON THE ROLL (“ROAR”) consists of 200 perforated 4-layered tissue sheets. Each sheet reinforced with a nylon webbing to give it extra strength. Cost effective rag replacement wiper, available in blue or white.


Jumbo Rolls have become the general purpose rag replacement wiper. Offering distinct lower cost alternatives to reusable rags. More versatile and have the same or better absorbency and strength. Other advantages of wipers over rags include:-


  • New, clean and hygienic.
  • Consistent, standard size and shape.
  • Less wastage.
  • Less solvents or chemicals required. Flat-packed.
  • Lint free / Low lint.
  • Lower cost in use: Each wiper costs less per unit and per sqm.
In comparison, rags have the following disadvantages.


  • Used. May contain foreign objects. Inconsistent size, shape and texture. Higher wastage; not all cloths suitable. Higher solvent consumption.
  • Bulky packaging.
  • Not Lint free.
  • Higher cost in use. Each rag costs more per unit and per sqm. Absorb and clean better than the scrap textile rags.